Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (2023)

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (1)

Good morning friends! This is a rare Saturday post that I'm making today partly in honor of Blaugust and partly because I feel like sharing information. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably noticed that I post a bunch of informational threads about FFXIV, mostly aimed at new players or WoW transplants. One of the things I always mention is how bad it is to cast new characters to do a new job. One of the best things FFXIV has going for it is the ability to play as a single character and have that character usable for all game jobs. Starting a brand new character means you're starting the game from scratch and there's little to no transfer between these characters, meaning you'll lose all mounts, titles, minions, and most importantly cosmetics.

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (2)

However, this is a double-edged sword, as Final Fantasy XIV's main story quest is designed to quickly progress a single job in the level and ensure you're always ready to complete the next quest in a row. Unfortunately, you don't have access to the MSQ in your side jobs, and you'll quickly find that the sea of ​​side quests available in the game just aren't a great way to level up, as they reward pitifully. . to progress Of course, there are plenty of ways to get new jobs if you really don't want to "live your way" to reach the level cap. However, over the years I've found that the game favors a "variety is the spice of life" approach, rewarding you for doing a little or a lot of different activities. Once I embraced this methodology I found that leveling becomes quite easy and is just a daily application of repeated effort rather than a focused grinding session.

There are several activities that are quite rewarding and I thought I'd start with what I do instead of trying to level up every day. Here's a quick list of bullets and I'll explain each one later in the post.

(Video) Leveling Alts in FFXIV

  • Main story roulette
  • Battlecraft Beast Tribe Journals
  • Jagd Clan Protocol
  • PVP-Roleta
  • Alliance Raid Roulette (Once Opened)
  • try roulette
  • Leveling/50+ Roulette

I usually queue up for activities, and while I'm in that queue, I'll be working on Beast Tribe quests or Clan Hunt logs specifically so that the time I spend in queue, especially as a DPS, is productive. On a different note, this is mostly for people who leveled up in a single job through the main story quest. If you don't have a character for the level cap, that's what you should really focus on first. You gain bonus experience for alternate jobs if you only have one job, regardless of the current level cap.

Main story roulette

These friends are the most experience you can get in any activity. Main story roulette is a square option that ensures all players can always get a bet for Castrum Meridianum and The Praetorium. I've already said that Square is extremely good at bribing players to do the right thing, and it all starts here. If you're on an alternate you'll get around 75% of a tier for a Praetorian run and 50% of a tier for a Castrum run. I prefer Praetorium even though it's significantly longer because you can semi-AFK during cutscenes and do something else on the other monitor. Don't sleep on that XP boost. Sure it gets boring and there's sure to be a certain pattern to the way these mega dungeons run, but the unique boost you can get each day is well worth the time investment.


Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (4)

This is another great experience, and I think the key to why I don't mind playing PvP this way is that the player is effectively rewarded with the same win or loss. You will see about half the experience values ​​if you run PVP roulette every day. I suggest queuing up for this during prime time as after-hours queues can be a little longer and your time might be better spent elsewhere. An added benefit is that you get wolf tokens, which you can exchange for pets, unique weapons and armor skins, and even a Magitek mount.

Battlecraft Beast Tribe Journals

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (5)

To be perfectly honest, I ignored them for a long time, much to my detriment. In A Realm Reborn, Beast Tribe quests weren't worth that much experience. They were something I did to gain reputation and eventually unlock unique dyes and mounts, but not very positive for gaining experience. However, starting with Heavensward, quests started to scale with your level, and this increased significantly with Stormblood and without Shadowbringers. For example, completing all three daily Pixie Beast Tribes could mean more than half the experience level for characters level 70+.

Each expansion seems to reward more experience than the previous expansion. If you're below level 50, the A Realm Reborn quests are still worth your time, mostly because later quests in the series reward experience gained better than earlier ones.

Jagd Clan Protocol

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (6)

Clan hunting boards are scattered across Eorzea. From them you can get Hunting Bills that can be completed every day and reward a considerable part of experience, Gil, as well as a certain clan hunting currency for each expansion that can be spent on equipment. You can also participate in "hunt squads," where groups of players travel the world taking out high-priority hunting targets, but I won't get into that today. I'm mostly focusing on hunting accounts, which you can work on at your own pace, and between this and the beast tribe journals, they serve as a thing to do while you're waiting in queues at the roulette wheel. Each bill asks you to find a specific target mob in a specific zone and kill a specific number of them. Every time you complete an account stage, you will be rewarded with experience, gil, and hunting currency. You can find the hunting boards for each expansion in the following locations.

  • a kingdom reborn
    • Headquarters of your great company – Limsa Lominsa / Gridania / Ul'dah
  • to the sky
    • Ishgard: Outside the Forgotten Knight's Tavern
  • stormy blood
    • Rhalgr's Reach - don't tunnel hairs tomestone vendors
  • Schattenbringer
    • The Crystarium: Just off the main aetheryte on the same level


Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (7)

I had avoided this one like the plague, but no, I started to get my bearings, I tried. I was surprised how much experience they are worth. You can't start doing this until you hit character level 50, but in my experience it's worth about 50% of a level each day. The best time to run these is during the 50-60 grind, as that means you'll get Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower, or World of Darkness... all of which are extremely safe these days and tend to be fast. and numbers slow to go. Once you get past that 60 cap, you can qualify for monsters like Dun Scaithe, which can turn into a terrible scavenging fest. I'm still hitting the wall, but your mileage may vary.

Trials/Leveling/50+ Roulettes

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (8)

I'm throwing the dungeon and trial spinners in the same bucket because they're somewhat rewarding, but the reward depends a lot on how much activity you end up getting. The spinner itself is worth 15-20% of a level, and this can add up a lot if the activity you engage in is close to your level range, giving you decent experience from single monster kills. Definitely worth doing, but not at the expense of any of the other options available to you.

No Lifer's grinding methods

Are you one of those gamers who prefer to find the most efficient way to do something and then repeat the same process over and over again until you get the result you want? There are certainly leveling methods that follow this line of thinking. The truth is, I do some of these along with the above methods to keep everything running smoothly and to avoid getting stuck somewhere along the way. While I adopt the "variety is the spice of life" method of leveling, there are certainly points where I will overcome certain bumps.

loops alvo

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (9)

This is pretty simple... essentially camp in an area and cast FATE to try it out. The best course of action is to check Party Finder to see if anyone has a FATE Grinding group. There are a number of steps in Artifact Weapon quests that involve targeting a resource of some sort. In many cases, you can travel alongside one of these groups, and they benefit from a faster kill time, and you benefit from getting all that experience. If you can't find a group quest, it's best to pick a zone in your level range and just start the FATE. It is very rare that you are in a zone and no group is already walking and catching up. Hover over each of the FATEs and go to the one that seems to be progressing. Chances are you'll find a young group willing to take them down and follow them.

Max level dungeon queues

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (10)

This one is also very easy and works best when leveling up a healer or tank for the shortest cooldowns. Essentially, you go to the required locator, mark the highest level dungeon to queue for, and then do this over and over again until you unlock a new dungeon. Repeat this until you reach the desired level and prepare yourself very well while doing so. Doing this as a DPS can suck because you end up with a much longer queue time than healers/tanks and their near instantaneous queues.

chase trains

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (11)

Admittedly, this is one of the methods I'm least familiar with. Each server has several high-level hunting objectives that pop up, and there are groups committed to progressing through them to gain experience and earn money. These groups are now generally organized out of Discord communities, so I'd suggest taking a look at your data center and seeing what hunting communities might be available to you. I know this is a thing, and it's a great way to outfit subs...but I also didn't have the time or breadth of mind to delve into this system. I tell you it exists if you want to go down that rabbit hole, but unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to pass it on to you directly.

deep dungeon

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (12)

One of my favorite methods of leveling alternate jobs, especially the 1-50 job, is the "Deep Dungeon" system. These consist of the Palace of the Dead on the South Shroud and Heaven Above on the Ruby Sea. Essentially, it's an alternate leveling scheme that lets you go in without gear and play your class to perfection, queue up with strangers, and complete a dungeon crawling course that lasts 10-15 minutes. Palace of the Dead can be started by a character at level 1, slows down after level 40, then slows down again after level 50. Heaven on High ramps up at level 61 and can easily take a character to level 70, but slows down again. at level 70-80. As you progress through dungeons, you have a chance to drop certain loot boxes that can be broken into a selection of minions and cosmetic armor pieces.

I must honestly say that one of thebest guides to understand how this system worksit was produced by Square itself. To gain access to each of these there is a small quest chain, and then there are links to the specific quests each one starts.

south front of Bozjan

Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (13)

I'm pretty new to this system, but essentially it's an alternate leveling system about fighting the Empire's forces to save the people of Bozjan. It opens to characters above level 71, and from my brief experience, the gain is comparable to a deep dungeon system. To unlock the system, you must have completed the level 80 main story quest and also completed thethe entire Ivalice Alliance Raid questline. As I am yet to familiarize myself with the subject, I will.Consult another source of informationabout this system. Overall, I've found this fun so far, and plan to push my dancer even further once I reach level 71.


Alternate Job Level in FFXIV - Tales of the Aggronaut (14)

One of the other important things you probably need to consider is when the daily reset is done on your server. Each reset gives you a new batch of all previous bonuses available so you can keep improving those levels. Like I said before, these days I do a little bit of all those things because it keeps things fresh. However, at several other points in my FFXIV history, I've been a FATE or a Deep Dungeon grinder. The problem, for me at least, is that I quickly got bored with this method of play. I managed to keep my head down to the point where I achieved my first goal, but then found it extremely difficult to start again in the next class. For example, I set all Battlecraft Jobs to 50 with a mix of FATE and Deep Dungeoneering.

I think ultimately you have to find your own pace and find what works best for you. When I come across a party doing a FATE, I tend to show up and join in on the fun because, ultimately, I'll gain a little experience along the way. By using various leveling methods, you'll also find that destroying these alternate jobs doesn't seem as tedious. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I hope this guide is useful to someone, as it certainly took me a long time to write this morning.



What is the best way to level an alternate job in Ffxiv? ›

Regardless, running and re-running Floors 51-60 is the fastest way to level here. They offer more experience and more of the playerbase at this level is also running these floors. Outside of the Duty Support system, Command Missions are one way to avoid long queue times.

What level can you enter Palace of the Dead? ›

Players will start the Palace of the Dead at level 1 regardless of their current class or job level.

What is the fastest levelling in ff14? ›

The Hunting Log is a sure-fire way to level up fast, and those who've played FFXII or FFXV will feel right at home with these monster hunting quests. The Log lists enemies that you must hunt down and slay which then awards you with EXP once the task is done.

Should I level multiple jobs Ffxiv? ›

In my opinion, you're doing exactly the right thing. The game throws way more experience at you than you need for a single job, particularly in the lower-level expansions. If you have the Road to 80 buff, even more so. It will turn out exactly as you said, having to pause MSQ and level other jobs to catch up.

What job has the easiest rotation FFXIV? ›

Machinist is pretty easy to play. It's just your typical 1-2-3 rotation while hitting stronger abilities on cooldown. Bard and dancer has to watch for RNG procs and melee classes are a bit more complicated and have positionals. The only thing is you'll have to help her get to Heavensward as it's unlocked in Ishgard.

What is the strongest job in FFXIV? ›

The Top Jobs in Final Fantasy 14
  • Top Tank: The Dark Knight.
  • Top Healer: The Astrologian.
  • Top Melee DPS: The Monk.
  • Top Ranged DPS: The Machinist.
  • Top Magic DPS: The Black Mage.
Jan 6, 2022

Is Palace of the Dead soloable? ›

According to the official Deep Dungeon Leaderboards, someone has cleared Palace of the Dead solo on just about every job so no matter what you're playing there's bound to be someone with experience ready to help.

Is Palace of the Dead best for leveling? ›

Things really start to slow down once you hit level 50. If you're a DPS, Palace of the Dead will always be your fastest route until you hit level 61 and can do Heaven on High.

Is Palace of the Dead the fastest way to level? ›

Palace of the Dead works in chunks of 10 floors, with each chunk getting more difficult. Once you pass floor 50, you can start at floor 51 each time. You'll want to pass floor 50 regardless to be able to unlock Heaven-on-High later (see above), but running and re-running Floors 51-60 is the fastest way to level here.

What is the hardest fight in Ffxiv? ›

'Father of Final Fantasy' Hironobu Sakaguchi is tackling Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate)–the hardest encounter in Final Fantasy 14.

Is dungeon leveling faster than questing? ›

Questing is generally faster, but with a fast group you can get better results in dungeons. Doing both is the fastest.

How long does it take to get 100 percent Ffxiv? ›

If you're looking to complete absolutely everything that Endwalker has to offer, including side quests, optional duties, and more on top of the main scenario quests, players have currently recorded an average of 106 hours.

What jobs make the most money FFXIV? ›

Mining can also be one of the most lucrative gathering activities in the game. Selling various Sands can net a few thousand Gil for savvy players who understand the markets. That being said it's a gathering job which isn't as useful or lucrative compared to crafting jobs.

Can you max every class FFXIV? ›

Yes, a single character can have every class and job at max. There aren't enough quests to level every class purely through quests. That's where things like the hunting logs, challenge log, levequests, FATEs, guildhests, dungeons, beastmen dailies, and roulettes come in.

Does Job boost skip Msq? ›

MSQ boost effectively skips the MSQ content for your character, assuming your character is high enough level. So, yes, boosting effects your character as a whole in regards to the MSQ, even if you decide to try other jobs.

What is the hardest title to get in FFXIV? ›

Legend Titles Are the Pinnacle of Prestige in FFXIV

Legend titles, including "The Legend," "The Ultimate Legend," "The Perfect Legend" and the recent "The Heavens' Legend" are the quintessential prestigious titles. They are all obtained from completing Ultimate Raids, the hardest fights in the game.

What is the best solo job in FFXIV? ›

Paladin. Decent damage output, excellent defense, and even the ability to self-heal makes the Paladin one of the best jobs for solo players in Final Fantasy 14. In terms of raw performance, the Paladin may be the most well-rounded job in the game for tackling the game's single-player content.

What is the most popular class in FFXIV? ›

Here's a new ranking, with the new classes added in.
  1. 1 Summoner. Our number one class is Summoner, and for a variety of reasons.
  2. 2 Red Mage. Red Mage is an incredible class because they can completely save a doomed party. ...
  3. 3 Dark Knight. ...
  4. 4 Paladin. ...
  5. 5 Black Mage. ...
  6. 6 White Mage. ...
  7. 7 Dancer. ...
  8. 8 Sage. ...
Dec 21, 2021

What is the Tankiest class in FFXIV? ›

FFXIV Tank Job - Warrior

Warrior's base class is Marauder and uses a Two-handed Axe. According to an online vote, it's the most played tank in Final Fantasy XIV.

What is the lowest DPS class FFXIV? ›

However, of all the magical DPS jobs, the Red Mage's damage output is by far the weakest. It also has some questionable utility. The Red Mage's ability to raise fallen comrades can save a raid party from an impending wipe, and it also has a decent healing spell, but these aren't necessary if everyone's doing their job.

Which job does most DPS ff14? ›

The Machinist is the highest-ranked job in this category because it has the highest DPS output, with fast rotations.

What food is best for Palace of the Dead? ›

Q: What food should I use? A: For Palace of the Dead, the ideal food to use is any food that has a 560 ilevel or more, as it gives the most vitality.

How many people have the necromancer title in Ffxiv? ›

8 The Necromancer

On top of that, if you die along the way, you won't get the title. So, any death could mean hours of progress lost, making this a title only the most determined adventurers will obtain. It's no wonder only 0.53% of characters have obtained it so far!

Can you level jobs in Palace of the Dead? ›

In a few words, the POTD is a very effective way of leveling jobs after you cleared the MSQ and so until lvl 60 where you can go to Heaven on High (that's POTD, but for lvl 61-70).

How long does it take to level from 70 to 80 in wotlk? ›

World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King Classic: How Long Does It Take to Go From Level 70-80? It will take most players about 24-48 hours to go from level 70 to level 80 in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Does gear matter in Palace of the Dead? ›

In the Palace, none of your outside, normal gear matters. Randomly inside Treasure Chests within the Palace, you'll sometimes get a +1 or even up to +3 to your Arms or Armor. This is what increases your stats outside of levels. When found, 'all' members of your party obtain them.

What death knight spec is best for leveling? ›

Blood is by far the fastest leveling spec if you plan to play solo as a Death Knight, as the extra healing that the talents in the Blood tree grant will help you level considerably faster as you will be able to pull a large number of mobs than anything you will gain by speccing Frost or Unholy.

What is the lvl cap in ff14? ›

Yoshi-P has confirmed that the level cap for FFXIV 7.0 is indeed Level 100.

What is the level cap by expansion ff14? ›

Final Fantasy 14 has been slowly ratcheting up its player levels by 10 with each new expansion since Heavensward, and with this year's expansion, players will get a new 100-level cap.

Is Ffxiv more difficult than WoW? ›

They are harder than WoW but its more like playing DDR and less like playing a MMO. Basically doing like DDR movements for like 20 min mess up once everyone dies.

What are the hardest bosses in the Tales series? ›

Geyorkias is one of the hardest non-optional bosses in the Tales series. He frequently hovers above the battlefield, barely within range, breathing fireballs that hit really hard and cover a wide area.

What LVL can you solo dungeons? ›

General Recommended Solo Level/Item level for all dungeons: level 45+ with item level 45.

Are bosses harder in Master Quest? ›

1 MQ: Bosses Are An Actual Threat

As the 3DS version of Master Quest doubles damage, it goes without saying that boss fights are notably harder when playing MQ3D. The final battles against Ganondorf and Ganon are particularly dangerous this time around.

Is Endwalker the final expansion? ›

For a few diehard players, Endwalker also provides a final coda for the game Final Fantasy XIV was before it was rebooted into A Realm Reborn.

What is the highest paying job in existence? ›

Top 25 highest paying jobs in the world in 2023
  • Data Scientist – $97,659.
  • Senior Software Engineer – $119,126.
  • Investment Banker – $115,465.
  • Chief Executive Officer – $310,000.
  • Surgeon -$216,248.
  • Anaesthesiologist – $326,296.
  • Physician – $227,000.
  • Neurosurgeon – $496,000.

What is the highest paying role? ›

The highest paying jobs in the U.S. are all in medicine, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Chief executives and airline pilots are also among the highest paid professions.

What is the highest paying skill trade? ›

The Highest-Paid Trade Jobs
  • Radiation Therapists. ...
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists. ...
  • Dental Hygienists. ...
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians. ...
  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians. ...
  • Boilermakers. ...
  • Construction and Building Inspectors. ...
  • Electricians.

What is the fastest leveling in ff14? ›

The Hunting Log is a sure-fire way to level up fast, and those who've played FFXII or FFXV will feel right at home with these monster hunting quests. The Log lists enemies that you must hunt down and slay which then awards you with EXP once the task is done.

How long does it take to max ff14? ›

How long does it take to complete Final Fantasy XIV? Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game, and it's only gotten bigger over the years. If you just want to complete the main story, A Realm Reborn, you're looking at roughly 120 hours of playtime, and that's not including any of the expansions.

Is there any point to having multiple characters in FFXIV? ›

No, there's no mechanical benefit to having multiple characters. A few intangible benefits do exist, such as being able to try out the other starting nations' introductory quests, or try out a different race or gender.

Should I be doing every quest Ffxiv? ›

You don't have to do every quest you see

There are a few different kinds of quests in Final Fantasy XIV. All are marked by an exclamation point symbol, but each type has a unique appearance. Almost everything is locked behind the Main Scenario Quests (MSQ).

How many Msq does it take to get to Heavensward? ›

Heavensward Main Scenario Quests consists of all Main Scenario Quests released in Patch 3.0 as part of the Heavensward expansion. There are a total of 94 quests in this questline. The story continues in the Post-Heavensward Main Scenario Quests.

Can you redo job quests Ffxiv? ›

A much-requested feature, the addition of New Game+ means you'll be able to replay previously completed quests, cutscenes, dialogue and battles while retaining your current progression and job level.

What is the best way to level from 50 60 Ffxiv? ›

Levels 50-60

You'll always want to do your daily Duty Roulettes — the Leveling Roulette is the most effective one, which awards the best chunk of EXP for the time invested. The Main Scenario Roulette is a good second option for Daily Roulettes, considering the EXP gain. There are also Challenge Logs.

How to level up jobs in ff14? ›

You'll basically want to do your daily Duty Roulettes (with the Leveling Roulette being the most effective one), alongside Challenge Logs. This system unlocks at level 15 and gives you experience for completing challenges, like running 5 dungeons or defeating 20 enemies with your Chocobo.

How long does it take to get 100 leve allowances Ffxiv? ›

Every 12 hours (Earth time), players will earn three "leve allowances" (up to a maximum of 100) which can be exchanged for guildleves at the various Levemetes throughout Eorzea.

Can you solo level 60 dungeons? ›

As a general rule: Dungeons from A Realm Reborn (levels 15 to 50) can be reliably taken on solo from about level 70. Dungeons from Heavensward (levels 51 to 60) can be reliably taken on solo from level 80.

Can you solo level 70 dungeons at 80 Ffxiv? ›

Every tank at 80 can solo every level 70 dungeon in roughly 30 minutes all the way back to the first tier of level 80 gear.

Can you solo level 70 trials Ffxiv? ›

Question is; when? not on lvl 90 for sure, you will lack the DPS and some mechanics are undoable when you are allone, you just die. Right now you can't even solo lvl 70 extremes. Some of the lvl 70 EXs are soloable now, more will be with another gear upgrade in 6.4, mechs will prevent some from being doable alone.

How much hit do you need in WotLK? ›

For the Unholy DK in WotLK, the main thing you need to know is you want to achieve at least an additional 8% to hit. This is where the 263 Hit Rating comes in, you can use the calculation below: 263 Hit Cap / 32.8 Hit Rating = ~8% Hit Needed.

What is the quickest leveling in WotLK Classic? ›

Dungeon leveling might be the fastest way to level your characters up, especially if you have a 5 man group of good players. Every dungeon has level requirements, and specific item level requirements for their Heroic versions, but you'll always find players around your level to help you complete each of them.

What level should I learn WotLK professions? ›

Once players have access to Northrend profession trainers and materials, players can level their professions starting at skill 350. Below is a list of the trainable recipes and what Northrend mats are required.

What level can you switch jobs in ff14? ›

At first, FFXIV characters are limited to just the class picked during character creation. However, after reaching level 10 and completing the corresponding guild quest, one can apply at any other class guild.

How many Levequests can you do a day? ›

In order to complete one you'll have to use up an allowance. Right now players receive 3 allowances every 12 hours or 6 per day. They do carry over into new days so you can rack them up if you like. The maximum stack of allowances you can have is 100.

How long would it take to do every quest in Ffxiv? ›

Each of these adds around 50 hours to the game, meaning you'll need a further 200-ish hours if you want to complete the main game and its DLC. Outside of that, a full playthrough of every piece of Final Fantasy XIV content would constitute well over 1,000 hours.

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