FFXIV Alchemist Leveling Guide L1 to 80 (2023)

Shadowbringer UPDATED! Alchemy level up to 80 in no time! ALC Levequest item comparisons and stat movements by level!

ALC Leveling Guide 15-35

Updated MIN and BTN leveling guides. More information...

Botanical leveling up to 90, as well asMiner leveling to 90they areUpgraded to Endwalker level. The older layers need some tweaking, though I quickly modernized what I could:I have placed the important information above in the guides mentioned.reflecting the most important things to consider.

I'll be posting a personal update soon for those who are curious...

ShB 5.3 UPDATED! Dwarf Beast Tribe and Ehll Tou

Log of recent updates

5.3 Updates

  • tribe of dwarf beastsQuests added at ShB level as a notable source of EXP.
  • Uhh youadded as a custom delivery client option.

previous updates

  • kai shiradded as custom delivery client option in ShB layer.
  • Section L70 to L80 completely renovated: New skills and rotations! 5.2ish was a groupF. Skills changed TWICE in a short period of time.Now everything is good!
  • Equipment recommendation L70+– Yellow scrip gear is now recommended for many reasons (mainly almost no stats required for level 70-80)

Useful links to open:LAC tier list

(Video) The Ultimate Crafter Leveling Guide (1-90) - FFXIV Guide

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"But Mahiko San, is that a value?"
"If you had to ask, you wouldn't know anyway"

Ixal Beast Tribe Daily Quests: Zusätzliche Crafting/DoH EXP!

In L15+, it's time to start! The main goal I insist on is:

They are valuable when leveling up crafters!

initial mission:a bad bubble
NPC and location:Scarlet feverNONew Gridania(9, 11)
MSQ requirement: search for the past

These journals are best used for beating "bad levels" or just at your highest crafting level, not 50. I suppose you could also use them for crafting classes that are lagging behind for one reason or another.

Alchemist level 15 to 20

Questgegenstand L15 ALCKlasse:Intelligence Potion, Dexterity Potion
L15 ALC lamp [L] Location:camp dry bones| Ul'dah
Discussion on L15 Alchemist Light Items:

(Video) OUTDATED - FFXIV Alchemist Leveling Guide 70 to 80 - post patch 5.45

I don't recommend using layers on this one, but if you decide...

[H] 1xAsh Wand:BUY NPC RUG! (GFB of the residential area)
[H] 1x Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire:NO.
[C] 3 EvilPotion of Vitality:You can also.
[RC] 3xpower potion:You can also.
[L] 3x Mind Potion:BUY NPC RUG!
[L] 1x Hartleder Grimoire:BUY NPC RUG!

As with any level 15, there are only 2 options:

The Messenger <-> Reverse Messenger cycle:This can be a bit painful due to the odd carpeting. (IE, Lavender, Goobue Fang, Yellow Yarzon Leg, White Scorpion). If you can find these 4 cheap rugs, grab them.

Or preferably just:will probably beAsh Wand(But seriously, the savings are minimal and do what you want.) Ash Wand is a unique craft that feels good to the touch (unlike HL Grimoire where you make the ink). Take the growth formulas and buy the branches, then just grow them > ship them by age 20.

Alchemist level 20 to 25

L20 ALCClass-Questgegenstand:Engraved Hardhide Grimoire (Improved Materia)
Location of the L20 ALC light [L]:Quarry |Ul'dah
L20 ALCLeves Article Discussion:

[H][R] 5x(15)intelligence potion:BUY NPC RUG!
[H] 1xBudding ash stick:Precursor. NO.
[C] 3 Evilenchanted silver ink:Check material prices...
[L][D] 5(15)xskill potion:BUY NPC RUG!
[L] 3 weak sweat drinks: No,because the next one has...
[L] 3 Weak Blinding Potions:BUY NPC RUG!

L20 signals the death of[RC] and the reception of[R]. sorry i know

triple:Both triples are damn cheap, cheap.skill potionIt's a little cheaper and you need 1 item less. They can be purchased from the LAC supplier.

Post:Hmm, both materials can't be bought... that's a lot of EXP and FAST (if you're lazy). Check prices before committing.

(Video) FFXIV: Crafting Leveling 1-90 CHEAP & QUICKLY - Endwalker 6.0

Lieder:Discard all magic wand ideas. To avoid problems with yourself,Weak Blinding Potionhas all purchasable (but scattered) NPC mats.

all final,I just equipped and did the threes. MANUAL CREATING generates a lot of experience at this early point in your career, along with cheap rugs...why not?

Leaving level L20 is the equivalent of starting wildcards in terms of DoH leveling. Welcome to the "real part".

Alchemist level 25 to 30

L25 ALCClass-Questgegenstand:(HQ) Natron
L25 ALC lamp [L] Location:Quarry |Ul'dah
L25 ALCLMild Discussion of the items:

[H][D] 3(9)xGoatskin magic book:Hi potion better.
[H] 3xCrab oil:Buy them or create them, it will be better than other singles.
[C] 1xclear glass lens:Volatile prices but worth a visit.
[L][D] 5(15)xhello potion:CHEAP.
[L] 1xEngraved goatskin grimoire:Precursor.
[L] 1xWhispering Ashstick:Precursor.

Post:Whether baking soda and silex are cheap or the real headquartersclear glass lensOutside of MB (which is not uncommon), just send email at that level!

Lieder:Don't even think about the spell book or the wand -Crab oilthat's where it is at this level. You will almost always win in all aspects (price, simplicity, location...).

triple:hello potionagainst goatskin grimoire... haha. Surely the potion is cheaper.

Well, this cloak is pretty simple, isn't it? Every easy guy has an obvious choice. It's basically Heaven's Valor vs Hell's Nolue. I would definitely recommend itCORREOwhen anything is possible

Alchemist level 30 to 35

L30 ALCClass-Questgegenstand:(HC) 3x Weak Blinding Potion
L30 ALC Mirror [R]Location:Sunshine Coast |Ul'dah
L30 ALCLeves Article Discussion:

(Video) OUTDATED - FFXIV Alchemist Leveling Guide 1 to 16 - post patch 5.45

[H][D] 5(15)xHornkleber: Probably nottan barato como gamma of growth.
[H] 3x Mental Hy Potion:Depends if you can find cheap rugs...
[C]Strong potion 3x:2/3 of the NPC! All you need is: Gil Bun.
[L][R] 3(9)xGamma Growth Formula:Probably the best triple. (Purchasable NPC~)
[L] 3x Hi Potion of Dexterity:It depends if you can find cheap carpets.
[UE]3x Enchanted Mithril Ink:This is most likely VERY CHEAP.

Well, this is the last level where the post is "fast".Hello Potion of StrengthIt's very valuable, I mean you can get Blue Yarzon Leg and Rock Salt from NPCs. Just look at Gil Bun. abuse before you lose it.

triple:Gamma Growth FormulaIt has 100% purchasable NPC mats if you've unlocked the goblin trader (but they should be cheap with the MB anyway). Horn glue...man...ultimately the price is very unstable. I've marked the gamma as the triple of choice for consistency. Also, GFG is easier for HQ and less time consuming (9v15).

Lieder:Hi Potion of Mind has weird carpets. Hi-Potion of Dexterity has cheap playmats in general too, but then again,Enchanted Mithril Inkthere is always something cheaper. Only if you're having a hard time HQing will potions be an option.

ALC Leveling Guide - Navigation: [0-15]|[15-35]|[35-50]

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