2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Golden Knights vs. Star Western (2023)

In the Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Finals, four teams compete in two best-of-seven series beginning Thursday. Today NHL.com shows the Western Conference Finals between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Dallas Stars.

(1P) Vegas Golden Knights protiv (2C) Dallas Stars

Golden Knights:51-22-9, 111 points; 4-1 for a first-round win over the Winnipeg Jets; 4-2 in the second round win over the Edmonton Oilers

Sterne:47-21-14, 108 points; 4-2 for a first-round win over the Minnesota Wild; 4-3 in the second round win over the Seattle Kraken

Staff series:VGK 0-1-2; SONG 3-0-0

Gra 1:Petak (8:30 p.m. ET; ESPN, SN, CBC, TVAS, ESPN+)

The Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights are back in action in a best-of-7 series for the Stanley Cup.

That's what they did three years ago at the Edmonton Bowl during the COVID-19 pandemic, September 6-14, 2020. Stars and Golden Knights played in the so-called. Stanley Cup semifinals.

Dallas was on a five-game winning streak before losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Twenty-one players and five coaches involved in the series will play in the Western Conference Finals, including Dallas head coach Peter DeBoer, who coached the Golden Knights, and Vegas assistant John Stevens, who played the same role with the Dallas Golden Knights.

"More information will be available early in this series," said Vegas coach Bruce Cassidy. “There's a little more insider knowledge in this series. We'll see how that goes."

The Golden Knights did so by defeating the Winnipeg Jets in five games in the first round and the Edmonton Oilers in six games in the second round.

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The Stars accomplished this by defeating the Minnesota Wild in six games in the first round and the Seattle Kraken in seven games in the second round. They won Game 7 2-1, limiting the Kraken to 23 shots on goal and shutting them down to 19 seconds left in the third period.

"I think we need to play like [Game 7]," Stars saidRoope Hintzcalled. “[The Gold Knights] also have four lines. You play hard. You're playing a good gamble. So I think if we play fast and with our four-lane power, I think we're good.

DeBoer was released from the Golden Knights a year ago on Tuesday and was hired by the Stars on June 21, 2022. Stevens was released from the Stars on June 20. May 2022 and was signed by Vegas on June 28.

"There's a lot of stuff to unpack," said DeBoer.

The Stars won all three regular season games against the Golden Knights, although two of them were decided on penalties.

"The teams will know each other well," said Kelly McCrimmon, CEO of the Golden Knights.

game interrupter

Golden Knights:Jacka Eichela, in his eighth NHL season, seems comfortable in his first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The 26-year-old center leads the Gold Knights with 14 points and leads the team with six goals (Chandler Stephenson). Eichel had a great streak against the Oilers with nine points (three goals, six assists), all in four Vegas wins. The Golden Knights are 7-0 if Eichel is on the scoresheet and 1-3 if he doesn't make the playoffs.

Sterne:ty 38,Joseph Pawelskistill doing it for the stars. Forward reaches conference finals with goal per game, eight goals out of eight, including three winners, tied for most playoff goals with Florida Panthers forwardCartera Verhaeghe'a. Pavelski also has two 10-point assists. He is the heart and soul of the star leader and one of the most influential shooters. This is Pavelski's fourth playoff game against the Golden Knights (2018 and 2019 with the San Jose Sharks, 2020 with the Stars). His teams are 2-1 and he has 10 points (five goals, five assists) in 19 games against them in the postseason.


Golden Knights:Looks like it willAdina Hillit's a franchise, and there's no question the 27-year-old deserves it. Hill had to play against Edmonton in the first period of Game 3 becauseLaurent Brossoitsuffered a lower body injury. It was the beginning of the best and most effective goaltender Hill had seen in his six-year NHL career. He allowed four hits from 33 shots in a 4–1 Game 4 loss, his first start in over two months. Hill rebounded and was probably the main reason Vegas won six game series. In Game 5, a 4-3 win, he made 32 saves, and in Game 6, a 4-2 win, he saved 38 saves after conceding goals in the first two shots he faced. Hill has a 3-1 record after this season with a 2.19 goal average and a 0.934 saving percentage after going 16-7-1 in 27 games (25 starts) with a regular season 2.50 GAA and a 0.915 saving ratio.Jonathan Quickhe is expected to continue to serve as Hill's backup for BrossoitLogan Thompson(unknown) injured.

Sterne: Jake'a Oettingerahad a tough stretch against the Kraken in round two, but when the Stars needed their 24-year-old keeper to step up in Game 7, he did so to great effect. In the 2-1 win, Oettinger saved 22 of 23 shots. Despite being substituted twice in the series and conceding four or more goals in three games, Oettinger also had great success in the Stars' 2–1 first round loss to the Wild. He helped them win three games in a row and win a six-game streak by allowing just three hits on 85 shots, including 27 shots in Game 5. Oettinger has an 8-5 record with a 2.75 GAA and . 903 13 playoff games. fuseScotta Wedgewoodahe allowed three hits in 18 strikeouts in two playoff rounds.

Numbers you should know

Golden Knights:They are the third team in NHL history, along with the New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues, which reached the finals before the Stanley Cup at least four times in its first six seasons. ... They average 3.73 goals per game, the most of any team after the first round. ... Vegas ranks 12th in power plays (17.5 percent) and 15th in penalties (60.0 percent) of the 16 teams that have qualified for the playoffs. ... They scored 31 goals in a 5v5 game, placing them second behind Kraken (33). ... The Golden Knights have allowed the first goal in eight of their eleven games and are leading 5-3.

Sterne:DeBoer is in the third round of the playoffs for the fifth time in his four-man NHL coaching career. He is the only coach in NHL history to lead a team to the third round four times in his first season. ... Seniors average 3.62 goals per game in the playoffs, and their power play is 31.7 percent. ... Dallas ranks second with an 83.3 percent shootout percentage among teams that advanced past the first round (Carolina Hurricanes, 90.0 percent). ... Seniors lead the playoffs in matchup percentage (57.1). … Dallas is 8-1 when he scores the first goal and 0-4 when he concedes it first.

X Factor

Golden Knights:ForwardWilliam Karlssoncomes from a series he had to compete withConnora McDavidawhenever Vegas could get the games they wanted. At the end of the series, the Oilers took McDavid off the ice when Karlsson was sent off for a restart. No offense to the stars, but they don't have Connor McDavid, although Karlsson will again get his toughest matchup, especially at home, and he relishes the role. Look for him and other playersReilly'ego SmithaINicholas Roytake on the top line of stars Pavelski, Roope Hintz andJason Robertson. Karlsson, who can shoot the puck, is undoubtedly their key striker given his defensive role.

Sterne:Hintz leads the Stars and is second in the playoffs with 19 points (nine goals, 10 assists). But scoring goals is just one of the ways he affects matches. Hintz is the ball possession driver, with Dallas taking 56.6 percent of 5-on-5 shots with Hintz on the ice. Contributes to winning faceoffs (60.0 percent, 54 of 90). Hintz plays 18:26 per game, second among the Stars forwards behind Robertson (18:47). He plays on the best power play unit (3:16 per match) and has a limited penalty time (38 seconds per match). It touches all areas of the game and will have to do the same against the Gold Knights.

you said so

“We will continue until our organization reaches its final goal. It was a step in the right direction. If you think about it, we're only halfway there. There is still much to be done.” – Golden Knights striker Jonathan Marchessault

"When you asked me if you thought you could win [the Stanley Cup], I felt like you couldn't honestly say yes every year. I think this year I feel we can win. We have everything. If we play the way we want." We want to play well and do little things. I think we can beat anyone.-- Star goalkeeper Jake Oettinger

Will win if...

Golden Knights:They stick to the formula that got them here: stay off the field and control the game in 5v5 matchups. Their special teams haven't been particularly special this postseason, but they have been the better 5v5 teams in each of their series by far. If it stays like this, they will have the best chance, especially if they can show some solid goalkeeper play.

Sterne:Check, check, check. Celebrities need to know that the Gold Knights' problems against the Oilers stemmed from the Edmonton forecheck. Vegas struggled to get the puck out of the defending zone, knocking it over and giving away penalties. The more aggressive the Stars are forechecking, the more chance they have of taking the Gold Knights out of their plan to make this a 5v5 series. Oettinger needs to change something too. He is the best goalkeeper of the series.

How do they look

The planned formation of the Gold Knights

Ivan Barbaszow-- Jacka Eichela --Jonathan Marchessault

Reilly Smith – William Karlsson – Nicolas Roy

Bretta Howdena--Chandlera Stephensona--Mark Stone

Williama Career--Teddy'ego Bluegera--Keegan's biker

Alec Martinez--Alex Pietrangelo

Braydena McNabba--Shea Theodore

Nicholas The Hague--Zach White Cloud

Adina Hill

Jonathan Quick

scratched:As Bena Hutto,Paul Kotter,Kaedan Korczak,Brayden Pachal,Michael Amado,Phila Kessela

Injured:Laurent Brossoit (lower body), Logan Thompson (unknown)

Planned star composition

Jason Robertson – Roope Hintz – Joe Pavelski

Masonic march--Max Domi--Tylera Follows

Jamie Benn--Wyatta Johnstona--Yevgeny Dadonov

Lukasz Glendening--Radek Faksa--Joel Kiviranta

Ryana Sutera--Miro Heiskanena

Esa Lindell--millera hill

Thomas Harley--Joel Hanleya

Jake'a Oettingera

Scotta Wedgewooda

scratched:Ty Dellandrea,Nilsa Lundkvista,Jani Hakanpaa,Fredrika Olofssona,Riley Tufte


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