Final Fantasy 14: Der Aetherfont Dungeon Guide (2023)

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Here's the full walkthrough for The Aetherfont, a level 90 dungeon added in patch 6.4 of Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14: Der Aetherfont Dungeon Guide (1)

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Aetherfont is a level 90 dungeonFinal Fantasy 14. After the original portal to the Thirteenth was destroyed by Alzadaal's Legacy, it seemed like the Warrior of Light and his allies had no options until Y'shtola invented a path between the Source Moon and the Thirteenth, Golbez's home and festive emissary for the journey.

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However, large amounts of Aether are required to power this portal. To build a portal and stop Golbez's invasion of Voidsent, you'll need to travel to Haam Island off the coast of Old Sharlayan in Aetherfont. Below are all the bosses you'll encounter in this dungeon, their attacks and mechanics, and how to defeat them.


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How to unlock Aetherfont

Aetherfont can be unlocked in the next level 90 quest after completing the corridor.

  • Accept the main task of the scenario"Go to the Ham"
    • NPC location:Urianger- Estinien's Chambers - Radz-at-Han (X:3.5, Y:3.5)

Dungeon guide

Final Fantasy 14: Der Aetherfont Dungeon Guide (2)

Like most other dungeons, you can also start with AetherfontTrust NPCs​​​​​​; In particular, Thancred, Zero, Urianger and Varshahn. As you delve into dungeons with Trusts, you can progress at your own pace. They are also reliable NPCsVery good at avoiding mechanics, which can be very helpful when learning the attacks of each boss.

In general, the structure of this dungeon is very simple. Treasure chests are easy to find on the main path, and some parts of the dungeon will be cordoned off until you deal with a bunch of monsters, limiting the amount of exploration you can do at once.

Heather back

Final Fantasy 14: Der Aetherfont Dungeon Guide (3)

The first boss of The Aetherfont is Lyngbakr. The attacks and mechanics of this terrifying sea beast are detailed below.

attack name



clean up


It does damageall party members. Use area-of-effect healing to regenerate.

Plimni already


Deals damage in oneAoE semicircle in front of the boss. Move quickly behind the boss to avoid taking damage.



Deals damage to all party members, then summons a few smaller onesice spikesaround the arena.

  • Lyngbakr will useclean upafter hitting the body, causing itIce spikes echo before exploding. Each ice spike explodes into onesmall AoE circle.
  • The second blow to the body causes excitementlarger ice spikesthey seem to explodeAoE areas with a larger circle after sweeping.
  • A third body hit is enoughsmall and large ice spikes at the same timethat explode one by one. Avoid the small ice spikes first, then the big ones.
  • More Body Slam apps will followSwitch between large ice spikes and small/large ice spikes.


area markers

Targets all players with onearea markers. Move apart to avoid stacking those AoEs.

tidal mouth

Stack sign

Target a random playerStack sign. Create a group with that player to spread the damage of that attack.

Sonic Bloop

Tank Destroyer

Deals a lot of damage to the tank. Usedefensive coolinglimit this damage.

Lyngbakr will keep repeating these attacks until he is defeated. It is always usedFloodtide, Tidalspout and Tidal Breath in quick successionSo be prepared to make the right move to avoid these three attacks.


Final Fantasy 14: Der Aetherfont Dungeon Guide (4)

The second boss of The Aetherfont is Arkas. This boss will perform a series of high-damage attacks, so be prepared to dodge. Arkas's attacks and mechanics are below.

attack name



war cry


It does damageall party members. Heals through area healing.

  • Subsequent uses of this attack result in aElectric Shock Ringaround the edge of the arena, causingdebuff of the same nameat the player's entrance. It's a weaknessDeals damage over time for 15 secondsand cannot be purified by Esun.

lightning stroke


Arkas jumps near the arena and deals damage thereKrug AoE. Then,Lightning bolts radiate from where the boss hit. Soon after theseexplode, deals area damage.Move between tentacles of lightningto avoid them exploding.

reed cane

Tank Destroyer

Deals a lot of damage to the tank. Usedefensive coolingto reduce Ripper damage.

Spinning claw


Deals damage in oneCircle the area around the bossand then creates severalgreat thunderboltswhich will explode after a short delaybig AoE lane. Watch where the vines grow and move accordingly to avoid them exploding.

Blitz madness


An enhanced version of Lightning Leap that Arkas will usefour times in a rowwhile the edge of the arena is covered with electric shocks. Focus onMove quickly between each AoE circle and the Lightning VineRelease to avoid any incoming attack.


Stack sign

Target a random playerStack sign. Team up with the affected player to share the AOE damage of this attack.

electric eruption


mete za lukthree seats around the arenaSAoE lightning. Avoid these locations while avoiding other attacks.

Arkas will repeat this series of attacks until he is defeated.Trusted NPCs are especially useful in this fight, as they always accurately dodge AoE attacks from Lightning Pounce/Madness and Lightning Creeper Blasts. Tracking their movements closely proved to be a useful strategy for avoiding damage in this fight.


Final Fantasy 14: Der Aetherfont Dungeon Guide (5)

The final boss of The Aetherfont is Octo Mammoth. This giant octopus takes control of the tight arena with his tentacles and makes you do itDo not stopthroughout the fight. His attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

attack name





It does damageall party members. The healer should be ready to restore health to the group.



Octomamuth will do itMove the tentacles in the arenathen useAoE in the shape of a cone and lines in the direction they are facing. Go to a place where there are no tentacles to avoid their attacks.

vivid eyes


Thinan AoE ring that directly surrounds the boss. Step back to avoid injury.

Vodena kap

area markers

It targets all playersAoE circular signs. This attackAlways appears during Living Eyes. Spread apartAvoid overlapping this area of ​​operationavoiding Vivid Eyes' AoE ring.

salt skewer


Octomamuth will do itAim at each of the circular platformsthat make an arena with oneAoE. Wait for itsections between each vertebrato avoid damage.

Plimni already


The boss will do itit turns easilybefore filling aa large AoE semicircle in the direction it is facing. Quickly walk to the other side of the boss to avoid this attack.

His telekinesis


The boss will bond with three of themorange crystalsoutside the arena, forcing them to do soTarget the three area platformsAttack. Find one of the two safe platforms and head towards it to avoid this attack.



AA combination of octostrike strike and tidal breathing. Octomamuth will do itTurn in the other directioncauses damage tolarge semicircle AoEwhile its tentacles are moved and usedAoE line and half-round attack. Move behind the boss quickly while dodging Tentacle attacks to avoid damage from this combo.

Octo Mammoth will keep repeating these attacks until defeated. Watch out for themVivid eyes/water dropsIbreath combinationshow can it causemore stacks of Increased Vulnerabilityon you if you're not careful. If you play with Trusts, keep an eye on them and you should be able to get through this dungeon without problems.

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