FFXIV Leveling Guide: Learn how to level up your characters fast (2023)

FFX IVis one of those games that everyone knows and no one goes unnoticed. From its release on September 30th, 2010 until today, FF14 has been a pleasant surprise for all lovers of this franchise and for all those who are looking for a great MMORPG. Today, FF14 remains a classic and immortal game, growing every day, delighting millions of fans of the series and creating a great community.

Like all games in the Final Fantasy seriesFinal Fantasy XIV: A Kingdom Rebornhas its own level system that cannot be repeated in other games and is based on experience points earned in main missions, side missions and other missions.

Leveling up in FF14 is not an easy task, neither is it difficult, but it does require dedication and brains, which means a lot of effort and, why not say, love for the game. Most people tend to quit the game not because FFXIV is a bad game, just becauseFinal Fantasy XIV is a great adventure, with many things to do and it can be overwhelming for many people. The highest level you can reach in FF14 depends on what part of the game you are playing. For those of you thinking of starting this game, we've written this excellent leveling guide that will walk you through everything you need to know step by step, which we think will be very useful for even the most adventurous gamer . Let's go there!


Final Fantasy XIV Level Up for Beginners

FFXIV main scenario missions


Sastasha not west of La Noscea

Brayflox Longstop not east of La Noscea

FF14 profession classes and missions

Leveling Guide for FF14 Classes and Jobs

class missions

How to get a new job in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy 14 Challenge Log

(Video) FFXIV: 1 - 80 Leveling Guide in 5 minutes (For Alts and Main Jobs/Classes)

FFXIV Service Locator

Final Fantasy XIV-Nebenquests

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Fantasy XIV Level Up for Beginners

Just get started, new players can feel it.Last Fantasy XIVIt's a huge game with hundreds of choices, and you can't go wrong. From the beginning of the game you have to make many decisions, for example what is yoursrun, what is your class, what is your character and in which city will your journey begin?

levelingit also depends on the choices you make in your adventurer. You can choose to continue at any timeFFXIV main scenario missions, only complete the essential missions to advance in the story. On this path you will always be on the verge of life or death and your level will be enough to complete the missions but with difficulty.

We recommend that you try to be several levels above the level of FF14's main scenario quests. This way you will have more and more chances to win battles, tests, tasks and all possible scenarios.

With that in mind, FFXIV offers multiple ways to level up your character while also getting a rare piece of gear, unique items, gear, and tons of Gil, GrandCompany stampAnd other things. Now let's mention the best ways to level up your character in FFXIV as soon as possible.

FFXIV main scenario missions

FFXIV Leveling Guide: Learn how to level up your characters fast (1)

Earn experience points inMain Story MissionsIt's the most common activity and so far there's nothing out of the ordinary about it; and not the most efficient, we must say. Anyway, the level system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is so well thought out that if you follow the path of FF14 MSQ you won't face any surprises and you can end the game calmly but without much pleasure. a lot of. 🇧🇷

To identify the quest on the main stage, simply look for the sun icon, the one pictured above.

The more you progress, the more experience points you get from the quests on the main stage, some more than others. An example of this type of search are dungeons.


Dungeons are special quests in FFXIV MSQ that offer multiple benefits, but are not exclusive to this scenario. Many dungeons are optional, but many others are essential to progressing in the story and understanding what the implications are for the main plot. Some dungeons are short while others are quite long.

To unlock the dungeon system you need to complete the level 15 questThey are probably pirates.', which is available on the upper decks of the Limsa Lominsa. You must speak to Baderon to access this quest. Baderon is an NPC who owns the Drowning Harlot. Baderon is really concerned about a certain situation. A ship has anchored just off the coast of Aleport in western La Noscea, and a group of men who appear very dangerous have surfaced on the Sastasha Seagrot. Your mission is to investigate this situation.

In the dungeons you have to move from one area to another, complete some small tasks such as: B. Opening doors, carrying something from one place to another, meeting creatures that spawn other creatures at high speeds, or killing a boss in the company of three. random warriors. These goals can often be easily achieved by playing the game normally, but sometimes you need higher skills to complete areas.

(Video) Leveling Guide 1-80 | By Someone Who MAXED ALL in ~1 Month

Gaining experience in dungeons is easier than other missions, so it is recommended that you take them into account.

Sastasha not west of La Noscea

FFXIV Leveling Guide: Learn how to level up your characters fast (2)

Baderon will send you to speak with V'mellpa at the ferry docks on the lower deck. V'mellpa will recommend that you visit the Novice Hall in Aleport before investigating the situation in Sastasha. Once there, chat with the seasoned adventurer. When you finish your visit to the Hall of Novices, head north and talk to the yellow cloak at Sastasha's door. According to the Yellowcloak, the pirates are using the cave for nefarious operations. They are somewhere in the dungeon.

You may have to queue to get into Sastasha, but that's pretty common when you're trying to be part of a light party. In the level 15 Sastasha dungeon you will find a pirate hideout. Sastasha's goals are:

  • Pick up the coral trigger and activate it,
  • Open the hidden door
  • Discover the pirate captain
  • Get Waverider Gate Key,
  • Besiege Deen u Orcatoothed.

Killing the creatures you find in this dungeon will help you gain decent experience, level up your character, and get special gear. Also, leveling up in Final Fantasy dungeons is fast, plus you have the help of three companions (the party consists of a tank, a healer, and two DPS), so the quest is easy. Completing this dungeon takes about 20 minutes.

Brayflox Longstop not east of La Noscea

FFXIV Leveling Guide: Learn how to level up your characters fast (3)

From level 30 you have access to several dungeons, some of which are part of the MSQ and others are optional. When it comes to dungeons, Brayflox's Longstop is one that can give you the most experience.It is located in the east of La Noscea. To unlock this shrine you must complete the quest What We Do for Cheese. The objectives of this dungeon are:

  1. Hit a Longstop ally.
  2. Acceda a Brayflox Runstop.
  3. Access to the Mudstop Gargoyle.
  4. Run to the heart of Longstop.

These are just two examples of dungeons, but we hope you realize that dungeons are a great way to level up your character quickly while earning rare gear.

Finally,deep dungeonsThey are a rare type of dungeons that are locked at the beginning of the game, where you can kill some mobs, grind and get a good amount of experience points faster than in low-level dungeons.The Palace of the Dead(Level 1 - Level 60) andsky above(Level 61 - Level 70) are the two deep dungeons that exist in FFXIV. In these dungeons, the map is constantly changing, which is interesting from a certain point of view. Rather, it's better because you have the opportunity to face multiple enemies and gain double experience.

Depending on the order of the stages, you will face different enemies and get different rewards. Deep Dungeons were introduced and are only available in the Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers expansions. The really deep dungeons are worth it!

FF14 profession classes and missions

FFXIV Leveling Guide: Learn how to level up your characters fast (4)

Yes, lessonsjobsHe's back in this amazing MMO, although there seems to be some confusion between what is a class and what is a job.Final Fantasy XIV: A Kingdom Reborn🇧🇷 Ultimately, the lesson is the starting point, the zero point from which you acquire all your basic skills. Profession is the specialization of this base class. The works are the normal development of the middle class. Every 5 levels of the job, you will learn a new skill related to the job. These skills are a reward for completing a specific job mission. Class quests and job quests earn you a large amount of XP for that class or job.

Leveling Guide for FF14 Classes and Jobs

First of all, you need to know in which cities the guilds are located. Second, how to unlock the job, because for that you have to meet certain requirements.

Ul'dah🇧🇷 In this magnificent desert city you will find the Gladiators Guild, Boxers Guild, Goldsmiths Guild, Miners Guild, Weavers Guild, Alchemists Guild and Wizards Guild.

(Video) FFXIV - Leveling 1-50 in Under Eight Hours

Limsa Lominsa🇧🇷 In this city in the middle of the wild sea you will find the Arcanists Guild, Blacksmiths Guild, Shipowners Guild, Cookers Guild, Fishermen Guild, Marauders Guild and Vampire Guild.

scream out🇧🇷 In this town you will find the Spearmen Guild, the Summoners Guild, the Archers Guild, the Carpenters Guild, the Botanists Guild and the Leatherworkers Guild.

The decision to join a guild at the beginning of Final Fantasy XIV depends entirely on the city you chose before starting the game. No matter what you choose, the guild you choose will determine your first steps in Final Fantasy XIV. From the first time you have access to one of the specific classes, but later in the game you can switch classes whenever you want . In the extensions ofFinal Fantasy XIV: A Kingdom Reborn, you will find some new classes. For example, in HeavenSward, the first expansion for FF14, you'll find the new Dark Knight class.

class missions

FFXIV Leveling Guide: Learn how to level up your characters fast (5)

Basically every guild offers a quest every five levels. In the case of Earth or War disciplines, level 30 is the level cap. In the case of Earth Disciplines and Hand Disciplines, the maximum level is 80. Each of these quests rewards you with special equipment and a large amount of experience points that depend on the level of the quest.

For example, let's look at a favorite.Klassen in Final Fantasy XIV: A Kingdom Reborn; class gladiators. The Gladiator class quests are:




experience points



  • worn short sword


My first gladius


  • none


Kicking the Hornest's Nest


  • Bronze bastard sword


ul'dah most searched


  • Macuahuiti-Asche
  • Bronze Hoplon


That familiar feeling


  • Bronze bastard sword
  • Weapon Skill: Shield Praise


One car to the ground


  • carnage sword
  • Iron Lantern Sign


on holy ground


  • an iron shovel
  • iron shield




  • Sci-Fi Macuahuitl
  • visit hoplon
  • Skill: Shield Sweep


How to get a new job in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Leveling Guide: Learn how to level up your characters fast (6)

Speaking of jobs, acquiring a new one in FF14 is a task that may go unnoticed by most players. Even for us, when some of our team members played FF14 for the first time, they didn't know that if they meet some special requirements, they could get a new job.

To unlock a new job, you need two things: a level 30 base class, a level 15 secondary class, and completing a level 30 base class quest to get a Soul Crystal. Now let's look at which classes exactly you need to get these new skills.


Base Class (Level 30)

Extra Class (Level 15)



Summoners / Merodeans



Lancero / Merodeador



Gladiator / Pugilist



Looters / Pugilists







Black magician

miracle worker

Archer / Arcanist



Wizard / Archer

White wizard


Arcanista / Miracle Worker



Summon / Thaumaturge

Remember, the idea is that you complete the level 20 quest that corresponds to the base class and then complete the quest that unlocked the job to get the soul crystal. Jobs, like classes, have their own quest every 5 levels, from level 30 to 80.

Final Fantasy 14 Challenge Log

The Challenge Log acts as a list of various challenges that you can complete to earn additional bonuses in the form of EXP on top of the regular experience points and gil. The log challenge has multiple categories and each category has its own set of challenges. The list of challenges resets every week, so you can focus on one of the categories and try to complete the challenges in that category to get the experience bonus that corresponds to that class or job. In short, the challenge protocol requires you to complete a certain number of challenges per week. Some categories you can find in the Challenges registry are:




Complete 3 Dungeons and/or Alliance Raids through Duty Roulette. You gain an additional 15% EXP of your current level. Gil Reward: 1000.


Complete 3 guilds. You gain 5% of your current level's experience. Gil Reward: 1000.


Participate in 10 matches in Wolves Den. You will receive 1000 wolf marks.


Complete 10 FATEs. You gain 15% additional experience from your current level.


Complete 5 level missions. You gain 15% additional experience at the current level.

hand disciplines

Successfully craft 30 items. You get 30% of the current level.

disciplines of the earth

Successfully collect 100 items of comparable level. You gain 5% of the experience at the current level.

treasure hunt

Collect 3 weather dependent cards. You will receive 1000 Gil.


Successfully complete 5 Beast Tribes daily quests. You earn 1000 gil.

large companies

Complete 10 supply and supply missions. You will receive 1000 GC Stamps.

Advance payment

have oneAdvance paymentSuccessfully complete 10 engagements. You will receive 1000 Gil.


Defeat 20 enemies with your friend. You get 5% of Companion experience.

praise players

Vote 5 times. You gain 10% experience at your current level.

golden saucer

Successfully complete 3 mini-games. You will get 1000 MGP.

wonderful exams

Result 4 wonderful tests. You will receive 2,000 gil.

custom deliveries

Successfully complete 6 Custom Deliveries. You will receive 1000 Gil.


Defeat 30 Lightning or Ice enemies. You will receive 1000 elemental experience points.

General conclusion

Successfully complete 5 challenges. You will receive 10,000 gil.

Challenge recordhas a variety of challenges available, but you can find others that will help you earn extra experience points for your characters. The Challenge Log is a great and easy way to level up quickly without paying much attention to what you're doing.

FFXIV Service Locator

The truth is that Duty Finder is perhaps one of FFXIV's most revolutionary features. "There?" You may be wondering. Because thanks to Duty Finder, you can access all completed missions in the game as often as you like and gain a lot of experience in the process. It can be a bit slow, but it's stable and secure. Leveling has never been so easy!

In Duty Finder you will find 7 types of missions. Most of them are easy party missions where you have to complete the goal with other users on the same server. The missions you can find in Duty Finder are:

(Video) HOW TO LEVEL UP ALT JOBS IN FFXIV! Combat Class Leveling Guide for New Players - Final Fantasy 14




Many dungeons are part of the main scenario quest and give a lot of experience. In Duty Finder you can access any dungeon that you have already completed.


Basically, in raids you need to defeat a lot of enemies to get extra experience points. In raids you go through several rooms accompanied by three other users.


Trials are similar to Raids, but differ in one respect. In Trials you only have to defeat one monster, a very powerful monster in the company of other friends.


You can only access Guildhests through the Duty Finder. Guildhests are specially designed for group play. Guilds are very similar to the previous ones, fighting powerful bosses or trying to branch out enemy strongholds.


Player vs Player is one of the most chaotic game systems in FFXIV. As the name suggests, in PvP you have to fight against other players in a small arena. Goals in this system change based on preferences.

novice hall

At level 15 you will have access to the Novices' Hall, a training course in a training room where you will have to face different enemies to improve your skills.

various tasks

Some are special missions with constantly changing objectives and never repeating themselves. Some examples of different quests are Aquapolis, Eureka, and The Palace of the Dead.

To unlock the Duty Finder you must complete your first level quest. For such purposes, you must speak to a LightQuest NPC. After getting your reward, the Duty Finder will be unlocked for you to use wherever you want. And don't forget that in order to gain access to quests, you must first successfully complete the given quest. In addition, there is another way to access the homework and it is throughMandatory Roulette, a special menu where you can add some random features.

Final Fantasy XIV-Nebenquests

FFXIV Leveling Guide: Learn how to level up your characters fast (7)

Side missions are specifically designed to level up. Along with expanding the story, introducing new characters, and exploring the story fully, these quests are one of the best ways to get a lot of extra experience points. There are hundreds and hundreds of optional quests in every corner of Eorzea, each with varying difficulty. Most of the rewards you find as a result of side quests are a good amount of gil.

Maybe you can and are about to complete the game without having to do any side quests. The side quests are not essential, but they are very important for learning some special skills, such as:affairMerger,Dissynthese, and another.

You can find side quests at all levels, but generally the ones at level 5, level 10, level 20, level 25... give you more experience and great rewards. Some of the more important additional missions that you must complete are as follows:




Where's the heart (fog)


Completing this quest will give you access to the Chalice.

simply the best


Unlock the guilds.

up to the challenge


You have access to the challenge log.

paint your world


You have access to the coloring system.

A poorly thought out company


Unlock Minion Services.

My little chocobo


Unlock the Chocobomount.

Mix too much matter


Unlocks the Advanced Materia Fusion skill

no more puppy


You have access to the player vs. player system.

defy new depths


You now have access to the Sunken Temple of Qarn dungeon.



Unlocks the Beast Tribe Goblin Quests.

let's go get gold


Unlocks the dungeon Aurum Vale.

tools around


Unlock master crafting tomes, gear, tools and items Talan Sell for unlocked DoH/DoL classes

As we mentioned earlier, there are hundreds upon hundreds of side quests, some more important than others. Your mindset should be to only do what is necessary. In one sentence, just make sure you're doing the essentials. Finally, one of the most recommended aspects is that you try to complete as much as possible.

FF14 other options for leveling

If you've already started this game, you know that's not all; there is so much more than all of the above,Hunting Register, Guildhest smisearch levelsare great ways to gain experience. You can access it from the access bar. Using the hunt log will give you information on what creatures to hunt for good rewards and XP, lower level creatures and higher level creatures. Logs and levels are generally good sources of experience per minute.Grind,meeting, With quicklyAgriculture, on the other hand, gives you a good amount of XP for each of your DoL classes. It's something to consider.Joining a pre-formed Free Company is also a great way to gain experience, but it's not that easy and will require some extra effort.

Conclusions of FF14 Leveling Guide

We have come to the end of this article. We hope we did our best to help you reach the highest level and be on your way to the endgame and of course you had fun. east FFxiv Leveling GuideWhat we are sharing with you is just a first glimpse into a vast world of possibilities. If that was too overwhelming, you can split it up.

Final Fantasy XIV has one of the most incredible worlds out thereSquare Enixnever created Eorzea is a continent full of mysteries, dangers, treasures, monsters, beasts, nice people, unbelievable battles, and to face it all you absolutely must become the strongest warrior of the kingdom. That's why we wrote this leveling guide to show you the best way to get to your desired level quickly. That's very good!

But if you want to know what's new, you can also read the additional information that we have published for you on our website, especially our relevant information.final fantasy guide,tips &evaluationswith new content to prepare you for battle. Browse and search our pages. Click on the links below if you are interested in readingffxiv furnituremiFFXIV How to make Gil.

Also, we will be uploading new guides soon to improve your gaming experience. Be careful! In fact, you can follow us on our social media channels. And feel free to leave a comment in the box below. let us know what you think We are waiting for your words. Finally, if you're looking for products to buy, we've got oneFinal Fantasy XIV Gilthe best price. This is more of a memory than anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to level up in FF14?

Trick question because it depends on the level you focus on or what kind of missions you complete according to your criteria. Reaching level 50 will likely require 50 hours of gameplay. You can reach the remaining levels in less than ten hours.

Is PotD the best way to level up in FFXIV?

The Palace of the Dead offers a nice buff and is a great way to level up your character with every turn you play. In fact, all dungeons, regular and special, are great quests to get a lot of experience points. PotD rewards with awesome gear and tons of XP.

How long does it take to reach level 70 in FFXIV?

As mentioned above, it depends on the quests you complete or if you are distracted by other things in FFXIV. If you only focus on the main stage quest, you will probably reach level 70 in 70 hours. But to reach this level you need to play the Stormblood expansion released in 2017.

(Video) The Ultimate Crafter Leveling Guide (1-90) - FFXIV Guide

Can you power level in FF14?

Yes of course. As with all MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 offers multiple ways to level up characters. If you focus on one source, for example FATEs, you can level up very quickly. The only thing required for leveling is a series of repetitive actions.

How does rested EXP work in FFXIV?

If you don't log in or have been offline or AFK for a while, the hibernation experience will give an experience boost to all your classes, whether they're combat jobs or not. If you see the moon icon next to your experience bar, you're building with ease.

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How to level up classes quickly in FFXIV? ›

If you're an FFXIV beginner, the most efficient way to level up fast is to follow the Class Quests and Main Scenario Quests. Following the storyline is fun and helps you unlock new gameplay features, locations and gain EXP in many other ways. All of which will give you a tremendous experience boost.

How to get to level 80 fast in FFXIV? ›

Where to Get Level 80 Gear
  1. Mowen's Merchant [Sundry Splendors] – The Crystarium (X: 10.1, Y: 11.8)
  2. Aymark – Eulmore (X: 10.2, Y: 11.8)
28 Jun 2022

How do I level up quickly at the start of my second job FFXIV? ›

How to level a second job?
  1. For the first 7-8 levels, you can just kill mobs.
  2. There is a hunting log you can open if you press H. ...
  3. You can do fates, the purple circles that appear on the map when you press M.
  4. You can do guildhests from level 10 if you've unlocked them. ...
  5. You can do Palace of the Dead.
7 Jul 2021

Whats the fastest way to level from 70 80 FFXIV? ›

Levels 70-80

As always, be sure to hit your daily Duty Roulettes. Prioritize Leveling, Main Scenario, and Alliance Raids, but you can tackle them all if you have the time — Leveling and Main Scenario Roulettes still offer the best EXP for time spent.

How do you level up your characters quickly? ›

What Are Some of the Fastest Ways to Level Up Characters in Genshin Impact?
  1. Follow the Storyline. ...
  2. Complete Commissions. ...
  3. Clear Domains. ...
  4. Defeat Bosses. ...
  5. Complete Experience Tasks from the Adventurer's Handbook. ...
  6. Exploring the Map. ...
  7. Harness Materials.
21 Sept 2022

How long is Ffxiv 60% off? ›

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers and Complete Edition 60% Off Until November 18.

Is ff14 free till lvl 60? ›

Become the Warrior of Light, and fight to deliver the realm from certain destruction. Play the Free Trial up to level 60 for FREE with no restriction on playtime!

What is the fastest way to level in FFXIV? ›

The Hunting Log is a sure-fire way to level up fast, and those who've played FFXII or FFXV will feel right at home with these monster hunting quests. The Log lists enemies that you must hunt down and slay which then awards you with EXP once the task is done.

Can you solo B ranks FFXIV? ›

B-Ranks. B-Ranks are hunted for your weekly Elite Clan Mark, and are easy enough to do solo. 5.2.

What are the easiest jobs in FF14? ›

Final Fantasy 14: Best Jobs For Beginners, Ranked
  • 9/9 Samurai (Job)
  • 8/9 Reaper (Job)
  • 7/9 Sage (Job)
  • 6/9 Dancer (Job)
  • 5/9 Conjurer (Class, White Mage Job)
  • 4/9 Gladiator (Class, Paladin Job)
  • 3/9 Lancer (Class, Dragoon Job)
  • 2/9 Thaumaturge (Class, Black Mage Job)
18 Dec 2021

Can you solo LVL 70 Dungeons ff14? ›

As a general rule: Dungeons from A Realm Reborn (levels 15 to 50) can be reliably taken on solo from about level 70. Dungeons from Heavensward (levels 51 to 60) can be reliably taken on solo from level 80.

Can you roll 100 in Ffxiv? ›

Roll a random number between 0 and the desginated value (up to 1,000). Results will be displayed in a /say radius. Rolls will be between 0 and 100 when no value is designated.

Can you solo level 70 dungeons at 80 Ffxiv? ›

Every tank at 80 can solo every level 70 dungeon in roughly 30 minutes all the way back to the first tier of level 80 gear.

How to get Xiangling for free? ›

Xiangling — Pyro

Once you hit Adventure Rank 20, you'll unlock the Spiral Abyss. This is a kind of floor-based dungeon where you'll take your squad through progressively harder floors, gaining some bonuses as you go. If you manage to clear Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss, you'll get Xiangling for free.

What is the easiest way to get 5 star characters? ›

The best way to get 5-Star characters is by investing Acquaint or Intertwined Fates on wish banners. Each banner has its own stats on the chance of the player rolling a specific 5-Star character. The issue is pulling a 5-star character is extremely rare as most have less than a 1% chance to be pulled during each wish.

How much XP does Hero's Wit give? ›

Hero's Wit is a Character EXP Material that provides 20,000 Character EXP to increase a character's level.

Is there an app for leveling? ›

PixelProse's Bubble Level is a good choice. It has no ads and only requires a few basic permissions that aren't overkill. The app shows measurements for each side of your phone and includes sound effects so you can check the measurements without looking at your device.

Is FFXIV 2022 too late? ›

But when it comes to the question if someone should play Final Fantasy XIV in 2022, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

How long does it take to get 100 percent FFXIV? ›

How long does it take to complete Final Fantasy XIV? Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game, and it's only gotten bigger over the years. If you just want to complete the main story, A Realm Reborn, you're looking at roughly 120 hours of playtime, and that's not including any of the expansions.

Is FF14 no longer free? ›

In short, no, FFXIV is not free to play.

Is Final Fantasy 14 f2p friendly? ›

Welcome! This column is part of a regular series in which we share what members of the Tom's Guide staff are playing and enjoying right now, with an eye towards helping you find great games that you may have missed.

How to play FF14 without paying? ›

You can download the free trial from the official Final Fantasy XIV Online page. Click on the Start Your Free Trial button and either create or log into your Square Enix account. Once you do that, you'll be redirected to the page where you can download and install the game for free on your Windows PC, Mac, or PS4/5.

How much XP does it take to level up from 49 to 50? ›

Pokémon Go levels 41 to 50 requirements and rewards list
LevelXP required
4718 million
4821 million
4925 million
5030 million
6 more rows
8 Aug 2022

How much XP do you need for Level 50? ›

Level 50 Requirements:

Earn 30 million XP (176 million total XP) Make 999 Excellent Throws. Catch a Legendary Pokemon in your next 5 Legendary Pokemon encounters.

What is the easiest DPS to play in FFXIV? ›

  • Black Mage (11.62) - Caster.
  • Dragoon (10.58) - Melee.
  • Ninja (10.37) - Melee.
  • Samurai (10.12) - Melee.
  • Monk (10.11) - Melee.
  • Red Mage (9.77) - Caster.
  • Bard (9.5) - Ranged.
  • Dancer (9.42) - Ranged.
26 Feb 2022

How long does it take to go AFK in FFXIV? ›

The 30-minute timer will kick players out who have been idle for that long. Square Enix has introduced the Final Fantasy XIV measures following a boom in interest in the game, which has increased server congestion for players. Square Enix introduced the timer in the 5.58 patch released this morning (July 20).

Why are ff14 queues so long? ›

When server congestion becomes severe, queues may be longer due to an extremely large number of players trying to sign in at the same time. For more information regarding the status of the Worlds and the measures we are taking to alleviate congestion, please refer to the following link.

What is the highest solo leveling rank? ›

Overview. Ranks are divided into seven levels corresponding to a certain letter in the alphabet, E being the weakest and S being the strongest.

What is the best solo class in Ffxiv? ›

Paladin. Decent damage output, excellent defense, and even the ability to self-heal makes the Paladin one of the best jobs for solo players in Final Fantasy 14. In terms of raw performance, the Paladin may be the most well-rounded job in the game for tackling the game's single-player content.

Can you solo tank Zodiark? ›

Zodiark would be difficult to solo tank, the 30 sec dmg debuff can early one shot you unmitigated, and you prolly would still get 2 shot if you do mitigate his attacks, and u will need very good healers to keep you on top of things.

Is FFXIV noob friendly? ›

Level 1 -50 is very casual and super beginner friendly, so much so that you'll find people complaining on a daily basis on these forums about how simple it is to them.

What is the strongest DPS in FFXIV? ›

Final Fantasy 14: What's The Best DPS Job?
  • Best Melee DPS - Reaper. Square Enix. Melee DPS characters are best for players who want to hit enemies for as much damage as possible while being right in the thick of battle alongside the Tanks. ...
  • Best Ranged DPS - Machinist. Square Enix. ...
  • Best Magic DPS - Black Mage. Square Enix.
18 Aug 2022

What is the average age of a FFXIV player? ›

Average Player Age

Therefore probably the average age of FFXIV players is late 20s to early 30s. I've seen people way into their 40s and 50s say they are active players of the game.

Can you level every class in FFXIV? ›

Yes! But you can only be one class at time. And there is a 30 second global cooldown when you change class, so you can't beat a monster as a Lancer and then change to Conjurer to cure yourself instantly. You can max level all the combat, crafting and gathering classes with just one character.

What is the fastest way to level up alt jobs? ›

Regardless, running and re-running Floors 51-60 is the fastest way to level here. They offer more experience and more of the playerbase at this level is also running these floors. Outside of the Duty Support system, Command Missions are one way to avoid long queue times.

What is the easiest DPS class FFXIV? ›

  • Black Mage (11.62) - Caster.
  • Dragoon (10.58) - Melee.
  • Ninja (10.37) - Melee.
  • Samurai (10.12) - Melee.
  • Monk (10.11) - Melee.
  • Red Mage (9.77) - Caster.
  • Bard (9.5) - Ranged.
  • Dancer (9.42) - Ranged.
26 Feb 2022

Is FFXIV level 60 free? ›

All 14 jobs are available to play up to level 60, from classic FINAL FANTASY jobs like paladin and white mage to FINAL FANTASY XIV originals such as the astrologian and the limited job, blue mage.

Can you solo LVL 70 Dungeons FF14? ›

As a general rule: Dungeons from A Realm Reborn (levels 15 to 50) can be reliably taken on solo from about level 70. Dungeons from Heavensward (levels 51 to 60) can be reliably taken on solo from level 80.

Can you solo all content FF14? ›

Although every main story activity through patch 2.0 of A Realm Reborn can be completed solo now, Zepla points out that many other activities like Raids, still require a team of players.

How to level up FFXIV 2022? ›

Running Dungeons, Trials, and Raids

Running any duty will give you EXP no matter what level you're at, but completing the highest level dungeon, trial, or raid you have on offer will give you as much as you can get. Dungeons are your best choice for leveling, as they offer more EXP in total than other content.

Are deep dungeons good for leveling? ›

In FF14, there are two separate deep dungeons that can help you level classes, on top of your daily roulettes. There's Palace of the Dead that's ideal for classes that are levels 1-60, and Heaven on High for classes at 61 and beyond.

Which DPS should limit break? ›

In general the melee DPS will be the one to use limit break and it will be near the end of a fight in order to finish off the boss. However, depending on the fight, limit break can be used as part of a boss strategy.

What is the best solo class in FFXIV? ›

Paladin. Decent damage output, excellent defense, and even the ability to self-heal makes the Paladin one of the best jobs for solo players in Final Fantasy 14. In terms of raw performance, the Paladin may be the most well-rounded job in the game for tackling the game's single-player content.


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