10 Foods That Make The Best Edible Straws - Puree (2023)

10 Foods That Make The Best Edible Straws - Puree (1)

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It's no secretplastic garbageis slowly clogging up our oceans. To put it in perspective, Americans use an estimated 500 million plastic straws every day, which is enough to fill about 127 school buses (viaecological cycle). Althoughplastic strawsYou're not the only catalyst for pollution (cough, cough, big corporations), plastic waste is certainly part of the problem.

AfterNational Geography, around eight million tons of plastic waste ends up in different oceans every year, causing deadly consequences for marine life and creating some pretty depressing ocean pictures.

That said, if we can't address the issue completely, we can just make minor changes, such as: B. Switching to non-plastic straws and encouraging others to move away from plastic-based materials. However, finding an alternative to plastic straws is not always easy. Paper straws feel more like papier-mâché after five minutes, and metal straws are sticky and have a nightmare texture if they hit your teeth the wrong way.

That's why we need new alternatives to edible straws that eliminate waste and make you feel like you're inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The great thing about edible straws is that you can consume them after drinking. It lets you play with your food in a fun and exciting way, which is good for the environment.

1. Hot Dog

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If you had told us that hot dog beer straws were the next viral trend, we would have gasped, but we wouldn't have expected anything else from the internet. In August 2022, a man was spotted eating a hot dog at a Yankees game.like a strawfor your beer and carefree sipping.

The man allegedly used a real straw to poke a hole in the hot dog.bloodHe immediately started sharing this man's actions, making him a viral sensation. SomebloodUsers viewed this man with a certain degree of ingenuity and the same aloof intelligence that Ben Franklin had when he discovered electricity, as if it were no big deal.

Our personal opinion is that he could be an extraterrestrial or a time traveler who descended from his spaceship Rick and Morty style to experience the prehistoric game of baseball in the best way possible: with beer and hot dogs (combined).

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There's definitely a way to differentiate this viral edible straw from mystery meat hot dogs and the overly foamy Miller Lite. Using a Nathan's hot dog, a premium regular dog, or even a smoked sausage would add dimension to even the wateriest of beers. It can't stop there: Craft beers like Stella Artois, even a spicy and smoky Porter would best showcase the hot dog's natural depth.

2. Twizzler

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if you are a singerTwizzlerHaters, the idea of ​​eating and enjoying Twizzler might seem as far-fetched as the idea of ​​eating melted red Lego and claiming it tastes like strawberries. Finding out that you can use Twizzlers as straws, however, is like watching a color movie for the first time - it makes a lot of sense to question it. Unbeknownst to us, using Twizzlers as a makeshift edible straw has been a telling secret since the dawn of time (viatake away food).

However, not all licorice is created equal, and one variety in particular is the superior film straw alternative. Aftertake away foodTwizzler's competitor, Red Vines, came out on top in terms of the straw's ease of use, thanks in part to its larger diameter and just the right length, perfect for a sip-sized refreshment.

That said, Twizzlers are one of the most versatile straws out there, as they can be enjoyed with a variety of sodas, from Dr. Pepper to Pepsi to Strawberry Milk. a comment about itinfluencesHe recommended freezing the Twizzlers to keep their shape and prevent them from falling apart, or even sipping delicious hot chocolate through the Chocolate Twizzlers. There is almost no wrong answer for potential mates unless you say "Mountain Dew", which is almost always the wrong answer.

3. Bucatini-Nudeln

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The bucatini pasta is not the bestNudelformaround, fusing the best qualities of spaghetti and penne pasta in a way that you can swallow but also retain the delicious sauce in its stringy form. Not only can you use Bucatini pasta in a variety of different pasta recipes, it is also a wonderful alternative to starchy edible straw. Of course, edible might be overkill unless you like eating raw pasta, but it's certainly more edible than a plastic or metal straw.

Pasta gained a lot of popularity and pasta straws, which aren't really like BucatinitoursjThe amazing macaroni strawWe offer alternatives to bougie plastic straws.well informed personI tried drinking it all through makeshift bucatini pasta straws, which are thinner but cheaper than real pasta straws, to see if it was an eco-friendly alternative.

Initially, the Bucatini straw proved to be a comfortable drinking experience, but it eventually became soggy, loose, and constantly needed to be replaced. Additionally, using a Bucatini straw for beverages such as coffee resulted in a caffeinated noodle-flavored drink that was not palatable. We're not saying that edible pasta straws are the solution to the plastic straw problem, but they are a quirky, compostable idea for embracing your inner Barefoot Countess.

4. Vegetable Straws

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It would be cheeky not to consider veggie straws an edible straw option, especially since they have the word "straw" in their name, making them the epitome of edible straws for dipping and drinking. hoping to convince people that they really are part of the same food pyramid as other vegetables (viahealth line).

Despite their solid marketing, veggie straws are delicious and can function not only as a silent kazoo or skewer cannon, but also as a crunchy edible straw. Of course, there are a few flaws that don't make them the most versatile straw option: Their short, stubby size makes them difficult to enjoy in tall glasses, and the crunch factor typically lasts only about 45 seconds until they're fully melted. like mud. Crouton.

However, vegetable straws are perfect for thin tomato soups, as long as they are served in a shallow but wide bowl. They can also be served with Bloody Marys for two-inch sips.

Of course, we shouldn't forget the sweetened fruit counterpart to Veggie Straws:apple straws. Apple straws are great for apple juice and cider, as well as hot toddys or even an iced chai latte.tachys, they're also a great edible straw solution that's perfect with savory margaritas, models, or even hot chocolate.

5. Grains

Sure, you could make your own cereal straws, but that would be redundant if Kellogg's made and sold your cereal straws. Hefruit ripeningSadly gone but not forgotten, Cocoa Krispies and Apple Jacks edible straws were breakfast staples for an entire generation of 2000s kids; However, Fruit Loop straws were pulled from supermarket shelves in 2009 (byUSA TODAY).

It wasn't until 2021 that Kellogg's decided to end the grain's 12-year hiatus, thanks to acambio.orgOrder and bring your Froot Loops and Cocoa Krispies edible cereal straws. They're just as useful and delicious as 2000s kids remember, according to a review of Froot Loops Cereal Straws atto buy on impulse.

The review explained that the straws are smaller and thinner than advertised, but also incredibly artificial, to the point of being 'sexual', which makes sense given that breakfast is arguably the sexiest meal of the day.

Cereal straws hold their shape very well and happily combine the moist and crunchy parts of the cereal onto a stick. You don't have to drink milk through these edible straws; You can also drink smoothies, hot chocolate or even milkshakes for a satisfying sweet treat at the end.

6. Laminated Waffle Biscuits

10 Foods That Make The Best Edible Straws - Puree (7)


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Generic rolled waffle cookies, also known as barquillos, are a popular Spanish street food that's the perfect way to get a sweet tooth on the go (viaBBC). There are dozens of variations of this cookie from different brands and they come in different flavors like hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, lemon and more. Many of these cookies contain some filling, but the hollow options make a deliciously edible straw that goes well with any sweet or oddly salty beverage.

In 2015, Starbucks decided to offer its own brand of cookie straws with every purchase of a Frappuccino, turning them into a decadently sweet finish to a likely high-sugar entree (viaCosmopolitan).StarbucksThe biscuit straws remained on the market after the launch, and the coffee chain ended up launching aI like pumpkinjHolidayI like.

Also, of course, of all Starbucks beverages, edible cookie straws go perfectly with milk, shakes, or hot chocolate, as long as you don't mind a slightly soggy straw that constantly needs to be replaced and eaten.

7. Slim Jims

If someone says he knows what aJim Delgadoit's done, they lie or know some official secrets. Slim Jims are like a coveted fossil at Wawa's, 7-11's and other gas stations around the world: they've been here a long time and will live long after we're gone. Thanks to all the preservatives.

Slim Jims are now available in many differentflavorsIn addition to the standard meat flavors such as Tabasco, Pickle, Nacho, Sour Barbecue, Cheesesteak, Buffalo and numerous other wonderful flavors you can imagine.

All the flavor options make Slim Jims the ultimate carnivore edible straw, enhanced by their strong vertical length and varying widths to accommodate any beverage. However, if it's a lot of work to outfit the interior of a Slim Jim, that seems like a lot of work.Benny's Original FleischstrohhalmeIt's the snack you keep eating long after you've finished your drink.

Available in Original Beef and Chipotle flavors, Benny's Original Meat Straws are the ideal functional hollow garnish, perfect for a Bloody Mary or even grease-washed cocktails. The possibilities are endless: Nacho Slim Jims with tomato soup, Habanero Slim Jims with a Corona beer, and even Tabasco-flavored Slim Jims as edible straws for margaritas. With all these desirable combinations of Slim Jim and booze, it's hard not to slip into a meat coma.

8. Churros

10 Foods That Make The Best Edible Straws - Puree (9)


It's hard not to love churros in some shape, form, or shape. InTaco BellsSmall churro is twistedCostcoChurros the size of a tournament sword, this cinnamon sugar cake is good for the soul and fun to eat. That said, churros are the best edible straw because of their variety of sizes and lengths, they are perfect for drinks of all shapes and sizes.

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It's also a dough chewy enough to be immersed in a sweet liquid for extended periods of time, yet soft enough on the inside to carve your homemade straw.do tacopreceded the 2018 edibles trend with itsChurro-Dipper-Smoothie: A simple vanilla shake with chocolate swirls topped with a warm churro serving as a spoon. A Del Taco representative saidrestaurant magazinethat the churro was a great edible dish due to its aromatic ridges that don't leave even a bit of the shake uneaten.

Sadly, the churro shake will no longer be available as of 2022, but you can make your own with a side of Del Taco churros and the shake of your choice. Even if you're lactose intolerant, you can enjoy an edible straw churro alongside Mexican-style hot chocolate, dairy-free horchata or hot apple cider.

9. Cheese sticks

10 Foods That Make The Best Edible Straws - Puree (10)

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Cheese is like real magic: it starts with just milk and then turns into countless different types of cheese. We do not distinguish between different types of cheese; all cheeses have their place, from the spiciest Gouda and flowery Brie to the most ripe and smelly.

It would be awesome to take a piece of Gouda or a piece of Brie de Fromage and cut an edible cheese straw like a carver, but that takes a lot of work. Not when straw-shaped cheese spreads and other vertical dairy shapes already exist in the world and can be used as cheese straws for all kinds of cheese drink combinations.

Of course, you could just as easily poke a hole in generic cheese to get an easy-to-make edible straw that can be used in beers, soups, and even soft drinks. You can also opt for Southern cheese straws made byMississippi Cheese Straw Factoryfor a cheese sip experience for tomato soup or other cheese-based soups.

Why not combine carbs and cheese in a mozzarella stick perfect for a Bloody Mary or other tasty cocktail? You can honestly enjoy just about anything through an edible cheese straw.

10. Carrots

10 Foods That Make The Best Edible Straws - Puree (11)


Let's face it: carrots aren't the most glamorous or adventurous food, aside from their deep orange hue. Carrots can seem pretty boring, especially when compared to other edible straws like hot dogs, churros or twizzlers. On the contrary, carrots are arguably one of the best choices for edible straws because of their sturdy construction, as they stay fresh and crunchy longer than their competitors. Also, the carrots are huge and tasteless enough.

They're perfect as a healthy straw option that's long enough to hold an extra-large soda, iced coffee, or bowl of soup. However, we never came up with the idea of ​​edible carrot straws. smoothie shop 2019Banana and frozen yogurt smoothiesannounced that it will begin work on a carrot straw prototype as an alternative to plastic straws in its smoothies and juices.

The company hoped that one day carrot straws would be available in its restaurants across the country as an edible, compostable straw that would help fight the plastic waste problem. In 2022, carrot straws have yet to hit stores, but we expect a new wave of vegetable straws in the future.

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What are the ingredients for edible straw? ›

Sugar, water, corn starch, bovine gelatin, stabiliser carboxymethylcellulose, humectant glycerin, lemon flavoring, colours E100 and antioxidant citric acid.

How do you make edible straws? ›

Jolly Rancher Edible Straw
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease a silicone mat and place four jolly rancher candies on top.
  2. Heat in oven for about 5 minutes until melted. ...
  3. Roll candy into straw, using the back of a knife to release candy if required.

What are tropical smoothie edible straws made of? ›

The 100% flavored and biodegradable plastic straw alternative is made of sugar, water, cornstarch and gelatine and stays rigid for 40 minutes in cold and frozen drinks. Tropical Smoothie Café, which operates 885 locations nationwide, says the straws will be paired with the company's cranberry smoothies.

What are the flavors of edible straws? ›

Sorbos Edible Straws, Flavor Mix Variety, Chocolate, Lemon, Lime, Strawberry, Individually Packaged, No Allergens, No Gluten, 7.4 inches long (Pack of 200)

How do you make a homemade straw? ›

Find a large glass jar that's deep enough to fit your straw all the way in. Break some paraffin wax into smaller pieces, then add them to the jar. Use enough wax to fill the jar 1/2 to 2/3 of the way; how much you end up using will depend on the size of the jar. Don't use candle-making wax as it may not be food-safe.

How do I increase the protein in my straw? ›

Straw digestibility is limited both by its lignification and by its low nitrogen content. The digestibility and the rate of rumen passage can be increased by supplementing the straw with protein concentrate or urea plus minerals.

What pasta can be used as a straw? ›

What kind of pasta can you use as straws? Bucatini or Ziti are the closest that one can come to a Stroodle from a shape perspective, as they are both also pasta tubes. However, what you will find is that Bucatini on average has a diameter of approx. 3mm and the actual drinking diameter (ie.

What are the disadvantages of edible straw? ›

It cannot be used as the only source of nutrients for ruminants, for it must be processed or supplemented by other in- gredients. The main shortcomings of straw as animal feed are its (a) low digesti- bility, (b) low protein content, (c) poor palatability, and (d) bulkiness.

Are rice straws edible? ›

Not only are rice straws sturdy and hard, but they are also 100% safe to eat. You can wash them and cook them down as a rice-based dish.

What raw materials are in straw? ›

Historically, straws have been made from paper but today polypropylene plastic is the material of choice. Polypropylene is a resin made by polymerizing, or stringing together, molecules of a propylene gas. When a very large number of these molecules are chemically hooked together they form this solid plastic material.

What are plant-based straws made of? ›

PLA straws look and feel just like plastic straws but are a bioplastic made from corn starch and are 100% compostable. Upgrade your straw game by ditching the single-use plastics and show your customers you care about the environment.

What elements are in straw? ›

The first group consisted of potassium and the main structural components of wheat straw, that is, glucose, xylose, arabinose, and lignin. The remaining elements (phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc and manganese) constituted the more pH-sensitive group.

What is straw fabric made of? ›

Like cotton and linen, rice straw is composed mostly of cellulose. Using a special combination of chemicals and enzymes, a process that is now under patent review, Yang and Reddy developed fibers from the straw.


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