FFXIV Island Sanctuary level guide: How to level up quickly (2023)

Sanctuary on the island ofFinal Fantasy XIVcan be described as a simple and relaxing way to connect with someStardew Valley- similar activities. The island may be just that, but on the other hand it has systems you can master to optimize your progress and of course your winnings! This Island Sanctuary level guide will focus on the latter so you can quickly level up your rank.

While Island Sanctuary is designed to encourage players to progress more slowly, there is a list of best practices you can focus on if you want to level up your island quickly. It's not just about crossing things off your daily to-do list in Island Sanctuary, it's about using your base's ability to speed up the process. The higher your island's rank, the greater the list of items you have access to and the more new features that improve the quality of life on your island.

To organize this list, we took into account not only the amount of experience you'll get from the activity, but also how much effort you'll have to put into it. Since patch 6.2 brought a lot of new content, it's also important to save some energy to start a new raid or PvP queue. Please note that this guide assumes you know the basics of island paradise - if you need general help check out ourFFXIV Island Sanctuary Guide and Tips!

How progression works in Island Sanctuary

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In Island Sanctuary, important features like better items and tools determine the materials and animals you can collect. And access to these amenities and tools is based on your sanctuary rank, which represents your island's progress.

In order to level up, you have to participate in activities on the island, such as missions, farming materials, crafting and other things. Everything you do earns you Island XP, albeit to varying degrees. While you can use some of the island's features early on, such as buying items with Sailor's Kauri (the island's main currency), you can only make full use of the Island's Sanctuary if you level up your Sanctuary. This will unlock new features, crafting recipes, etc. - and most importantly, sailor's Cowries will be earned faster.

First, let's start by listing some of the tools and features available with each rank.

Sanctuary-RangA new feature you have access to


Pleasant cabin I
Stonecutter of the Island Guardian
2Agricultural Land I
Weid I
Stronghold on Stone Hammer Island
An improvised network
3Workshop I
4Pleasant House II
Agricultural land II
Weide II
Browsing features
A boiling bath
Spade of the island guard
6Workshop II
Granary II
Improvised constraint
The island guard's copper hair
7Pleasant House III
Agricultural land III
Willow III
Bronze performance by Islekeep
8Workshop III
Granary III
An improvised sleeping pill
The bronze-beaked ax of the Island Guardian
9A new landmark
10Fly with your mounts

Now that you have an idea of ​​what downgrading can bring, the next step is figuring out how to speed up the process.

How to quickly level up and level up in Island Sanctuary

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If you go through the main guide, you'll learn how to do this and earn enough Island XP to reach Sanctuary Rank 3. You will also receive a neat piece of Sailor Cowrie. But after that, you're on your own. What are you doing? Well, when trying to rank up a sanctuary, you'll end up doing two types of activities.

First, completing visions (quests), crafting items in the workshop, and building objects give a significant amount of island XP and require less grinding. The downside is that most of them take hours to complete in real time. For example, a landmark can take half a day to complete, while a real-time workshop takes about three hours. And you have to wait all day for a full crafting cycle.

Secondly, you can engage in activities that are not limited in time, so you can do them whenever you want. However, these activities are much less effective in terms of gaining experience points than those we mentioned at the beginning. You can gather materials, craft items/tools or capture animals, but doing so will give you a small amount of Island XP.

The secret to making faster progress is knowing when to focus on each type of activity. They all have their advantages. So if you combine them at the right moment, you can easily move up the ranks. Complete the highest priority activities first, then the lower priority ones as you wait for the next building to be built or need very little experience to level up!

Top priority for leveling Island Sanctuary

Full visions

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It's pretty basic, but absolutely necessary. In your first few hours on the island, you may feel the urge to explore everything, explore every corner of a new area, or spend hours gathering materials. While it can be fun, you should focus on completing the vision as soon as possible. Not only will it bring you a lot of experience, but visions will also unlock important features such as the workshop, pasture and farmland.

Build each object after unlocking it

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In Island Sanctuary, facilities are not just pretty buildings that are built to decorate an area. Each has a feature that can help you progress. For example, in the workshop, deploy your workers to create ships (which are automatically sold for Sea Cowries and also give a lot of Island XP).

In addition, the content gives you a lot of experience points. For example, building a granary will give you 1980 island xp, and building a workshop will give you 1425 island xp. It is important to collect the necessary materials as soon as possible to start building the buildings, as it takes several hours to complete. And don't forget to upgrade your homebase to build these facilitiesrequired by Seafarer's Cowries- Keep them as long as possible and spend them on expanding your base.

Let your workshop work, plants sown and animals fed

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After unlocking the workshop, farmland and pastures, you can take up crafting, grow vegetables and take care of animals from which you can collect certain items. Simply harvesting your crops and harvesting materials from animals when they are ready will earn you some Island XP.

In addition, these materials are also used to make handicrafts in your workshop. While the amount of island XP may not be large at first and depends on the real-time hours elapsed, regular workshop scheduling will add up over time. You end up with a total of three workshops, tripling your production potential and earning Island XP - a full day's crafting with three workshops can net you around 5,000 Island XP per day.

Gather only the necessary materials

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This tip is important so you don't waste time when you need to do the three things above. Try to collect only as much materials as you need to complete an object, plant crops or fulfill a vision. Otherwise, it will take you longer than necessary.

This is especially true if you are deeply involved in workshop and manual work. A tip for successful harvesting is to plan your workshop layout, then use the material allocation menu in the Islekeep Index to keep track of what materials you need and how much you need to collect before crafting begins.

Lower priority for leveling up the island shrine

Craft items and catch animals

Each time you craft an item or catch an animal, you will gain a small amount of experience. While you don't have to wait for hours in real time, these two activities are limited by the amount of harvested materials and free space in the pasture. It is difficult to recommend the consistent use of this method. However, it's a good way to get a few Island XP pieces that can speed up the whole process, especially if you just need some to get to the next Sanctuary Rank.

Sand according to the materials

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This is probably the best way to earn Island XP when you don't have any visions to pursue and you're in between the construction and crafting phases. If you have a few minutes you can easily earn around 1000 islands of EXP depending on the grinding route you choose.

Since each collecting node spawns after collecting 10 nodes after it, you need to find a place where the nodes are close to each other and then quickly move through them. However, it's important to understand that trying to advance just by researching is not very effective and is a very tiring method for many. But to help you with that, we have two suggestions where you can get Island EXP.

The best grind routes in Island Sanctuary

When it comes to gathering materials to gain XP on the island, there are two routes that are great for gaining EXP in a short amount of time. The first is inOststromwhere you will find manyI greet them/sand on the islandnodes close together with someoneInselrebe,island protocol/island branch, Istone island/Inselkalksteinnodes around them. This route can be completed in about a minute, yielding 1000 Island XP for every ten minutes of grinding.

Another option would come inNordstrom. On this route you will find mostly the same materials as on the previous one, but withInselpalmenstamm/Inselpalmenblattknot and onesand on the island/Tinsand IslandNode. Because some hubs in this area are closer together than on the first route, you'll cover the entire route in less than a minute. Just keep your Isle Sprint at all times.

If you want to grow the supplies you need, just try setting up a quick route to get the most out of your grinding session. If you need help with that, we already have a handful of must-have material guides with the locations of each Gathering Node.

  • Cotton seeds from the island: how to find cotton plants
  • Island Stone: Where to collect stones on your island
  • Vines on the Island: Where to find vines on your island
  • Island Copper: Where to collect copper on your island
  • Island Rock Salt: Where to mine rock salt on your island
  • Island hemp: how to find agave plants

Here's how to rank up your sanctuary faster! Please note that despite these methods, Island Sanctuary is intended to discourage players from rushing through content. Take your time and enjoy your island!


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