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Welcome to IGN's walkthrough for Yakuza: Like a Dragon. This section coversChapter 15: To the top, this is the final chapter of the game. It includes the culmination of Kyosuke's journey and ends with some tough boss battles.

Chapter 15: To the top


Congratulations! You have reached the last chapter, but you still have a tough fight ahead of you. After the opening sequences of the chapter, you will return to Kamurocho. Your first target is the Earth Angel.

You also have access toUnderground dungeon of KamurochoThis is a great place to get some extra levels and discover new Sujimon before the next battles. You can access it by entering the manhole near Theater Alley.

When you're ready to continue the story, head to Earth Angel to find Nick Ogata on the east side of Kamurocho. After a brief conversation about your plan and another scene, you regain control of the party and must head to New Serena to spend the night in hiding.

You can find New Serena in the southwest corner of Kamurocho. As you approach the building, take the elevator to the second floor and enter the bar through the front door to see another scene.

Observation:The path to the Millennium Tower marks the point of no return. Be sure to fill out all the rest.unsolicited orderscollect or upgrade equipment, upgrade your party, change class or whatever you want to do before the end of the game. If necessary, you can take a taxi back to Ijincho.

Before heading to the Millennium Tower, make sure to stock up on plenty of recovery items to heal HP and MP during battle. Recovery points are available in the tower, but they are scattered between waves of Tokyo Omi Alliance battles.

Millennium Rising Tower

As you approach the Millennium Tower, you will be asked one last time to make sure you are ready to go. Again,This is the point of no return for Yakuza: Like a Dragonand once you enter Millennium Tower, there's no going back. Most of the enemies you face are high level. Range 50-60 so make sure your party is well supplied. It is also recommended to create a backup file just in case.

After a few short scenes, you will immediately be thrown into battle. The Millennium Tower is challenging, and you'll fight many battles against generic Omi Alliance enemies (with some special types thrown in there) leading up to the final boss.

Principal:Most of the upcoming battles will use the same tactics you've used throughout the game up to this point: focus on area attacks, identify and take advantage of enemy weaknesses, take out weaker enemies before turning your attention to enemies. stronger, change your party members and track their healing. As long as you keep these tips in mind, you should be fine climbing the tower.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

The first match is against six members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance. You meet Ando (lv. 58) and five lv. 57 enemies: Sakaguchi, Sakakibara, Miura, Ozawa and Matsushita. These enemies will not pose much of a threat to you. A single shot from Nanba's Pyro Prison Essence should finish them off.

After the fight, turn around and grab a pair.mystery fruitslying on the ground near the elevators. there is also amystery stonenear a magazine rack and ahand grenadesin a small hallway. After collecting the items, take the elevator to the next floor.


packsFirst aid boxat the end of the hall and continue through the door on the left. there are some toohigh quality fabricunder a desk in the office. Another group of enemies awaits in front of you.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

The next fight is against another group of six members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance. Inada (lv. 58) and five lv. 57 enemies: Toyama, Inoue, Enomoto, Adachi and Usui stand in your way.

Use the same tactics as in the previous fight and you should be fine. Don't forget to pack thesehigh quality leatherthen on the ground. Go through the double doors for another fight.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

The next fight is against four Lv. 57 members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance: Morikawa, Sugita, Mizuno and Nagashima. The only difference in this fight is that two of them have big clubs as weapons. For the rest, nothing unusual in this fight.

Sledgehammer enemies are resistant to fire but weak to electrical attacks and not much tougher than standard enemies. After clearing the room, go through the next set of double doors.

You enter a green room with medical supplies and Kasuga warns you that "a mini-boss is definitely ahead of us." pack 'em uphigh quality fabricon the floor and exit the room through the doors on the opposite side of the room.

Combat: Mysterious Men

Well here's your mini boss I guess. Instead of the Tokyo Omi Alliance members, you will face two Lv. 60 cranky wards Kawahara and Fukada and a Lv. 59 dr Hasegawa black and three Lv. 57 Mad Caseys: Nakazawa, Uchiyama and Tsutsui.

Thin the pack with Nanba's Prison Pyro Essence and all other area attacks to kill Mad Caseys and Dr. Take Black out of the fight before focusing on the Crabby Sentinels. They are weak to hit and shoot and will likely reduce damage by blocking most of your attacks. Stay alert and focus on one at a time and you'll be fine.

packshigh quality leatherin the corner before continuing. Approach the elevators and go to the next floor. Exit the hallway and go left to a silver chest.illegal boots. Go to the opposite side of the hall and follow the path to a briefcase with abebida kiwami. Enter the office on the left for another standard fight.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo


This battle takes place against three members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance: Nagaoka (Lv. 58), Nakagawa (Lv. 57), and Oi (Lv. 57). Standard battle tactics apply here, as this is a straight fight.

Go through the door on the left for an optional fight and some items, otherwise go straight through the main double doors.

Optional Combat: Mystery Man

This fight is against Batterer outside of Hell Oba (Lv. 60). He is weak to electrical attacks and can occasionally use dynamite to damage the entire party, but otherwise he shouldn't pose much of a threat.

After defeating him, take thesecybernetic armorof the chest of silver, and amilitary beltmiPerlenhrringin the next room there. Go back to the previous room and go through the double doors towards the objective marker.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

Another trio of Tokyo Omi Alliance members await you in this room: Matsuno (Lv. 58), Imai (Lv. 57), and Kuroda (Lv. 57). Although they carry bats and a lead pipe, these enemies do not pose much of a threat. pick them upTungstenon the ground and go through the next set of double doors.

Combat: Mysterious Men

This is a single fight against The Dark Sweeper Konno (Lv. 60) and two Lv. 57 Poisonous Wastoides Sano and Hosotani.

Toxic Wastoids are resistant to physical attacks but weak to fire damage, so let Nanba deal with them. Once The Dark Sweeper leaves, turn your attention to him. He has an ability that can damage the entire party and potentially freeze them. It is weak to electrical damage, so use all the abilities at your disposal to deal with it quickly.

In the next room, take thesesuper alloy steelin the corner next to the boxes and go through the door. You will enter a brief scene, but after that you will have a chance to recover from the proximity.recovery pointand take all yourItem frame, If required.

Head up the stairs and through the door to the next office. Oh, hardwood floors - chic! Follow the office through the presentation room and through the double doors for another fight.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo


On the other hand, another group of members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance awaits you: Kishida (level 58), Nagaoka (level 57), Iwai (level 57), and Inoue (level 57).

Take out this group of more normal enemies with fire attacks and area attacks. pack 'em upbright aluminumin the corner near the printers before going through the next door.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

This group of Lv. The 57 members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance include Tanimoto, Machida, Komiya and Hasegawa. This is another standard fight that doesn't require much skill. Honestly, basic attacks work well here to save MP.

packstempered safety glasson the ground when you finish fighting. There is another optional door that leads to a fight and some items if you want. Otherwise, go through the open door to the nearest enemies.

Optional Combat: Mystery Man

If you decide to go through the optional doors, you will find Jack the Ripper Maruyama (level 60).

It's resistant to physical, lightning, and fire attacks, but it doesn't have much HP, so use as much as you can. He can also poison his sword to deal poison damage to his party members.

After the fight, take theseCyber-Helmfrom the silver vault behind him, as well as a couplecyber bootsto the other silver vault in the next room before heading back to the previous area and exiting through the open door for another fight.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

In addition to the three Lv. 57 Niwa, Ikeda and Furuya, members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance, this fight features Big Payback Adullam (Lv. 60).

After dispatching the three Omi Alliance members from Tokyo, focus on the Great Return. Resistant to physical attacks but weak to electrical damage, Adachi's stun teeth and similar attacks work very well. He will occasionally taunt members of his party, causing them to become angry and only use physical attacks against him. Once he finishes the fight, he takes thesehand grenadesmimargarineExit the reception before taking the elevator to the next floor.

On the next floor, take thesemystery stoneon the round bench and hop on the nearby turnstiles to continue. Walk down the aisle and get theseraw sapphire orebefore entering the office on the right.


This room is patrolled by a group of men who you can bypass if you quickly enter the door on your right. Otherwise, you can fight for XP and an item on the other side of the room.

Optional Battle: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

If you choose to fight enemies, you will face four members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance: Goto (level 58), Mizoguchi (level 57), Kudo (level 57), and Hirota (level 57). This is another standard fight that shouldn't require too much effort.

After defeating them, take thesespecialized glovesfrom the silver vault across the room. Go back through the locked double doors near the beginning to continue. pack 'em upancient weaponfrom the folder on the left. Go through the double doors to fight.

Fight: Mystery Man

In this fight you face The Death Knuckle Ochi (Lv. 60). As expected, he can punch hard with his spiked iron boxing gloves. It blocks many of the attacks you throw at it to reduce the damage taken, but if you're lucky, you can get a status effect on it to reduce its effectiveness. Otherwise, this fight shouldn't pose much of a threat.

packsWood of the highest quality.from the table to the left and further through the double doors. The next room has many items to collect, including agold bar, ring of power,micourage pendanton the floor. It also contains three chests of silver.quixotic shin guards,Aquichotischer helmet,miquixotic armor.

Go up the stairs and through the turnstiles to the next floor. Enter the restaurant through the automatic sliding doors and take thosegolden butterflyon the floor by the window. Another group of enemies patrol nearby that you must fight.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

This battle takes place against four other members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance: Masuda (level 58), Kusano (level 58), Muraoka (level 58), and Hoshi (level 57). There are plenty of opportunities for surround attacks here with all the tables and chairs surrounding you, but area attacks are also good for thinning out this group before focusing on just one.

After the fight, take the R.make a charmfrom the nearby silver chest and agolden butterflymigolden praying mantisfront of the window. Continue to the center of the room near the bar to fight some enemies again.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

This fight is against two Lv. 59 members of Tokyo Omi Alliance, Hirota and Kuwabara. Of the two, Kuwabara is the weaker. He is vulnerable to electrical attacks and usually takes a shorter time to fall. Hirota, on the other hand, is more prone to blocking and will block most of your attacks. Don't stop because there's arecovery pointforward so you can fully heal your HP and MP. Once both are defeated, take thesepersistent sparkmiTauriner-Maximumfrom the bar counter before heading to the kitchen.


Restore your party's HP and MP by spreading the food in the center of the room. there is also aItem framenearby, if necessary, do not forget to pick up thechinese sticky ricefrom the barbecue areashark fin breadfrom the shelf in the corner of the room. Exit the kitchen through the opposite door and follow the hallway around the corner. there is onegolden spiderhidden near the railing that you can grab. Later you will be ambushed by three enemies.

Kampf: Omi Alliance of Tokyo

This battle takes place against three members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance: Adachi (Lv. 59), Inada (Lv. 57), and Sonoda (Lv. 57). Realistically, you can use whatever attacks you want here, as you can always head back to the kitchen after the fight to replenish your MP.

packsgolden scorpionright after the fight and follow the path. there is onegolden dragonflyright next to a seating area and ainfinite tenacityacross the street in a briefcase by the window. Finally get theseYakuza training teamfrom the silver vault before going up the stairs.

On the next floor, grab the golden beetle to your right after entering the room, as well as aaccount awakefrom the silver vault next to the bar.

Combat: Mysterious Men

The next room has two strong Arminator enemies: Toyama (Lv. 60) and Matsuno (Lv. 57). They are both weak to electric attacks, but focus on Matsuno first as she has lower health. Toyama's crossbow attacks can be annoying since they do a lot of minor damage, but other than that, they shouldn't pose much of a threat.

After killing the two men, pick them up.golden rhinoceros beetlecorrect and onepanaceamimental supplementsof two folders next to each other on the floor. Healing yourself with whatever items you have is also recommended as the next fight is a boss fight. Continue through the door to see a scene followed by a fight.

Bosskampf: Yosuke Tendo

Here he is, the man you've been waiting for. You will face the patriarch of the Ryudo family, Tendo (level 60). The first half of the Tendo fight goes as expected. He is incredibly massive and resistant to physical attacks and knife attacks. He also hits very hard with his combos, so make sure you have your healer in the party.

Eins Phase: bare-knuckle fighter

A good strategy to start with is to poison him with Joon-gi's Poison Shot ability or summon Nancy-chan from Poundmates. This will ensure that his health slowly depletes while you focus on hitting him with your best abilities.

watch out for tendonsdragon descentAbility. He will start to glow gold and his group will have a brief discussion warning him of the attack. Make sure to be careful during this phase to avoid serious damage when he unleashes Dragon Dance.


Don't forget to summon Poundmates to aid you in battle, dealing damage and buffs/debuffs. More than anything, this is a battle of attrition that will probably last a long time, no matter how good you are.

Phase two: brass knuckles

Once his HP drops below 50%, Tendo dons a pair of brass knuckles and a short cutscene will play.

Principal:During this phase of the fight it is extremely important that you useKyosuke's unmatched determinationSkill like Tendo can knock out party members with a single hit. If Kyosuke does not have this ability active, he will be eliminated and it will be game over. Remember to reapply Peerless Resolve every time Kyosuke loses consciousness. You'll know it's active because Kyosuke has a small heart with the number "1" on top of his health bar.

With his new weapon, Tendo has access to a few new moves to watch out for, the first beingThe devil's awakening. He raises his left arm and it begins to glow purple as he charges up an attack. Diablo's left wing can deal massive damage when he hits, so he tries to mitigate it by planning a perfect block.

The other skill to keep in mind isgod's warning. She will raise her right arm and it will start to glow pink. She will charge up a massive punch and unleash her Right Hand of God which will automatically knock out a party member, so make sure you have first aid kits or recovery skills handy. If Kyosuke dies, it's game over, so make sure you use his unmatched resolve ability.

During this phase, focus on using high-damage abilities, maintaining your party's healing, making sure Kyosuke always has unmatched resolve, and trying to time your blocks at the right time to deal as much damage as possible to bring down. This tactic, coupled with a constant leak of poison on Tendo, means that he will eventually go down.

ugh After this long fight take a moment to relax with a few scenes beforerealBoss...

Bosskampf: Ryo Aoki

As expected, you will be facing the Governor of Tokyo, Ryo Aoki (level 60).SevenSt. 59 Mitglieder der Tokyo Omi Alliance: Uemura, Mori, Nakamura, Takeshita, Ikeda, Niwa y Tani.

Fortunately, this fight isn't as difficult as fighting Tendo, but it's not a walk in the park either. The first step is to take out the Omi Alliance members with area attacks. Most are vulnerable to fire damage, so blast them with Nanba's Prison Essence to thin out the mob and leave others with burns.

If you take out the bodyguards, Aoki will likely summon more guards. You have to eliminate them one by one until he is the only one standing. Your guards can also bolster your defenses and trick your party members into attacking them.


Most of your bodyguards are expendable. The bulkiest of the bunch are Niwa and Tani, both resistant to fire attacks but by no means difficult.

When Aoki is alone, focus on exploiting his weakness to electric attacks. He occasionally fires a gun and calls for more backup, but otherwise he's not much of a threat and will eventually go down.

But... just before his HP runs out, Aoki will run away from the fight. You will have a short conversation with your group, which will encourage you to go after him. At this point, you can heal nearby.recovery pointIf required.

Go up the stairs and you will see Aoki looking out the window. When you approach him, another cutscene will play before he decides to face Kyosuke one last time.

Cook: Masato Arakawa

In the final battle of the game, you face the true young master Arakawa Masato (level 60) in a one-on-one match. End goal only, no items. well actually youI couldUse items here, but you don't have your weapons.

Since you two are hitting, you can only use your melee skills. Fortunately, you should have already unlocked a few. Also, Masato is a pretty weak fighter and his attacks do a ridiculous amount of damage, so you shouldn't have any problems with this fight. Just hit it with your best ability and it should go down after a few turns. Realistically, you could just turn on auto battle and let him play, since it really is that simple.

Once your health is depleted, you will automatically enter a scene with some quick events. Press the corresponding button repeatedly or within the time limit to advance the scene.

Once Masato falls to the lower level, it's done. Congratulations! Enjoy the final scenes when your hero's adventure ends...

...or is it? After returning to the main menu, you will have the option to continue savingAdventure Premiumallowing you to complete them allside stories, play mini-games and much more. You will also unlock the Final Millennium Tower, an optional endgame dungeon.

there is one toonew game+Mode for Yakuza: Like a Dragon that offers levels of difficulty and allows you to make the most of your progress if you start the story from the beginning.

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