'Final Fantasy 15' Chocobo Guide: How To Win All Races, Medals, Level Up And Change Color (2023)

now thisfinal fantasia 15finally came out, you want to conquer everyonenooks and cranniesyour world full of people. By mastering Elemancy (themagic and magic), to receivethe 13 royal weaponsYpower levelingThis will help you tremendously as you progress through the game, you don't want to neglect your chocobo friends on your journey through the vast world of Eos. Read our guide below for tips and tricks to get the most out of your chocobo companions, including how to win every race, change your chocobo's color, and level up your fluffy friend.

'Final Fantasy 15' Chocobo Guide: How To Win All Races, Medals, Level Up And Change Color (1)

At the start of Chapter 3, you can ride your legendary feathered companion, the chocobo. Noctis gets a call from Gladio's sister Iris and Prompto invites him to visit the chocobo stall. This will set Friends of a Feather as your active sidequest.

Talk to Wiz at the Chocobo Post, then talk to him again and select "A Behemoth Enterprise" from your quest list. You'll fight the infamous Deadeye, who appeared in close to a billion Final Fantasy 15 demos, cinematics, and trailers. Then, return to the Wiz to turn in your quest.

Your reward is some EXP and a chocobo whistle, but the most important thing is unlocking the Rent-a-Bird service, which lets you use one of the yellow rental terminals to rent chocobos for your party. This is a big problem as it allows you to walk much faster than you can walk. If you can't get into the Regalia, go for the Chocobo! This also has the advantage of avoiding combat encounters, as chocobos really know how to sneak.

Rent a Chocobo by interacting with a Rent-a-Bird station and purchasing a rental ticket for any number of days. Fees are small, so reserve the chocobo for as long as you like to gain access to it. An icon in the upper-right corner of the screen shows how many days you have left on your chocobo lease. Hired chocobos will return to the post when the timer runs out. If time runs out during the tour, the chocobo will leave the premises after you dismount.

As long as you rent a chocobo, you can experience it even in combat. Open the item window with R2/RT, press D-Right and select "Call Chocobo". Your mount will instantly appear and you and your party can trot in style.

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Also, did you know that chocobos can swim? Neither did we until we came across him.this reddit threadIt won't work on rivers, but it will work on lakes!

The more time you spend with a moving chocobo, the more levels it rises, gains a new ability, and/or improves its stats.

  • Level 2, 2 minutes: Unlocks the Chocobo's Dash ability (summons your chocobo to flee once per battle)

  • Level 3, 6 minutes: Max Stamina +10, sprint speed increased to 20 mph

  • Level 4, 8 minutes: Unlocks the Chocobo's Kick ability, which allows your chocobo to join you in battle and kick your enemies with great force.

  • Level 5, 12 minutes: Max Stamina +10, sprint speed increased to 45 km/h

  • Level 6, 16 minutes: Unlocks the Chocobo's Dance skill, which allows you to be boosted by Chocobo

  • Level 7, 20 minutes: Max Stamina +10, jump height increased to 8'8".

  • Level 8, 20 minutes: Unlocks the "Chocobo Rush" ability, which causes your chocobo to unleash a flurry of blows

  • Level 9, 24 minutes: Max Stamina +10, Stamina recovers twice as fast

  • Level 10, 30 minutes: Unlocks "Chocobo Link", which allows your chocobo to perform blind link attacks with Noctis.

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There are seven races in total. The controls are as follows (PS4/Xbox One):

In general, you should maneuver R2/RT as much as possible and only use L when you need to turn.

Increase your speed by tapping Square/X regularly, but use it carefully as it drains stamina.

A quick L2/LT movement at the trot performs a forward glide. A second tap right after the chocobo jumps will give it some speed, and both taps will fill part of its energy bar. The second press gives you more resistance. You can also practice this by riding chocobos around the open world.

These are the races:

  • Versus Prompt: Complete A Behemoth Enterprise. Brief introduction. Win: Rounsey Medal

  • Against Gladio: Victory against Prompto. medium course. Gain; Destroyer Medal

  • Chocobo Tires: Grange Gallop. Victory against Gladio. Brief introduction. Victory: Short Course Medal

  • Against Ignis: Win Chobo Hoops: Grange Gallop and reach Chapter 5. Long Course. Win: Corser Medal

  • Full Field: Victory against Ignis. Brief introduction. Prize: Fat Chocobo Medal

  • Chocobo Hoops: Rocky Race: Win a complete race. Resistance Victory: Resistance Medal.

  • Against Iris: Earn Chocobo Hoops; Rocky Road and reach Chapter 6. Middle Course. Victory: Jennet Medal.

After earning all other medals, you will also receive the Jockey Master medal from the hostess.

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There are several Chocobo Hobby Items that you can use to change the appearance of Noctis and your friends' mounts through the Wiz's Chocobo Lounge. You can also earn medals to decorate your mounts, or buy Greens to feed them when camping at a Shrine, giving them temporary stat boosts.


  • Chocobo Whistle: Friends of a Feather Side Quest.

  • Xelphatol Apple Seeds: Side Quest Where Are the Wild Chocobos.

  • Xelphatol Pear: Chocobo Breeds Secret Collectible

  • Doman Plum Pits: Side Quest Where are the wild chocobos.

  • Pear Doman: Secret of the Chocobo Races Collectible

  • Mamook Pear Seeds: Side Quest Where are the wild chocobos.

  • Mamook Pear: Secret Collectible of the Chocobo Breeds

  • Valfruit Seeds: Side Quest "Hunt That Chocobo!"

  • Val Pear: Chocobo Race Secret Collectible

  • O'Ghomoro Berry Seeds: Secret Collectible Chocobo Breeds

  • Pear O'Ghomoro: Secret of the Chocobo Races Collectible

  • Cieldalaes-Ananassamen: „Jag diesen Chocobo!“ Nebenquest

  • Cieldalaes Pear: Secret of the Chocobo Races Collectible

  • Han Lemon Seeds: „I died Chocobo!“ Nebenquest

  • Han Pear: Secret Collectible of the Chocobo Breeds


  • Replica Medal: Sidequest, complete the mission A Behemoth Enterprise, which allows you to ride Chocobos

  • Short Course Medal: Win Chocobo Hoops: Grange Gallop Chapter 5+

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  • Long Run Medal: Win Chocobo Hoops: Rocky Road Chapter 6+

  • Medalha Rounsey: Beat Prompt

  • Destroy Medal: Defeated Gladio

  • Medal Race: Victory Against Fire

  • Jennet Medal: Win the complete field race

  • Fat Chocobo Medal: Defeat Iris

  • Jockey Master Medal: Earn all other medals


  • Gysahl Greens: default, always available

  • Mimett Greens: Increases the chocobo's stamina, 480 gil

  • Curiel Greens – Increases gallop speed, 480 gil (after Bird on the Brink side quest)

  • Verdes Reagan: Boost Glide, 780 Gil

  • Sylkis Greens: Increase all skills ("Savior of the Species") 1500 Gil


While racing against your friends, you must pass each checkpoint and reach the finish line.

Watch your stamina bar and start a sprint when the previous sprint comes to an end. This way, it stays at top speed for as long as possible. The gauge only fills up when you're not running.

When the stamina bar is low, perform consecutive lunges by briefly tapping L2/LT (once for a lunge, again right after the chocobo jumps). This gets you up to a higher speed than the basic run, and also gradually fills in the track width. Once regenerated, run again.

During the toughest races, rest in nearby Killiam Haven and feed your green chocobos. Leveling up your runner friend will also increase your chocobo's attribute.

Be sure to keep an eye on the minimap where you can see where your opponent is. Adjust your pace and manage your chocobo's stamina by judging how far away your opponent is.



In these races, Noctis is alone and basically races against time jumping through all the checkpoints and through all the circular arcs.

Every time you pick up a vegetable, Noctis receives a significant and temporary speed boost. Collect as much as possible to make it easier to reach the finish line on time. Run at full speed when you run out of vegetables to maintain speed.

You not only have to jump over hoops, but also obstacles. Jump a few steps in front of each object. Holding the jump button allows you to slide for a while, which can be useful.

If the obstacles are more complicated, make sure the obstacle and the tire behind it are in a straight line. So you can focus more on timing and not worry so much about driving.

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