ESO Necrom Test Server 9.0.0 Patch Notes - Full patch notes for the Necrom PTS (2023)

  • ESO Necrom Test Server 9.0.0 Patch Notes - Full patch notes for the Necrom PTS (1)


Hello, here is a list of patch notes for test server 9.0.0ESO Necrom-Kapital. For more Necrom chapter content, visitCategory ESO Necrom. The premiere of the Necrom chapter is planned for June 5, 2023.

As alwaysESO versions have been updatedwhen does the Necrom chapter start. Arcanist buildings can be found inESO Arcanist building category. A complete list of all new Arcanist abilities can also be found inList of ESO arcanist skills.

ESO Necrom Test Server 9.0.0 Patch Notes - Full patch notes for the Necrom PTS (2)

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v9.0.0 and our new chapter: Necrom! Travel to the remote Telvanni Peninsula, the enclave of House Telvanni's ruling wizards, before losing yourself in the twisting labyrinths of the Apocrypha, domain of the Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge, Hermaeus Mor!

Along with uncovering the mysteries and wonders of the Telvanni Peninsula and the Apocrypha, this chapter introduces a new class - the Arcanist - and so that anyone can create an Arcanist, we're giving everyone a free character slot!

Harness the power of two new companions to help you on your journeys, including fending off the forces of darkness during world events in the Nymic Bastion. Those looking for a real challenge should definitely check out Sanity's Edge, a new 12-player trial in the southeastern part of the Telvanni Peninsula.

Necrom also includes several new item sets to obtain, new antiques, many new collectibles, and even a new Tales of Tribute Patron deck. Apartment fans have 3 new homes to test out (including a pretty good boat dock) and plenty of new furniture.

Update 38 adds several new quality-of-life features, including the ability to prioritize collectibles, fillet multiple stacks of fish, make additional changes to the reset counter, and make sure your Stuga friend no longer pursues you relentlessly.

All of the PC NA characters have been copied this week, and the templates are available for those who want to use them. We can't wait for you to jump into this chapter - which is approximately 5.16 GB - and read your feedback. Enjoy!

New features/updates/big changes

  • Necrom-Kapitel
    • Nowa strefa - poluotok Telvanni i apokrifi
    • Bastion Nymic Weltereignisse
    • New Class: Arcanist
    • Two new companions: Sharp as the Night and Azadar al-Cybiades
    • New Trial: Sanity
    • New item sets
    • New myths and ancient
    • New collectibles
    • Nowe Tales of Tribute-Deck: Almalexia
    • new houses
    • New object
    • Achievements and titles
  • Update base game 38
    • Reset timer changes
    • Collectors favourites
    • Random mounts
    • Filleting many piles of fish
    • A new home
    • Novo PvP-Keep-Messaging
    • Do you know how long I've been waiting for this change?!
  • template information
    • Combat and skills
    • companion
    • Breakdown of items and sets
    • Chapters and DLC
    • basic game
  • known issues
    • Camp and gameplay
    • Research and inventory


Nowa strefa - poluotok Telvanni i apokrifi
Explore two new zones as you unravel the story of Shadows of Morrowind! In this update, you begin your journey in the Telvanni Peninsula, one of the most remote areas of the province of Morrowind. From there you will access Apocrypha, Hermaeus Mor's personal domain in the Abyss.

  • To start your adventure in Necrom, you have the following options:
    • Create a new character and play the tutorial
    • Enter the zone with an existing character - if a copy of a character from your realm is running - in one of the following ways:
      • Use a boat or cart outside Elden Root, Mournhold or Wayrest to travel to Necrom Docks
      • Go to a friend who is already in the Telvanni Peninsula or Apocrypha
    • Use one of the PTS character templates
  • After completing the tutorial or arriving in the Telvanni Peninsula by other means, look for Leramil the Sage who awaits your arrival in various locations in and around Necrom. He will ask you for help in the main storyline and send you to meet the Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge, Hermaeus More.
  • In addition to the main storyline, the Necrom chapter includes the following activities:
    • Six vaults, two in the Telvanni Peninsula and four in Apocrypha, each with its own sky shard, boss and related content.
    • Six challenging world bosses, from Coryls Chainmaker and the dreaded slavers of House Dres as they raid Telvanni land, to the fascinating Master Catalog, a seeker who fights to the brink of madness in the Lyram Cathedral of Apocrypha.
    • Two public dungeons: the once-beautiful island of Gorne, a sanctuary for mad Telvanni mages now overrun by Daedra interested only in causing chaos, and the mysterious Underweave, a vast and unknown facility where hostile minions from the Sea of ​​Hermaeus Fate reworks a reality that never came .
    • A set of three new crafting slots
    • Nine additional mission objectives
    • Many side quests, unique entertainment and many other encounters scattered throughout the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha

Bastion Nymic Weltereignisse
Shadows descend on Apocrypha and the Telvanni Peninsula as a group of dark forces attack Hermaeus Mor to learn its best-kept secrets. These dark forces, led by a malevolent figure known as the Herald, have focused on the Nymic Bastion, the stronghold of Hermeau's Mora realm where the Nymics reside - powerful names once trained Daedra can control.

  • To stop these forces, you must first contact Guardian Tandessa, a follower of Hermaeus Mora, who identifies himself as one of the proud rulers of the Trinity, and accept her plea for help. Once you've done that, you'll need to scour the lands of the Telvanni Peninsula or Apocrypha for the Seekers of the Herald, the corrupt guardians of the Nymic Bastion.
    • These crazy guardians must be killed so that their secretions can be collected and used to open the way to Nymic Bastion. Be prepared and travel with your allies - they won't give up easily!
  • Once you get enough of them, you can head to one of the Nymic Bastion's entrance portals and use Ichor to activate it. Once inside, the real challenge begins!
    • You and your party must make your way through the various districts of the Nymica Bastion, slashing at enemies and uncovering secrets, until you face and kill the Herald in the heart of the fortress.
    • After eliminating the invaders, you can claim your reward from the Head of Tandesse.
  • Keep an eye out for secrets as you explore the Nymic Bastion, and don't forget to bring your friends along! Once there, you can't count on the help of strangers!

New Class: Arcanist
If you own the Necrom Chapter, you can direct the miraculous powers of the Apocrypha as an Arcanist! These learned wizards use the arcane runes and spells of the Abyss to destroy enemies, heal allies, and defend against any foe.

  • Arcanist has a unique mechanic where certain abilities can build or consume Crux. Each Crux you have, up to a maximum of three, will either passively increase your abilities in combat or add more abilities to Crux's absorbing abilities.
    • Crux brings Arkanist a unique gameplay experience never before seen in ESO, and offers more gameplay variety whether you're playing Trials, Quests, or PvP.
    • You can tell how many cruxes you currently have by the floating runes surrounding your character.
  • We've also added a new UI feature to help you match Fatecarver and Remedy Cascade skills.
    • The new "Aim Assist" feature is in the Accessibility panel in the options, which gives a little help when aiming at 100%.
    • This can be reduced to 0 (disabled) if desired.

Two new companions: Sharp as the Night and Azadar al-Cybiades
In Necrom, you can befriend two new companions by completing related chapter content. Sharp as the night, the surly mercenary can be found near the gates of the city of Necrom. The bombastic and lovable Azandar al-Cybiades, the Magus Supreme, can be found just outside Cipher's Midden in Apocrypha.

  • If you have access to the Necrom chapter, you can unlock two companions by completing related quests in the Necrom Zone.
  • Upon completion of one of the introductory quests, the corresponding collectible will be awarded.
    • These collectibles can be found in the Allies category under the Companions subcategory in the Collections menu.
    • You can have one follower or one assistant at the same time.
    • Companion collectibles can be activated via the Collections menu or can be quickly inserted for ease of use.
    • Once unlocked, other characters on your account will also need to complete the associated introductory objective to use Sharp or Azandar, but each companion's skill line, level progression, and loadout will remain regardless of which character summoned them.
  • Each companion has a passive perk ability that you use while the companion is active, which you can view in the companion menu. This perk can also be permanently unlocked by completing companion achievements.
    • Sharp has "Sharp's Patience", which increases the chance of finding a trophy and slightly reduces the towing time.
    • Azandar bestows Azandar's Curiosity, which allows you to explore your research portfolio while browsing through containers. The Portfolio can include crafting recipes, treasure maps, research notes, survey reports, and other valuable documents.

New Trial: Sanity
It's terrible to waste a mind, especially one as bright and promising as the wizard Vanton. But his arrogance won out and now he needs help defeating an enemy that reveals his consciousness. Journey into the mage's mind and see what dreams and nightmares hide...

  • Sanity's Edge is a 12-player demo game set in the southern Telvanni peninsula.
  • The trial version includes the normal version and the challenging veteran version.
  • There are unique item sets available in the trial, including upgraded versions that can only be found on Veteran difficulty.
  • Exclusive achievement rewards are available for completing this trial, including:
    • Unique body and face branding
    • An exceptional carrier
    • More titles
    • Unique residential buildings

New item sets
In this chapter, we have added a total of 13 item sets that can be obtained through land, crafting, new trials, or ancients.

  • Land sets
    • Vivecova dvojnost - laki oklop
      • 2 - Adds 1096 max magic
      • 3 -adds 1096 maximum durability
      • 4 – Adds 1096 max magic
      • 5 – After staying in lane for 15 seconds, changing the bar grants 6636 magic and stamina points.
    • Camonna Tong - medium armor
      • 2 – Adds 129 weapon and spell damage
      • 3 – Adds 129 weapon and spell damage
      • 4 – Adds 129 weapon and spell damage
      • 5 - When you gain EXP from killing a monster, you take 1 weapon and spell damage for every 50 xp the monster is worth for 30 seconds. This bonus stacks up to a maximum of 540 weapon and spell damage. This item set is not affected by XP gain effects.
    • Adamant Lurker - Heavy armor
      • 2 – Adds 129 health regeneration points
      • 3 – Adds 1206 maximum health
      • 4 – Adds 129 health regeneration
      • 5 – Recover 1505 pts. health while standing still.
  • Sets made
    • Broken destiny
      • 5 - Adds 7918 attack penetration
      • 10 - Adds 687 weapon and spell damage
      • 12 – Adds 1528 Critical Hit Chance
    • The effectiveness of Telvanni
      • 2 -adds 1096 maximum durability
      • 3 – Adds 1206 maximum health
      • 4 – Adds 1096 max magic
      • 5 - As long as you have a living companion, reduce their skill cooldowns by 50%. If you don't have a lifemate, reduce the cost of your Magic, Stamina, Health and Ultimate by 8%.
    • viewfinder synthesis
      • 2 – Adds 1206 maximum health
      • 3 - Adds 1096 max magic
      • 4 -adds 1096 maximum durability
      • 5 - When you cast a resource costing ability during combat, reduce the cooldown of the potion by 0.6 seconds. This effect can occur every 0.6 seconds.
  • probes
    • Peace and tranquility - light armor
      • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Hit Chance
      • 3 - Win a Minor Slayer at any time and increase damage against dungeon, trial and arena monsters by 5%.
      • 4 – Adds 129 weapon and spell damage
      • 5 (Refined only) - Adds 129 damage to weapons and spells
      • 5 - While standing still, deal 465 weapon and spell damage. As you move, you regain 203 Life, Magic, and Stamina.
    • Angel's Torment - Srednji Oklop
      • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Hit Chance
      • 3 - Win a Minor Slayer at any time and increase damage against dungeon, trial and arena monsters by 5%.
      • 4 – Adds 1487 attack penetration
      • 5 (Refined only) - Adds 657 critical hits
      • 5 - Increases damage dealt to monsters by 7%. Interrupting an enemy increases damage dealt to monsters by an additional 7% for 10 seconds.
    • Transforming Hope - Light Armor
      • 2 – Adds 4% healing
      • 3 - Always win Minor Egis, reducing damage taken from dungeon, trial and arena monsters by 5%.
      • 4 – Adds 129 magical regenerations
      • 5 (refined only) – Adds 4% healing
      • 5 - In battle, when you heal yourself or an ally who has less than 40% health, ignite a spark of hope in them for 3 seconds. If they are over 90% Health at the end of the effect, you and an ally gain increased Heroism for 15 seconds. This effect can occur every 20 seconds per target.
    • Resolve Test - Heavy Armor
      • 2 – Adds 1487 armor
      • 3 - Always win Minor Egis, reducing damage taken from dungeon, trial and arena monsters by 5%.
      • 4 – Adds 1206 maximum health
      • 5 (refined only) - Adds 1487 armor
      • 5 - Taking damage while below 35% health will test your determination. If you are below 50% health, you will fully regenerate health, magic and stamina, and gain prime protection and aegis for 10 seconds. When you have 50% health, you become a beacon of hope for 20 seconds, causing your major and minor buffs to also grant more protection for 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 1 minute.
  • Mythical items
    • Amulet of the primordial mage Veloti - necklace
      • 1 – Adds 4968 offensive penetration
      • 1 - Increases damage dealt to monsters by 15%, critical damage by 15%, and reduces damage from light and heavy attacks by 99%.
    • Esoteric Environmental Greaves - Heavy Legs
      • 1 - At 33% Stamina, reduces damage taken by 50% and loses 1567 Stamina when taking direct damage, up to once every 0.5 seconds.
    • Crypt Cannon Outfit - Light Chest
      • 1 - You can no longer cast Ultimate. Instead, executing an Ultimate transfers your ultimate resources to your living party members, splitting them evenly between them. Gain minor heroism all the time.

New myths and ancient
As mentioned above, there are 3 new myths to discover with the Ancients along with some other Ancients:

  • Free Glyphic Music Box in Necrom Alchemy Station you can browse antiques.
  • References to two ancient maps - one from Telvanni and the other from the Apocrypha - are available to those explorers who discover and achieve much in Necroma.

New collectibles

  • pets
    • The Graht Oak Squirrel can be obtained by collecting 25 Lost Graht Oak Acorns and 25 Discovered Valen Wood Saplings, and by completing the Small Acorns Great Oaks achievement.
    • Obsidian Dwarven Orb is available for the Bastion Keeper achievement.
  • acquaintances
    • Aries of Dark Dreams is available after obtaining the Sound and Clear Mind achievement.
    • Berylglow Nix-Ox Steed is available after completing the Necrom Savior achievement.
  • Emotional
    • The Card Summon emote is available after collecting ten frequently played Tribute cards and completing the achievement of the same name.
  • souvenirs
    • The Prism of Moribund Sapience memento can be obtained by completing the quest In a Restless House.
    • The memento of Meln's Soul Stone can be obtained by completing the Spirit of Fate quest.
  • schmokljan
    • The Holy Watcher Hood Ornament can be obtained by completing the Lost Fates quest.
  • Marks on the face and body
    • The Abyssal Cephalarch face paint can be obtained by completing the Fate Hidden quest, and the accompanying body paint can be obtained by completing the Cataclysm of Fate quest.
    • Dark Dream face spatulas can be obtained by completing the Tenacious Dreamer achievement, and accompanying body tokens can be obtained by completing the Conqueror of Sanity's Edge achievement.
    • Spore Savant facial and body markings can be found in antiquity.
  • suit
    • The Fortune Teller costume can be obtained by completing the Chronicle of Fate quest.
  • outfit
    • Shroomtender Outfit Pages are awarded to adventurers who have achieved various Necroman research achievements.
    • The Gravegrasp Outfit Pages are from the Runebound Tome: Gravegrasp, created by combining the 20 Siege of Cyrodiil Achievements and the Siege of Cyrodiil Commendations.
      • Using this book will give you a hardcover clothing style page for a handle you don't already own.
      • Tributes can no longer be purchased after completing this outfit.
  • colorful
    • Telvanni Walnut Dye can be obtained by completing the Champion of Necrom achievement.
    • Orchid Dye of Sanity is available after completing the Destroyer of Sanity achievement.
    • You can get Moira's marshmallow color by completing the Greater Arcanist Slayer achievement.

Nowe Tales of Tribute-Deck: Almalexia
We've added a new Eternal Tribute deck that you can earn from your adventures in the Telvanni Peninsula and Necrom! Revered by the Dunmer, Almalexia offers insight into your and your opponent's decks, and her minions can delay your enemies long enough for you to emerge victorious.

  • You will unlock the Almalexia Eternal Deck Pieces through a series of steps, but note that unlocking the ability to play Tales of Tribute (and your new deck) requires access to the High Isle Chapter.

new houses
The city of Necrom welcomes its new visitors with the opportunity to claim two new homes!

(Video) Necrom U38 PTS - These Patch Notes Are Actually Good??? | The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Accommodation at the end of the tour
    • Whether attending funeral rites or simply visiting the Dark Elf Necropolis, visitors to the Necrom can relax in this spacious room at the Mourner's Inn. Full privacy - even from ancestral spirits - is guaranteed!
    • This inn room can be obtained by completing the Room to Save quest at Necrom's Mourner's Solace, or can be purchased for 3000 gold if you have already completed the quest elsewhere.
  • Member's enclave
    • Years ago, the court priests requested a residence in Necrom for the envoy and his staff. Today, this spacious house with unusual terraces is privately owned and is looking for a hostess - perhaps you - until the envoy of the Three needs her again.
    • This house will be available for 1,300,000 gold after completing the Great Adventurer of Necrom achievement.

New object
You can find a lot of new furniture in Necrom, including:

  • There are plans to obtain 101 new objects from monsters, containers and more in the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.
  • 5 new furniture books and 5 new furnishing blueprints found in Bastion Nymic.
  • 11 new household items available for purchase from Murkholg in Necrom, including a variety of mushrooms found on the Telvanni Peninsula and an assortment of apocryphal leaves and stones.
  • 12 new Achievement Furniture that can be purchased from Vasei in Necrom after completing the associated Achievements.
  • A set of 10 new paintings rarely found in Necroma treasure chests.
  • 14 new antique furniture, including a new Telvanni-themed alchemy station!
  • A new bust and trophy to celebrate the victory in Sanity's Edge.
  • 4 new tapestries with artwork for two new different Tales of Tribute cards that can be obtained as rare rewards in Tales of Tribute matches.

Achievements and titles
This update brings 103 new achievements and 7 new titles.

  • The Destiny's Chosen title is awarded for completing the Champion of Necrom achievement.
  • The Hero of Necrom title is awarded for completing the Hero of Necrom achievement.
  • The Sanity's Scourge title is earned by defeating all bosses in Sanity's Edge Trial in Normal mode, and defeating it in Veteran mode grants the Sanity Warrior title.
  • The title of Tenacious Dreamer is earned by completing the Sanity's Edge achievement of the same name.
  • The Master of Mind title is earned by completing the Master of Mind achievement in Sanity's Edge.
  • The Tormentor's Bane title can be earned by completing the Sanity's Edge and Sanity's Edge achievements.
  • Added several Mythic and Arcanist achievements.

Update base game 38

Reset timer changes
Monthly leaderboards, Cyrodiil and Tribute campaigns now reset on the first of the month.

  • Cyrodilov campaign
    • Starting with this update and beyond, all older 30-day Cyrodiil campaigns will reset by default on the first of the month at the time of the daily reset.
    • As a one-time adjustment, all campaigns that would have been canceled in June will be canceled on July 1.
  • Tribute campaign
    • Tribute campaigns are already canceled on the first day of each month, but are now also canceled at the daily reset.
  • Sharing the Quirk of Hircine (Werewolf Lycanthropy) and Noxophile's Sanguivoria (Vampirism) has been changed from a 7-day cooldown to a weekly reset.

Collectors favourites
Collectibles can now be marked as favorites so they are sorted in the Collections menu at the top of the UI.

  • Favorite Collectible:
    • Keyboard: Right-click on a collectible and select Add to Favorites.
    • Gamepad: Press the "Actions" shortcut and select "Add to Favorites"
  • There is a limit of 100 favorites in all collectible categories, except for mounts, which have no limit.
  • There are many categories that do not support favorites, including:
    • Custom Actions
    • Emotional
    • Furniture
    • Notes
    • Collections of sets of objects
    • Outfit-Stil
    • Special
    • history
    • Stories of admirers of patrons
    • Improvements

Random mounts
You can now set the active carrier to your favorite random carrier or random carrier. If "Random Favorite Mount" is selected, one of your favorite mounts will be selected each time you activate your vehicle in the world. If you choose "Random Mounts" instead, it will choose from all collected mounts.

Filleting many piles of fish
We have added the ability to fillet several fish at the same time. This feature can be accessed by visiting any supply station.

  • All supply stations have a new card dedicated to filleting fish.
  • You can fillet several batches of fish at the same time.
  • Filleting one fish at a time from the inventory remains unchanged.
  • We've added a new guide and help text for filleting fish.

A new home
Enjoy life at sea on Fair Winds, a spacious kitchen from the Systres Islands. You have a variety of travel options within just one turn of the ship's helm, with ports of call at Vulkhel Guard, Vom's Watch and Daggerfall. Just watch out for the Ornaugs!

  • This house will be available in the Crown Store at a later date, but is currently available for testing on the PTS.

Novo PvP-Keep-Messaging
Added new messages for guilds looking for properties and resources in Cyrodiil. This new feature is delivered via chat messages or an on-screen notification that shows how many guards have been killed and how many enemy fighters were in the area at the time. There are also further messages that indicate when guards are no longer being killed in a captured stronghold, outpost, or spring.

  • This message is for Cyrodiil and Castles/Resources/Outpost Alliance players only.
  • If a guild owns a stronghold and other guilds are claiming its resources, the stronghold owner will also be notified when resource guards are killed.
  • You can find this new feature in your social menu in game options; You can choose where messages are displayed or turn them off completely.

Do you know how long I've been waiting for this change?!
The Stuga is now stationed near some taverns in Daggerfall, Vom's Watch, and Vulkhel Watch. Of course, she will still try to wave at you, but she will stop chasing you endlessly and only say hello when you approach.

template information

In this update, we offer two character templates. The first is the max level CP3600 template which offers all the usual item and template sets, and the second is level 25; Place both templates on the Necrom's Outskirts. Those who want to play as Arcanists (which most of you will probably be!) can do so through the character creation class selection section.

Camp and gameplay

It's the most exciting time of the year, our big annual chapter release! This time around, we're sticking with what we've learned over the years, mostly keeping the big changes to the chapter update so you can focus more on the rich new content, especially since Arcanist was added to the ranks this year as our 7th playable class. That said, we still have some improvements and fixes ahead of us, mostly focused on bug fixes and targeted adjustments based on the feedback we've received since Updates 36 and 37.

One of the key details that we hope will make life easier for our valiant warriors is the update to the melee attack range, which defaults to 7 meters instead of 5. Some of you have been here long enough to know that this was our original default - changed a while back - but the game has evolved a lot since then and we're confident we can revisit this experience to better suit our pace and combat style. Those extra 2 meters aren't astronomical, but hopefully they reduce the likelihood of missing a melee attack in high-mobility engagements, and give those who stay close and personal a few precious moments to react to incoming threats.

Additionally, there will be a few class changes, mainly aimed at Templars and Wizards, which we've been discussing a lot about in the last few months. While the list of changes below won't fix every issue or problem area you encounter, we hope these fixes help reinforce the strengths of these classes in the right places without going overboard. The biggest feedback for the Templars is that they don't feel as effective in combat and positioning, so we've looked at improving some of their defensive abilities to accommodate the offensive window, not allowing for a better constant need to spawn as often as they do. To accomplish this, we're allowing Rune Focus to partially heal over time and gain power when standing still to help the class gain some stamina while moving around. Speaking of movement, we're also adding more protection to their main move ability - Focused Attack - to give them a better attack window as they charge straight into battle.

On the other hand, commentators commented that they don't have access to a solid set of major and minor buffs and nerfs with class gear, which we agree with. While we won't be adding too many approaches in this update, we're starting to sweeten the dark work they're doing by adding Baby Berserker to Dark Exchange and his morph to make up for the risk of activating and casting their spell, which is really a cause for concern. We're also going to do a little with their fleeting familiarsNowephemeral by applying the stun from the activation only once and earlier after the activation, making it more controllable and more aware, while increasing the probability of the Charged state effect, making Lesser Vulnerability more reliable.

We'll be making more changes to the item pool and some minor class improvements, such as a big Necromancer damage boost in the third role of the Flaming Skulls, but that covers our main areas of focus for this update, in addition to the cool new toys you'll get between Arcanists and the new Sentence. We hope this helps you gain insight into upcoming changes and be better prepared to submit your invaluable feedback. Watch out adventurers and we hope to see you on the streets of Tamriel!

fighting skills


  • Fixed an issue where changing lanes while blocking and out of resources under Stormweaver's Tri-Focus or Cavort could disable the block until you drop the block and reactivate it.
  • Fixed an issue where running during a heavy attack could trap you in a sprint.
  • Melee capabilities with a range of 5 meters have been increased (back) to 7 meters to make them easier to use while moving and provide more breathing air and reliability when landing.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck on respawn if you were hit with a swing while respawning.
  • Fixed an issue where changing zones or resubmitting could cause your current health to be below max health if you had certain sources of max health buffs, such as: B from Master Points.
  • Fixed an issue where invisibility sources like Shadow Cloak or Potions would still allow you to be detected by other players in some cases, e.g. if you were wearing too heavy armor or if player targets had increased stealth detection.
  • Fixed numerous bugs where corpse consuming abilities could interact with corpses that were getting unique death animations such as dying but not. B. disintegrating into a heap of ashes. Corpse Consume abilities can now interact with any corpse that is naturally consumed, regardless of how the owner caused them to die.

Buffy i debuffy

  • Strengths: This bonus has been reduced from 80% to 70%.

Dragon knight

  • A brilliant flame
    • Inferno: Fixed an issue where the visual effects of this ability and its form would not disappear if its owner became invisible from sources such as stealth or invisibility.
  • Dragon power
    • Dark claws
      • Flaming Claws: The damage over time effect from this change will now only apply if the target hit by the first hit does not have an active damage charge, similar to Acid Spray to allow the ability to be used in an area with a situation where you are better active refresh ability brilliance. Note that it will still stack from multiple targets.
    • elder dragon:
      • This passive no longer increases the range of melee attacks by 2 meters as this is its default range again.
      • This passive ability now increases your health regeneration by 129/259 for each equipped Dragon Power ability. instead of 2/5% per skill.


  • serious sir
    • Blazing Skull: The third cast damage bonus of this ability and its forms increased from 20% to 50%.

night blade

  • Care
    • Deathblow: Increased the duration of this Ultimate's debuffs and morphs from 6 to 8 seconds.
  • Shade
    • Path of Darkness: This ability's effects and form are now applied more consistently instead of having different behaviors for line of sight rules.
    • Summon Shadow: Fixed an issue where this ability and Dark Shadow morph could return as ranged abilities in some cases.
    • Silent attack
      • Stealth Weapon (Transform): This morph now grants a damage bonus for 10 seconds if Major Alacrity was active while casting, instead of 5 seconds if Major Alacrity ends or refreshes to ensure the ability is active and not using an ability passive. The damage bonus still works as it does when coming out of stealth or invisibility.


  • Black magic
    • Dark Substitution: This ability and Dark Subversion morph now give smaller Berserkers a 20 second resource regeneration.
      • Dark Deal (transform): This morph now grants less berserk and a small amount of power for 10 seconds during resource regeneration.
    • Negation Magic: Fixed an issue with this ult and its forms where they couldn't dispel another version of themselves. Previously, Negative Magic would only dispel an absorption field or a suppression field, but not enemy negation magic or any permutation where the Ultimates were of the same version. Now each version of these Ultimates will actively resolve all versions of Ultimates they have been applied to when enemies receive them.
  • Daedric Summon
    • Summon Storm Atronach:
      • The synergy between this ultimate and its forms, Charged Lightning, now gives Major Berserker 10 seconds (was 8).
      • Increased the number of synergy targets from 6 to 12.
    • Invite an unstable friend
      • Summon Volatile Familiar (morph): The special active on this morph now only stuns on the second tick, instead of the fourth and final tick, to make the stun less erratic and reduce the ability's passive feel. To compensate for this loss, we're increasing the chance to apply a Charged Status effect through Special Active Damage to 5% per tick, up from 1%. zzzzz!


  • Aedric spear
    • Focused Attack: This ability and its forms now provide high protection for 4 seconds after hitting a target.
      • Explosive Charge: This form now also increases the main shield duration to 10 seconds.
  • Dawn's Wrath
    • Solar Flare: This ability and its forms now grant a Solar Orb for 5 seconds after casting, increasing class ability damage by 5%.
      • Sun Barage (morph): This form also increases the duration of the Sun Ball to 20 seconds.
  • bring back the light
    • Lightweaver: Fixed an issue where this Passive's ult could be applied to the caster and not just allies as stated in the tooltip.
    • Focus Rune:
      • This ability and its forms now heal you for 2% of your max health every second while active, instead of 4.5% of your max health while standing inside the rune.
      • This healing effect is increased by 200% in the rune, for a total increase of 33.3% (recurring, of course) in the rune.
      • Fixed an issue where healing with these abilities was not correctly counting as a Restoration of Light healing.
      • Fixed an issue where these abilities were not considered healing abilities in some cases.


  • animal companions
    • Scorch: Fixed an issue with this ability and its forms sometimes not hitting larger monsters.
  • Winter's embrace
    • arctic wind
      • Arctic Gust (morph):
        • The stun from this transformation now procs with a 2 second delay instead of instantly. If the skill is cast again before the delay ends, the delay timer will be reset.
        • Fixed a bug where the stun would ignore line of sight rules.


  • Arm and shield
    • Low Cut: This ability and additional transformation effects now last 15 seconds, down from 12.
    • Shield Wall: Fixed an issue where this Ultimate and its forms would lose a block after sprinting.
  • double effect
    • Flurry: Fixed an issue with this ability and its forms that would sometimes, but extremely rarely, only hit 3 times when moving very fast (we're talking about a 1ms time frame).
  • Book
    • spray with arrows
      • Acid Spray (Transform): Increased the damage per hit of this transformed damage over time effect by approximately 38%.


  • Vampire
    • Fixed an issue where eating enemy enemies at vampirism level 4 could cause the health bar to be incorrectly set.


  • Argonisz
    • Resourceful: Fixed an issue where healing with this passive was not considered an action.



  • All companions now gain an increasing amount of experience based on the level of relationship they have reached with their associated player character. Each relationship level on Cordial grants an additional 5% absolute experience boost compared to the base 15% received on Cordial and below.
    • The amount of experience a companion earns does not reduce the amount of experience the player receives, and experience gain effects applied to the player increase the amount the companion receives.
  • Significantly reduced the number of connections required to reach Friends, Loved Ones, Allies, and Companions Connected Levels for all followers.
  • In the Companion Book of Collections, search results are no longer wrong when the search contains results that the Companion cannot use.

Breakdown of items and sets


  • Fixed an issue where some item sets would not display extra telegraphs to enemies in certain situations, including:
    • Aurora Giveaway
    • Frozen Watcher
    • Give me Malygda
    • leech plates
    • plague driver
    • For celery
    • Thurvokun
    • Dark Convergence
    • depth vortex

Ability to transform weapons

  • Rapid Swing and Spectral Cloak: These sets now only apply when you cast their required abilities in combat.


(Video) Arcanist Is BAD? Here’s How To FIX IT! (ESO Necrom PTS)

  • Deathwind: Fixed an issue where this set had a target cap of 6 even though the tooltip said "all enemies".
  • Morkuldin: Fixed an issue where the summoned sword from this set was sheathed after leaving combat. Too many samurai movies.
  • Old Growth Brewer: This set now requires a fight to get its effect.
  • Wrath of the Order: Fixed an issue preventing this kit from being used in campaigns without procs.
  • Vastarie Sentinel: Fixed an issue where this set was reducing sprint costs.

Dungeon and Arena

  • Crusader: The visual effects of this set have been better optimized to reduce their impact on client performance.
  • Runecarver's Fire: Fixed an issue where this set would not activate outside of Hurricane.
  • Storm Lord:
    • The bonus damage from this set of light and heavy attacks now only affects monsters.
    • Bonus duration reduced from 20 to 8 seconds.
    • Cooldown lowered from 10 to 5 seconds.

Monster mask

  • Lady Thorn: Fixed an issue where the synergy provided by this set, Blood Burst, did not respect line of sight rules.
  • Stamp:
    • This set now slows enemies hit by 40% instead of stacking the slow from 25% to 100%.
    • Major Brittle is now applied to enemies dealt by the set 4 or more times, instead of only the fourth hit.
    • Fixed an issue where a slow from this set could stack with other slows and prevent enemies from moving.
  • Infernal Ozezani:
    • Fixed an issue where this set's armor could not reduce slingshot damage.
    • Fixed an issue where this pool could run processes.
    • Fixed an issue where this set's armor was not showing up in the character list even though it was active.
  • Scourge Reaper: Fixed an issue where this kit did not respect line of sight rules.


  • Cavort Stormweaver: This set can now be used in Cyrodiil campaigns without a proc.

on land

  • Rags of the Prisoner: Fixed a bug where this set would not exist if you switched pillars while sprinting.
  • Skooma Smuggler: This set now requires you to fight for a percent.


  • Cowardly Gear: Fixed an issue where this kit would not exist if you changed poles while sprinting.
  • Infested Burst: This set now only tries to cast on enemy players instead of enemies. Note that the explosion can still deal damage and be buffed by nearby non-players.
  • Twin Sisters: Fixed an issue where this set was not respecting line of sight rules.

court hearing

  • Eye of Nahviintaas: Fixed an issue where this kit was reducing sprint costs.
  • Infallible Mage: This set's heavy attack bonus damage now only works against monsters.

Fixes and improvements

Deadlands — DLC


  • Durance Vile: Fixed an issue where empty Lucents could be plundered, blocking progress before opening the portal to the next level.
  • Unmaker's Treasure: Removed having to collect two sets of Daedra armor, which was causing hostile behavior in groups. Now you only need a weapon, a shield, and one armor instead of two.


research and inventories


  • Fixed an issue where the sky shard in Tomb of Serpents would not appear on the map when standing nearby.

Tasks and Zones


  • The door to Tor Draioch's Secret Library is now interactive after completing a quest, giving you access to any books you may have missed.
  • A copy of Aurelia Jourvel's letter can now be found in the Castle Navire library after completing The Lost Symbol quest.
  • A copy of Nilmon's Scarecrow can now be found on a chest in Knight's Barracks after completing the Tournament of Hearts.
  • Telling Stone now has a copy outside of Ivyhame after completing The Dream of Kasorayn quest.


  • Collapsing Circle: Fixed an issue where interacting with bonds in a group would double the quest duration.
  • Sea of ​​Trouble: Fixed an issue where you and your teammates could become desynced and stuck while firing the ballista.
  • Siege of Vastyr: Fixed an issue that prevented you from talking to Count Mornard.




  • Antiquarian's Eye cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.

Tasks and Zones


  • Gray Company: The Tzinghalis map no longer magically changes from the Rift map (when you pick it up) to the Skyrim map (when you place it).

DLC High Isle

research and inventories


  • Fixed an issue on High Island where spinning wall spike traps could hit players above them.

Tasks and Zones


  • Cold Trail: Fixed a bug where Jhaka would not noticeably flee from combat when you were in combat.
  • Escape from Amenos:
    • Fixed an issue where Prince Irskar would change costume on the spot right in front of you. No sense of decency.
    • Fixed a bug where High King Emeric could not respawn if he got stuck while following you.

Stories of honor


  • Expert and Grandmaster NPCs are now a bit smarter.
  • There are now tokens on the gift board that show how many patron uses you have available.
  • XP is now awarded after the first win of the day in Matchmade Tribute matches.
  • Brahgas now offers the option to play a standard match against him to progress in teaching.


  • Added extra dialogue to the original Founder's Tribute Grandmasters after defeating them.

game style

  • Prince of Vran
    • Steal:
      • Price increased from 5 to 6.
      • Combo 2 Draw has been carried over to Combo 3.
    • Loot: Combo 2 Loot has been moved to Combo 3.
  • Red Eagle
    • Clan Witch: Health reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Elder Witch: Health reduced from 4 to 3.
  • The Orgnum Wizard King
    • Storm Shark Wavecaller: Base effect power increased from 1 to 2.
    • Serpent Guard Rider: Added +1 Power to 2 combos.
  • game of st
    • Bangkorai Sentinel: Added +1 power to base effect.
    • Knights of St. Wormwood: Added +1 Power to base effect.
  • King of the Druids
    • Firesong Haruspex: Health increased from 1 to 2.


  • Several new Achievements are now available for the new Almalexia Patron Deck.
  • New tips for upgrading cards in the Defender of Almalexia deck can be found in the Tribute Reward Wallets.
  • New Hand of Almalexia and Mercymother Elite tapestry furniture can be found in Tribute Reward Wallets.
  • A new item can be found in Tribute Reward wallets that grants the card whisperer achievement.

User Interface

  • Fixed an UI bug that could sometimes occur when viewing a stack after doing so in the previous Tales of Tribute


Monster and NPC


  • Dwarven Dynastor Supreme is now immune to controls and reflective abilities.



  • Retheran Manor is now a true transition subzone.


Tasks and Zones

(Video) Oakensoul/Empower NERFED? Upcoming 9.0.0 Patch (Elder Scrolls Online)


  • For King and Glory: Fixed a bug where Kurog would stab the air after stabbing a guy. He liked it so much that he wanted to do it again. This Kurog, such a card. Stab, stab the card.
  • Invitation to Orsinium: You'll now take this quest from your notes instead of talking to a corpse.

basic game

Allied war and PVP


  • The "Kill 20" quest board now shows "Kill 20 Arcanists".

Imperial City

  • Alliance bases in the Imperial Sewers now have a map icon showing the exit from your base to the outside world, as well as indicators that take you outside in most cases.

art and animation


  • Fixed many misplaced or invisible gadgets in the game.
  • Fixed numerous issues with interactive cameras and interactive animations during the game.


  • Fixed an issue where a character could get stuck in an inverted animation.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could get stuck during movement animations.
  • Fixed an issue where your mount would not hide after dismounting.


  • Fixed an issue where checking clothes or using a dye station while wearing a morph would not reveal the skin underneath when the morph wears off.
  • Quickly scanning various mounts in the Crown Store no longer causes visual distractions when your character crosses the ground.

crafts and economy


  • Some low-value vendor loot that scales with your character's level is no longer worth it; Now always sells for the highest value and stack, regardless of the level of the character who bought it. This will not affect items currently in your inventory, only newly dropped items. This change affects the following:
    • pancer
    • clock oscillator
    • Daedra, remember
    • dwarven gear
    • Ectoplasm
    • Elemental Essence
    • Bad hideout
    • Membrane
    • Flexible root
  • Crafting items that come with Mercenary Mail can now be collected and added to a crafting bag for ESO Plus subscribers, even if they have a full inventory.

Crown Store i Crown Chests


  • Fixed an issue where the Tel'Var Stones quests would not proceed correctly in some scenarios.


  • Most event quests are now automatically removed from the quest log after the event ends and you change zone, log out, or otherwise reload your character.
    • Note: Currently, the only exception is the Whitestrake's Mayhem opening mission.
  • A new book, "The Impresario Catalog," has been added to each Impresario Tent, which will reveal all the books in that collection if you miss a one-time event that the book belonged to. Each time a new book is added to the collection, you can return to this catalog and read it again to discover its contents.

Transformation of collectibles

  • Remake 2022 collection pieces are now hidden in the collections interface if you don't have them to avoid clutter.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Meadowbreeze Memories" skin and the "Pasion Dancer" outfit would hide when not picked up.

Whitestrakes Kaos

  • Slightly changed the location of the pins on the Predicant Maera map in the city of Daggerfall.

events and celebrations


  • Most event quests are now automatically removed from the quest log after the event ends and you change zone, log out, or otherwise reload your character.
    • Note: Currently, the only exception is the Whitestrake's Mayhem opening mission.
  • A new book, "The Impresario Catalog," has been added to each Impresario Tent, which will reveal all the books in that collection if you miss a one-time event that the book belonged to. Each time a new book is added to the collection, you can return to this catalog and read it again to discover its contents.

Transformation of collectibles

  • Remake 2022 collection pieces are now hidden in the collections interface if you don't have them to avoid clutter.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Meadowbreeze Memories" skin and the "Pasion Dancer" outfit would hide when not picked up.

Whitestrakes Kaos

  • Slightly changed the location of the pins on the Predicant Maera map in the city of Daggerfall.

research and inventories


  • Adhazabi Aba-daro has expanded her contacts and now has extra sets. If you find them in the next few months, you can discover new masks, belts, rings and necklaces that have never been on sale before.
  • Greatly increased chance of obtaining collectible fragments found in a public dungeon if this is your first fragment purchase in that dungeon of the day.
  • The preview of items when summoning a companion will no longer apply to the companion.
  • Fixed an issue where some argon chests were not highlighted by Keen Eye.
  • Collector nicknames can now be reset to the default nickname if needed.


  • Take all achievements for further clarification and standardization in one text.



  • Equipment packs are now stored in a convenient container and take up less space in your inventory until you can use them.
  • Supply Pack nomenclature has been standardized to reliably use the "Equipment Pack:" nomenclature.
  • Fixed an issue where a large amount of furniture was not subcategorized in the Seat Inventory, Crafting, and Lighting menus.


  • Domek nad jeziorem Amaya
    • I repaired one of the walls outside the house that had a hole in it.
    • Fixed an issue where the camera could get stuck in a wall.
    • Fixed an issue where one of the doors would get stuck in the wall when opening.
    • Fixed flickering support column base.
  • Blood bastion
    • Fixed doors clicking on the black box when opening and closing.
  • Exorcised witch house
    • Fixed an issue where the error message in the upper right corner when attempting to purchase this house after earning an achievement, but outside of the Witch Festival, would contain the generic message "This offer is no longer valid". This bug now correctly indicates that the house is only available during the Witch Festival event.
  • Mistbreak Lighthouse
    • Fixed an issue where the camera could get stuck on various walls and rocks.
    • Fixed an issue where some wooden beams had stretched textures.
    • Fixed a small hole in the bottom of the ship at sea.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the grass to flicker near the docks leading to the ship to Galen.
  • Humble mud
    • Fixed an issue where interacting with the main structure door would cause the structure's outer walls to be severely cut through.
  • Koronka Seaveil
    • He fixed a small part of the ground that looked like it was shimmering.


  • Fixed an issue with the placement of the druid bonfire and stones missing interaction markers and light.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Khajiit Hearth, Enchanted" outpost was set to the wrong category in the room editor (Services > Crafting Stations). Its new and correct category is Lighting > Cauldrons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Druid's Bridge, Druid's Living and Furnace, and Stone recipes where the recipe names did not match the crafting profession.
  • Fixed some issues with the following furniture having difficulty placing in the chest editor:
    • High island steps, tiled floors
    • Stairs on the Island, Great Castle
    • Note that these adjustments will not affect currently installed instances of this furniture.
  • Fixed the following furniture with incorrect icons:
    • Shrub, rarely pink
    • shrub, rare violet
  • Fixed several minor texture bugs such as B. texture stretching, clipping, holes, or discoloration affecting the following furniture:
    • Purulent coral, scarlet-orange
    • Statuette: Orc Warrior
    • Fargrave Stables, Boston
    • Druid cage, ivy
    • Goalkeeper Baz Orsinium
    • Druid bridge, life
    • Druid's Throne, Y'ffre Flower
  • Fixed some issues with the following furniture where their collision did not match their appearance, which could cause characters to float when walking on them:
    • Song of Fire Sculpture, Arch
    • Druid Platform, Protocols
    • Post Druid
    • Druidic Post, Arch
    • Druidska vrata, kamena
    • Falmer tent, conical
    • Falmer cabin, long
    • Druidski zid, kamen
    • Decorate Wandvorhang, Mauve
    • Redguard Arch, four columns
    • Resonanzkristall, Cerulean
  • Fixed a visual issue where white lines could appear on the preview background when viewing very large furniture based on the aspect ratio of the game client.



  • Fixed a rare issue where the game could get stuck loading in some cases.

Tasks and Zones


(Video) Breaking the Barriers: Inclusive Gaming and One Bar Builds

  • Fixed many sunken, cut off or misaligned objects spawning in the world.
  • Fixed numerous movement issues with Guardians, Citizens, Enemies, and Zambonis.
  • Fixed numerous typos in quest dialogs, books, etc.
  • Many problems were solved where some civilians were unwilling to respond to criminal activities in their vicinity.


  • Wizards and Fighters Guild intro quests are more consistently available in their respective locations.
  • A vacant room, initial search for housing, is more consistently available in relevant locations.
  • The Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood intro quests now require at least level 5 (and of course having that content). These missions are still available at every level in their zones (Hew's Bane, Gold Coast).


  • The Citadel Must Fall: Fixed an issue where the Reaver could not be led out of the Citadel Pyramid properly.
  • Hollow City: Fixed an issue with the location of this quest distributor when using the zone guide.


  • Skyreach Catacombs: Fixed an issue with the Ancient Chest event in Skyreach Catacombs Cragstone where killing the last skeleton would cause the event to stop.

eastern march

  • Bath Time: Fixed an issue where giving Dralof Bath Salts would cause the Active Companion or Helper to become sick.


  • Ash and Delay: Fixed a bug that could cause multiple Luzmash to spawn.

Khenarthi's Refuge

  • Storm on the Horizon: Fixed a bug where Mindsight could not escape after introducing you to Ealcil, allowing you to position yourself so you could see multiple senses at close range. The world is not ready for multiple intelligences.


  • Fixed an issue where Urrai, the boss in Bitterroot Cave, would sometimes spawn on the ceiling.


  • An abandoned house near Pariah Abbey no longer exhibits any mortal or supernatural powers, although there is evidence of its twisted nature.


  • Adamantium Gates:
    • Fixed some issues with incorrect map and compass pins at the beginning of Balfier's walkthrough.
    • Fixed an issue where portals could be healed in the Keywright Gallery.
    • If you log out during the combat tutorial, the camera will no longer lock up when you log back in.


  • Added a copy of the "Rite of the Sprout" book after the quest near each portal in the Vampire quest instance. To view this book, you must complete the Blood Matron's Descendant quest.


  • Fixed an issue where Werewolves would hold props in their hand (catch?) when gathering resources.

User Interface


  • Completing quests now has a confirmation prompt when reward currencies are limited by their limit (mostly for event tickets).
  • Fixed some monster nameplate issues in the base game.
  • Fixed an issue where UI screens were not sorting items correctly, especially in the Chinese game client.
  • Fixed an issue where HUD Speed ​​Wheels were incorrectly visible when pressing the hotkey to open them while the menu was open.
  • Fixed missing highlighted background appearing behind your name in the Kaiser Leaderboard.
  • Fixed a UI bug that could occur when switching from keyboard to gamepad mode while equipping or saving the Armory.


  • Added on-screen commentary to multiple screens and fixed some narration bugs.

The Crown Barn

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Crown Store UI to scroll to the top of the page when unlocking a collectible.

gamepad mode

  • Fixed a few cases where keyboards would not display their gamepad version correctly when the keyboard display setting was enabled.
  • The Achievements screen options menu now includes an option to combine chat achievements.
  • Fixed a UI bug that could occur when opening a champion quick menu or entering champion lane while reducing a kit.
  • Fixed an issue where you could still scroll the email sending screen when the currency selector was open.
  • Fixed an issue where the guild shop screen could still be scrolled when the price range selector was open.
  • In the deconstruct wizard options menu, the filter dropdown is now properly aligned with the rest of the menu.
  • The dividing line in the alliance history tooltip now correctly displays over the tooltip background.
  • Fixed an issue where searching in the guild shop sales register would sometimes throw you out of the search field while you were typing.
  • Fixed a bug where some broken homepage links would not show at least as a link to the homepage view.
  • Cadwell's Almanac tooltip targets now correctly appear to the right of their bullets.
  • Completed tasks that are ready to be sent now correctly display the "Tasks" header.
  • In collections and emotes, when you assign a collectible or emote to a speed wheel, the assignment shortcut will no longer appear if you don't have a location selected for the wheel.
  • Reopening the store no longer causes the previously displayed tab to flash before returning to the first tab.

game style

  • Objective markers applied to enemy players and their summons now only appear on their nameplates, not on the compass.

known issues

fight and play


  • The Displacement Rune retreat effect is currently not working as intended and will be fixed in a future PTS update.
  • Runeend's ability and its forms now have a rare chance to cause health desyncs.
  • Only 1 ally can currently use Apocryphal Gate's Gateway Interworld Transform Synergies, instead of each ally being able to use synergies (with their own individual synergy cooldown).
  • In an upcoming PTS patch, we will be adjusting the placement of Unblinking Ward visuals and its shapes to better reflect the ability's effective range and reduce visual clutter.

research and inventories


  • If you haven't pre-purchased the Necrom Chapter, you won't have the Stand Reading emote in your inventory. Please note that if you pre-purchased the chapter on your account, you should see all of the Necroma collectibles.

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