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Botanical leveling up to 90, like thisLevel miner to 90Sohnupgraded to Endwalker level. The older levels need some tweaking, though I quickly modernized what I could:I've placed the important notes at the top of the above guides.with the most important things to consider.

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Well, if you're playing a Final Fantasy game, you're bound to get a chocobo at some point, right? Well, if you're here, you're on your way to a feathered friend. In ourFFXIV Guia Chocobos, you will mainly learn a few things about themHow to Unlock and Catch Your Chocobo (Mount), and how to get yoursBattle Companion Chocobo.

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How to unlock the chocobo mount

Everything starts here! This quest starts pretty much everything that focuses on the chocobo.

the quest is"My Little Chocobo", the location depends on the Great Company you are in. is always in yours¡ Sede de la CG!

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This is Limsa for Maelstrom, Gridania for Twin Adder, and Ul'dah for Immortal Flames.

My Little Chocobo Requirements:

  • You must be at leastlevel 20
  • You must be part of agood company
  • You should have completed the level 20 mission.Held in Formation'. (Pretty irrelevant as this quest entitles you to enter a GC.)

Complete the quest "My Little Chocobo".

After swearing allegiance to the chosen Great Company, speak with yoursCommander of the large companyto get the search

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Today you only need200 company stampsto buy oneChocobo question.

How to farm GC stamps?

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The fastest way to earn stamps isGreat corporate levels, it only takes a few to earn 1,000 stamps if you max out the bonuses. Enterprise level locations (close to this level) are as follows:

  • Moraby dry docksem Untere La Noscea parader Whirlpool
  • Hawthorne Cottageon the shroud tooThe Order of the Twin Vipers
  • dry bone stockin East Thanalan toothe immortal flames

DETERMINATIONThey're a great way to increase stamps and EXP! Never miss a GOAL!

Once you've started crafting, you can also submit crafted items to earn stampsdelivery missions.

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VerHow many stamps do you have?, click on your currency indicator and your stamps will appear.

After getting 200 stamps, buy oneEmission from chocobosfrom youQuartermaster of the Grand Company.

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present theEmission from chocobosin the directionStable masterNOChocobo barnis in the city of your allegiance and gain aChocobo Whistle.

(Video) FFXIV: Chocobo Companion Basics [Unlocking | LvLing | Stables]

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FFXIV Chocobos Guide | Unlock Battle Pet and Mount - FFXIV Guild (7)

NameYour new chocobo, and there you have it!

FFXIV Chocobos Guide | Unlock Battle Pet and Mount - FFXIV Guild (8)

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your own chocobo!

The chocobo mount is probably one of the first mounts most players get. You can access these and other assemblies throughCharacter > assembly instructionsMenu where you can place your mount on your hotbar for easy access.

Come on, come on

Customize your chocobo's appearance with the armor system!
Character > Comparison > Appearance tab.

How do I unlock the chocobo fight?

While riding your chocobo is one thing, fighting alongside your feathered companion is certainly another! Not all new players know this, but it's there! Formally, the system is called "Battle Chocobo"."Partner"System.

The search for unlocking the additional system is called up
"My Little Fighting Chocobo", located in
Scream,Southern Shroud - Tranquil camp(17,28).

Requisiten von My Feisty Little Chocobo

  • You must be at leastlevel 30
  • You must have graduated"My Little Chocobo"(To assemble the chocobo)

Mission Completion Notes

Where do you buy Gysahl Greens?? In order to complete the quest AND use your chocobo in battle, you must use it. Here's a simple example of where to buy them.

  • scream out:small house– Fornecedor Aetheryte Plaza NW
  • Limsa Romania:Campingwand– Vendors only, not Aetheryte Plaza
  • Alt:Roar– Seller Aetheryte Plaza SE, Ruby Road Exchange

Basically these "simple vendor NPCs" are selling them and pretty much every major quest hub going forward.

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FFXIV Chocobos Guide | Unlock Battle Pet and Mount - FFXIV Guild (9)

Battle Chocobo Companion FAQ

IfraiseYour chocobo, or whateverStreitwith a chocobo?

  • use onegreen gysahlto summon your chocobo. They are in your inventory and can be placed on a hotkey.
  • You can command your chocobo to take on different roles in the party (free stance, attacker, defender, and healer) using special commands accessible in theActions and Propertiesscreen, clickCompanion.
  • Combat chocobos last for a period determined by the Gyashl Green consumed until they fall in combat or retreat.

In the past, Chocobo's companions were full of nonsense. They can't stand in line and they're taking up a party room! As well as other minor annoyances which luckily they fixed!

Can a Chocobo gain EXP and Abilities?what is hethe best way to level themAbove?

Yes, they gain EXP and skills. Discussion of them is below.Best EXP for chocobos?I can honestly list all the possibilities in terms of "value" from my point of view.

  • Weekly Challenge Logs- The two "Bosom Buddy" tickets are the best way to get EXP for your chocobo fight.
  • daily training- I'm too lazy for this, but any FC with a chocobo stable can use this feature. I guess you get 1% of your level from this? would you like to come in It's been a while since I've done this.
  • kill mobs- Please don't just do this to level up your chocobo. Just remember to keep it summoned while in the outside world (on FATE, etc.). Again, it's madness if you're just grinding for Chocobo EXP. IT'S SUPER SLOW.

Come on, come on

Chocobo Fighting FAQ: Better Abilities?

Well, this question had to come. Chocobo skills are difficult to acquire throughout the game as they level up very slowly. This makes Chocobo SP (probably skill points) quite valuable. If I had to give you onerough guideline:

Healer (partial) > DPS (partial) > Tank (partial)

Why this priority? Healer is useful for almost every class., tanks and more DPS. The working hours are SUPER remarkable. It might allow you to solo content you couldn't have before.

DPS is of course "as basic as possible" as any additional DPS is welcome. However, that's nowhere near the potential benefit of a healing chocobo. A tiny fraction faster with chocobo DPS is far worse than "making possible what was previously impossible," which is the upper limit for a chocobo healer.

mainly investHealer and DPS Chocobo Abilitiesus!

The tank is almost completely unusable.in its current condition. It's a useless version of DPS. I'm just going through this tree for the stats. Try it if you don't believe me. Or maybe you test it for the sake of research. Every time I went back and did that, the tree in the tank stank like hell. Basically, they can't take/hold aggro for the rest of their lives!

(Video) Chocobo Appearance - Outfit and Color Guide

I may post my own custom ability request here in the future, but honestly...is it necessary...?

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Chocobo flight quest? (interlude)

In the past, you needed a quest to unlock the flight feature on your GC-issued chocobo. Well I don't think that's the case.

The quest has been removed from the game and I'm sure they will give you the chocobo flying GC if you can fly every mount on the map you are on.

This is typically unlocked for Realm Reborn Tier A content on the L50 MSQ and for each expansion and map upon attunement to its respective "Aetherstream" system.

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Summary and conclusion

Well, that's about Chocobos in FFXIV. Good luck leveling, coloring and dressing up! If you think we should add or correct something here, please let us know!

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