Final Fantasy XIV: The best ways to level up fast (2023)

It has finally come to you. All these news aboutLast Fantasy XIVBreak your concurrent player record, trade your friends in the MMO of a lifetime to hang out in Eorzea, or finally give in to the online aspect of aFantasia final. Whatever the reason, you joined and began your journey to become a warrior of light.

Final Fantasy XIV: The best ways to level up fast (1)

If you want to build a bulky and strong temple body like mine, follow my guide.

The problem is, because you're late to the party, most of your friends are already creating endgame content or long before you are. You want to level up and you want to level up fast. Or, in another scenario, you have a high-profile job and want to level up with an alternative job. To be honest, this guide will be of great help if you are looking for an alternative job. Because in the first race there is only one way: Main StageTo search for.

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Focus on your mission on the main stage

Play for the first time? Stick to your MSQ. Not only will you see one of the most immersive stories in Final Fantasy, but MSQ has it all. They offer a great experience, unlock new features like dungeons, ride chocobos, tell you stories of Eorzea and how to become your most powerful champion, and most of all, they let you advance even further in the game.

(Video) Level Up Fast and Efficiently with ANY Job! FFXIV

If you are at a lower level when choosing the next MSQ or would like to decide on a different job, you can follow one of the topics below and return to the MSQ once you reach the required level. But I recommend sticking with a job until you've at least completed A Realm Reborn's main quest, The Ultimate Weapon, because it unlocks flying, and trust me when I say it will leave you with hours of walking and leg cramps.

Side quests for unlocking content only

Side quests are one of the ways to get an extra boost of experience. Among them, you should definitely do your class quests whenever you can. They appear every 5 levels and give you new equipment and skills right from the start. At 30, you get a whole new job and unlock more actions in your offense arsenal.

These days side quests should be avoided unless you don't reach the required MSQ level along with the main scenario quests because there is a problem in FFXIV. Reaching level 50 while still adventuring in A Realm Reborn will significantly reduce experience rewards from MSQ and sidequests. Something about 90% less. Same goes if you reach 60 in Heavensward or 70 in Stormblood. You've hit an invisible wall of progress where your time and effort is no longer paying off, so you need to keep improving your MSQ until your growth normalizes.

If you're like me and feel a shiver down your spine every time you open the map and see tons of exclamation marks, follow my example. I chose a different class and only leveled up through the omitted side quests.

However, you should look for sidequests that are blue and have a small plus sign in their icon. Not only do they give you experience, but they also unlock new features like dungeons, level quests, guilds, and other things like pets or emotes.

Complete your hunting log

You unlock the Hunting Log after completing your tier 1 class quest. Hunting Logs are some region-specific enemies that, when hunted (killed in a brutal and discriminating manner by a bloodthirsty player), grant additional experience. Firstly, all enemies are located close to your class city-state, making them easy to hunt down and experiment with along the way. Eventually, the hunting record will expand across the continent. However, each hunt is worth it because you'll get an even bigger experience bonus and unlock the next rank with each one completed.


FATEs are dynamic scenarios on the map with a clear objective. These are usually battles, but some are escort or supply destruction missions. You can tackle these scenarios alone or with a group of uninvolved players or friends.

(Video) FFXIV: 1 - 80 Leveling Guide in 5 minutes (For Alts and Main Jobs/Classes)

Looking at the map, he finds some timed events in a circular blue area. If you participate, you will be rewarded with money and experience ranging from bronze to silver and gold according to your contribution.

If you have a group or other players are farming FATE, take advantage of them. If you're alone, gather your chocobo partner to help both of you get stronger. DPS classes lined up for dungeons often take a long time to find a group, so you should use that break to farm some FATE and destroy the lairs of innocent-looking creatures of the wild.

Level quests to get that extra experience

Interestingly, level quests are the last gasp of theOriginal version of Final Fantasy XIV, which revolved part of its lore around these cards, which gave quests to guild adventurers. Now they work as a kind of repeatable missions. After completing a level 9 MSQ, you can unlock the side quest "Leves of Bentbranch,horizonteor Swiftperch” to unlock Levequests. You need a currency called Leve Grants to accept a Levequest, and you get three grants every 12 hours, up to 100.

Battlecraft levels are basic quest, kill, marksman, etc. They are divided into categories for all five levels and are useful for those who want to level up independently without waiting in dungeon lines or engaging in FATE. If you level up in an alternate class, you'll likely have a lot of tasks that grant a lot of levels.

roulette and dungeons

Good dungeons. The Duty Finder in FFXIV is divided into several categories, but the ones that offer the most experience are Traditional Dungeons and marginally Guildhests. Guilds are unlocked after completing the Simply the Hest side quest and act as a walkthrough for the neighborhood group. By completing at least one Guildhest, you open the Duty Finder: Guildhests, which randomly selects one of the available Guildhests for you to adventure and gain extra experience each day.

The first dungeon is unlocked at MSQ level 15. At level 16 you unlock the second and with it Duty Roulette: Leveling, one of our holy grails. Leveling Duty randomly takes you to a dungeon or trial of all unlocked except Expert and Wild difficulties. Upon completion, you will receive many additional experiences. Like all roulette wheels, the bonus is only valid once a day.

Also, every time you unlock a new dungeon, you get a bonus the first time you complete it. This applies to all of your classes. So if you're leveling up an alternate class, it's worth doing one dungeon at a time to get the completion bonuses. Healers benefit the most, as their cooldown is virtually non-existent.

(Video) FFXIV - Leveling 1-50 in Under Eight Hours

In the future you will unlock many other spinners and every time you increase the power it is common to do them all daily. There is one wheel in particular that players greatly underestimate, but you shouldn't be doing it. The front line.

Frontline is Final Fantasy XIV's PvP battle arena, and while it's unbalanced and a bit chaotic, the daily bonus experience is exorbitant. Other warriors of light are worth killing, which makes sense since we're beating other world champions.

Help your fellow animal tribes

Beast Tribe Quests are equivalent to daily quests in the Final Fantasy world. While they don't offer as much experience as the previous options, you can earn additional items by increasing your reputation with the beast tribes, such as mounts and pets. Each expansion has its own tribe of beasts, so it's recommended to complete the quests for that expansion as long as you haven't reached the level cap.

The Shadowbringer Beast Tribes deserve a special mention, as the Fae Tribe's three Beast Tribe daily quests grant an average of 15% of the experience needed to level up, and can be completed in less than ten minutes.

Roguelike Deep Dungeons

Deep Dungeons is a roguelike instance with multiple floors and its own level and item system. We currently have two deep dungeons. Palace of the Dead is for levels 1 to 60 and Heaven-on-High from 61 to 70.

If you queue up one of the Deep Dungeons, you'll find yourself in a party with three other members with no fixed makeup. That could be four DPS or four healers, for example. In Palace of the Dead, everyone starts at level 1 when queuing for the first floor and levels up over time. Heaven on High starts at level 61.

Every 10 floors you'll encounter a boss, and if you're successful, a checkpoint awaits you on the other side. You can continue from the floor you left off on if you decide to leave. You'll gain a huge amount of experience with each checkpoint, which is why the Deep Dungeon is a great place to level up. Heaven-on-High follows the same logic.

(Video) Leveling Guide 1-80 | By Someone Who MAXED ALL in ~1 Month

While the experience isn't quite as good as running dungeons with completion bonuses, and you still risk dying mid-floor and losing your progress, deep dungeons also grant other rewards, such as mounts, which come at an extravagant price to be sold to the market. Board. From my point of view, Deep Dungeons is a nice change up or if you haven't played a class for a while. The leveling system will help you position yourself as skills are unlocked on the fly and the rotation returns to you.

You can unlock the Palace of the Dead by completing The House that Built, which starts in New Gridania and requires level 17, and Heaven-on-High by completing Knocking on Heaven's Door in The Ruby Sea after completing level 61.

Food, rest and weapon bonuses to gain more experience

Also, you can do any of the above by eating food. Each meal gives +3% experience. Free Company - Guild Equivalent FXIV - Grants bonuses that increase +15% experience for defeating enemies. There are some teams for those who pre-ordered the game or recruited a friend to increase their experience gain. But most importantly, there is the rest perk and the armory bonus.

You get hibernation when leaving the Sanctuary, i.e. H. Hideouts where no monsters dare to go because high level NPCs can outrun you even when their hands are tied. The remaining buff gives 50% EXP gain and charges up to 1.5 level bars. If your bar is blue, it means your character is rested. So remember to always leave a sanctuary.

The armory bonus reinforces my advice that you should only level one job with MSQ and then your alternate jobs. If you have a higher job and decide to level up a lower job, the lower job will gain additional experience until it reaches the same level as the higher one. It's that simple. In other words, by the time you finish A Realm Reborn, you'll likely be level 50. Flying allows you to choose another class and gain 100% experience bonus on ALL activities. benefit everywhere.

The bonus drops to 50% when you reach level 70 and will likely change whenstrollerIt will be released in November. So if you want to optimize your time, stay with one class, take it to unattainable heights and rejoice in the bonus when you get tired of healing your friends and side with the rebels and skulls of You want to crush opponents. .


What is the quickest way to level in ff14? ›

The Hunting Log is a sure-fire way to level up fast, and those who've played FFXII or FFXV will feel right at home with these monster hunting quests. The Log lists enemies that you must hunt down and slay which then awards you with EXP once the task is done.

What is the best way to level from 50 60 FFXIV? ›

Levels 50-60

You'll always want to do your daily Duty Roulettes — the Leveling Roulette is the most effective one, which awards the best chunk of EXP for the time invested. The Main Scenario Roulette is a good second option for Daily Roulettes, considering the EXP gain. There are also Challenge Logs.

Are dungeons the fastest way to level FFXIV? ›

After you've finished roulettes, queuing for the highest level dungeon available to you is the fastest way to gain more EXP. In theory you could run dungeons solo using the Trust system that lets you team up with NPCs, but dungeon runs are usually faster if you join a queue to play with others.

Where is the best place to level up in Final Fantasy? ›

The best place to grind for experience is right outside the Sealed Cave where the monsters give plenty experience for a four-member party. The player should grind before finding "Rydia" within the cave, as she is a temporary character.

What is the easiest ff14 class? ›

Physical ranged, SMN and RDM are considered fairly easy to play by most peoples standards. At least at an entry level. If you know your rotation, you can pretty much go into a fight blind and still do acceptable DPS. Melee DPS are in the middle.

How many hours does it take to beat ff14? ›

How long does it take to complete Final Fantasy XIV? Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game, and it's only gotten bigger over the years. If you just want to complete the main story, A Realm Reborn, you're looking at roughly 120 hours of playtime, and that's not including any of the expansions.

Can you solo level 60 dungeons? ›

As a general rule: Dungeons from A Realm Reborn (levels 15 to 50) can be reliably taken on solo from about level 70. Dungeons from Heavensward (levels 51 to 60) can be reliably taken on solo from level 80.

Can you solo level 70 dungeons at 80 Ffxiv? ›

Every tank at 80 can solo every level 70 dungeon in roughly 30 minutes all the way back to the first tier of level 80 gear.

Can you solo level 70 trials Ffxiv? ›

Question is; when? not on lvl 90 for sure, you will lack the DPS and some mechanics are undoable when you are allone, you just die. Right now you can't even solo lvl 70 extremes. Some of the lvl 70 EXs are soloable now, more will be with another gear upgrade in 6.4, mechs will prevent some from being doable alone.

What gives the most XP Ffxiv? ›

The biggest source of EXP by far is going to be the main story quests. These will net you the most, especially in the beginning of the game. About level 30 you will run out of these, so if this is your first character you will want to experience them for the story, as well as the giant amounts of EXP.

Is questing or dungeons faster for Levelling? ›

Questing is generally faster, but with a fast group you can get better results in dungeons. Doing both is the fastest.

Can you solo low level dungeons Ffxiv? ›

With new players in mind, some low-level dungeons and trials will also be adjusted to support an “accessible” solo experience.

What is the most popular class in Final Fantasy 14? ›

Here's a new ranking, with the new classes added in.
  1. 1 Summoner. Our number one class is Summoner, and for a variety of reasons.
  2. 2 Red Mage. Red Mage is an incredible class because they can completely save a doomed party. ...
  3. 3 Dark Knight. ...
  4. 4 Paladin. ...
  5. 5 Black Mage. ...
  6. 6 White Mage. ...
  7. 7 Dancer. ...
  8. 8 Sage. ...
Dec 21, 2021

What is the highest LVL in Ffxiv? ›

Yoshi-P has confirmed that the level cap for FFXIV 7.0 is indeed Level 100.

What is the hardest fight in FFXIV? ›

'Father of Final Fantasy' Hironobu Sakaguchi is tackling Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate)–the hardest encounter in Final Fantasy 14.

What is the hardest title to get in FFXIV? ›

Legend Titles Are the Pinnacle of Prestige in FFXIV

Legend titles, including "The Legend," "The Ultimate Legend," "The Perfect Legend" and the recent "The Heavens' Legend" are the quintessential prestigious titles. They are all obtained from completing Ultimate Raids, the hardest fights in the game.

What is the easiest class to play in World of Warcraft? ›

1 Hunter - Easy

This class is probably the easiest to level and play, and has been even from the days of Classic WoW. Plus, players can level and train a pet that they can find out in the wilds of Azeroth.

How long is FF14 AFK? ›

In July 2021, Final Fantasy XIV introduced a system that kicked players after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Is FF14 a grindy game? ›

Finally, too many grinds in FF14 just feel flat out too insane. Grinds like 2000 mentor roulettes or 500k Skyward points on every single profession just shouldn't be a thing in a modern MMO in 2022.

How many dungeons can you do in an hour? ›

You can enter up to ten individual instanced zones per hour. The limit is per account, and cannot be avoided by changing characters. You can still queue for random instances in the Dungeon Finder while under effect of this limit, but you will not be given a Deserter debuff if you cannot enter the dungeon.

What level should I start doing dungeons? ›

Note that while you can walk into a dungeon at any level, we recommend you reach level 10 before starting dungeon content.

Which dungeons can I solo? ›

Here's which dungeons are the easiest and the hardest to solo complete.
Destiny 2: Every Dungeon, Ranked By How Hard They Are To Solo
  1. 1 Hardest: Duality.
  2. 2 Grasp Of Avarice. ...
  3. 3 Spire Of The Watcher. ...
  4. 4 Prophecy. ...
  5. 5 Pit Of Heresy. ...
  6. 6 Easiest: Shattered Throne. Shattered Throne is the first dungeon introduced into Destiny 2. ...
Feb 14, 2023

How much of ff14 is Soloable? ›

Although every main story activity through patch 2.0 of A Realm Reborn can be completed solo now, Zepla points out that many other activities like Raids, still require a team of players.

What class is best for solo Ffxiv? ›

Paladin. Decent damage output, excellent defense, and even the ability to self-heal makes the Paladin one of the best jobs for solo players in Final Fantasy 14. In terms of raw performance, the Paladin may be the most well-rounded job in the game for tackling the game's single-player content.

Can you solo delves? ›

Delves are areas of the map represented with a single torch. They are designed to be done solo or with a small group. They contain one mini-boss that needs to be slain in order to obtain the achievement for that dungeon.

Can you solo coils of Bahamut at 90? ›

With enough levels over the content, any class can work (any class can solo the Coils at 90).

How do you get a lot of XP fast? ›

How to get XP fast in Fortnite and level up quickly
  1. Play all modes regularly. ...
  2. Interact with everything. ...
  3. Buy levels with V-Bucks. ...
  4. Play during power levelling/double XP weekends. ...
  5. Weekly and story Challenges XP. ...
  6. Daily Challenges XP. ...
  7. Milestone Challenges XP. ...
  8. Additional XP Sources.
Dec 9, 2022

How do you farm XP fast? ›

5 fastest ways to gain XP in Minecraft, ranked (2022)
  1. Players can get ample XP by trading with villagers in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
  2. Quartz blocks drop XP points when mined in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
  3. Ender Dragon gives off loads of XP points upon death in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Sep 22, 2022

What gets XP fast? ›

Best Way to Get XP in Minecraft
  1. Killing Mobs. When a Minecraft player runs into an enemy mob, that mob will attack the player. ...
  2. Build a Makeshift Farm. ...
  3. Trade with Villagers. ...
  4. Breeding Animals. ...
  5. Mining Ores.

Which expansion is fastest for leveling? ›

The fastest expansion to level in is Warlords of Draenor (WoD). The primary reason for this is that all the WoD zones have Bonus Objectives.

What is the best Chromie Time for leveling? ›

Harldan has set a new speed leveling record, using Chromie Time to take a new character from Level 10 to 60 in just 3 hours and 21 minutes!

Does light level matter in dungeons? ›

Playing at low light levels is thus more risky, but grants higher rewards. Additionally, at 0 light, every hallway battle has a small chance of being replaced with an ambush by a Shambler (1% in Apprentice level dungeons, 8% in Veteran level dungeons, and 12% in Champion level dungeons).

Do you get XP from Unsynced dungeons? ›

Eg: all dungeons/trials/raids sync your level, but with unsync, you can play solo lv70 at lv50 dungeon easily. But no EXP or Tomes for unsync, except 1st time clear bonus.

Can I do chaos dungeons solo? ›

Chaos Dungeons are an endgame activity in Lost Ark that can be embarked on solo or with up to four players. In a Chaos Dungeon, you'll be tasked with slaying monsters to fill a progress gauge in five-minute intervals. Defeating enough monsters will open a portal to a new zone and reset your timer.

Can you solo duty ff14? ›

A fresh Final Fantasy XIV patch today has made the game friendlier to solo players, with the new Duty Support System letting you go through a load of main scenario duties solo with NPC party members.

What is the lowest DPS class FFXIV? ›

However, of all the magical DPS jobs, the Red Mage's damage output is by far the weakest. It also has some questionable utility. The Red Mage's ability to raise fallen comrades can save a raid party from an impending wipe, and it also has a decent healing spell, but these aren't necessary if everyone's doing their job.

What is the strongest DPS class in Final Fantasy 14? ›

Final Fantasy 14: What's The Best DPS Job?
  • Best Melee DPS - Reaper. Square Enix. Melee DPS characters are best for players who want to hit enemies for as much damage as possible while being right in the thick of battle alongside the Tanks. ...
  • Best Ranged DPS - Machinist. Square Enix. ...
  • Best Magic DPS - Black Mage. Square Enix.
Aug 18, 2022

What is the strongest DPS class in FFXIV? ›

A – Black Mage, Dragoon

On the other side, the Black Mage is certainly the most challenging ranged Magic DPS job to pick compared to Red Mage and Summoner, but it also has the highest DPS output.

What is the strongest job in FFXIV? ›

The Top Jobs in Final Fantasy 14
  • Top Tank: The Dark Knight.
  • Top Healer: The Astrologian.
  • Top Melee DPS: The Monk.
  • Top Ranged DPS: The Machinist.
  • Top Magic DPS: The Black Mage.
Jan 6, 2022

Can you max every class FFXIV? ›

Yes, a single character can have every class and job at max. There aren't enough quests to level every class purely through quests. That's where things like the hunting logs, challenge log, levequests, FATEs, guildhests, dungeons, beastmen dailies, and roulettes come in.

Which Final Fantasy is hardest? ›

Final Fantasy: The Franchise's 15 Hardest Games, Ranked By Difficulty (& How Long They Take To Beat)
  1. 1 Final Fantasy 11 (93 Hours)
  2. 2 Final Fantasy 3 (30 Hours) ...
  3. 3 Final Fantasy 4 (23 Hours) ...
  4. 4 Final Fantasy 2 (25 Hours) ...
  5. 5 Final Fantasy Tactics (54 Hours) ...
  6. 6 Final Fantasy (17.5 Hours) ...
  7. 7 Final Fantasy 13(48.5 Hours) ...
Jul 5, 2022

What is the fastest way to level up in Final Fantasy 14? ›

The Hunting Log is a sure-fire way to level up fast, and those who've played FFXII or FFXV will feel right at home with these monster hunting quests. The Log lists enemies that you must hunt down and slay which then awards you with EXP once the task is done.

What is the fastest way to rank up in Grand Company Ffxiv? ›

Once you hit Sergeant Second Class, which requires 6,000 Seals, you'll unlock Expert Deliveries, the fastest way to rank up your Grand Company. This requires bringing materials and other junk you don't want anymore to turn into Seals.

Is Potd the fastest way to level? ›

In a few words, the POTD is a very effective way of leveling jobs after you cleared the MSQ and so until lvl 60 where you can go to Heaven on High (that's POTD, but for lvl 61-70). Remember that joining a party should (if you don't all die because of 2 traps in a row) make things a lot faster and funnier!

Can you solo level 60 dungeons Ffxiv? ›

As a general rule: Dungeons from A Realm Reborn (levels 15 to 50) can be reliably taken on solo from about level 70. Dungeons from Heavensward (levels 51 to 60) can be reliably taken on solo from level 80.

How long does it take to get 100 percent Ffxiv? ›

If you're looking to complete absolutely everything that Endwalker has to offer, including side quests, optional duties, and more on top of the main scenario quests, players have currently recorded an average of 106 hours.

Does choosing a Grand Company matter Ffxiv? ›

To move forward in the story, you must choose one of the three Grand Companies to align with. While each Grand Company has a specific aesthetic, ethos, and home base, there is no technical difference between them. Choosing a Grand Company is mostly about preference. There is no objectively best Grand Company.

What is the best Grand Company in ff14? ›

Final Fantasy 14: Best Grand Companies, Ranked
  • 5 The Immortal Flames.
  • 4 The Maelstrom.
  • 3 The Order Of The Twin Adder.
  • 2 On Company Payroll.
  • 1 Changing Companies.
Nov 27, 2022

How do you level up your GC fast? ›

How to Farm Grand Company Seals in 2022
  1. Expert Deliveries Are the Best, Right Now. This is the best way to gain ranks, but it won't unlock until you reach the Sergeant Second Class. ...
  2. FATEs. Completing any FATE of any level will net you some GC Seals. ...
  3. Duty Roulettes. ...
  4. Supply and Provision Missions. ...
  5. Grand Company Leves.
Jun 3, 2022

What is the max level in Ffxiv? ›

Yoshi-P has confirmed that the level cap for FFXIV 7.0 is indeed Level 100.

Can arcanist queue as healer? ›

The Duty Finder will not allow you to queue up in the low levels as a healer, so as a DPS, grab some cross-class DoTs and focus on those damage ticks. You won't have the area output of a Thaumaturge, but you'll sustain longer in a boss fight.

What level is Palace of the Dead good until? ›

Levels 16-30 - Palace of the Dead

There are 200 floors in Palace of the Dead, but you are not looking to do all 200 of those floors. Climbing that high for leveling is a waste of time, so keep it to floors 51-60. You'll just reset and queue for those floors every time.

What class is best for solo FF14? ›

Paladin. Decent damage output, excellent defense, and even the ability to self-heal makes the Paladin one of the best jobs for solo players in Final Fantasy 14. In terms of raw performance, the Paladin may be the most well-rounded job in the game for tackling the game's single-player content.

How much of FF14 is Soloable? ›

Although every main story activity through patch 2.0 of A Realm Reborn can be completed solo now, Zepla points out that many other activities like Raids, still require a team of players.

Is FF14 solo friendly? ›

While I'm far more confident in the game now, being able to tackle certain dungeons solo would have been a small blessing. While the game is a sociable MMO at its core, it also stands on its own as an excellent RPG and giving players the option to complete large portions of its game solo feels like a testament to that.


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