Hollywood Zenith - Chapter 99 Yakuza? - Free web novel (2023)

"Seriously, but what about his long hair? That would confuse anyone.

“It worries you, look at his face first. Have you seen anyone with these characteristics?

"Yes, why is God so unjust! If only I had some of this..."

"Hehehe, I don't think it helps. Don't underestimate your nickname, didn't the boys call you uncle?

- You who? Who said that? I'm a tough and handsome guy.

"Shut up! Boos is staring at us."

Due to the sudden revelation, Abe's subordinates began to gossip among themselves.

"I'm sorry but you really don't look like a boy, boy." Abe asked.

"I can't help it, can I? That's how I was born." Samuel said smiling.

"Exactly. But I didn't expect you to be a royal guest. Your companions are something else too. They were two of my best fighters."

“Well, everyone needs someone who is capable of doing a job like an insurer. But he was easy to beat, wasn't he? Samuel said looking Abe straight in the eye.

Everyone around them also became tense due to Samuel's sudden provocation.

"I like you, boy. It was great meeting you like this,” Abe said, slapping Samuel loudly on the back, nearly making him fall.

- Dude, what are you doing?

"Don't hold a grudge, don't hold a grudge. you are quite weak. You should eat meat.

Abe began to bully Samuel and enjoyed his reaction.

"Rothshid, Rothshid, Rothshid. I feel like I've heard that name somewhere before." As the two argued, Shira became thoughtful.

"What are you thinking about here?" the old man asked her.

"I heard that name somewhere, Samuel Rothschild." she asked her uncle.

“Are you talking about Samuel-sama?” I met him in Yu-Kei. It was a very big party. He also writes books, I love his books... She started telling her about Samuel. They were close because she often visited the palace in search of her uncle.

The old man stroked the princess's hair and said:

"Don't you remember Robert? Samuel is his child."

"Really what, Rob-sama?" She lunged at Samuel, protecting him from Abe, who was still teasing him.

"Are you really Rob-sam's son?" She practically started questioning Samuel.

"Rob? My father's name is Robert and my mother's name is Laura. You know her?"

"Right! Robert-sama, I know him. I can not believe it." She was excited to hear these names.

"Hi! Robert? You don't mean the smart bastard, do you? Is that his child?” Abe also exclaimed.

“Robert-sama was so handsome and smart when I met him! He is my idol! I heard he married this woman, but I didn't know he had a son.

"Blessed. I'm still here! How can you praise another man in front of me!” Abe said angrily, but Shira silenced him.

"What? Why I can not? Have you forgotten who got you out of that mess back then? I still remember his detailed ideas for planning and expansion. People still call him "the legendary tycoon." Humph, don't insult him."

“Y-you, honey, could you turn your voice down,” Abe said in a panic.

"Robert-sama risked everything for Miss Laura, everyone envies her love story!"

"God! Don't you remember what I gave you when I proposed to you?" Abe said with a smile.

"Y-you, don't mention it here!"

"Are you feeling uncomfortable now? It was… Shira covered her mouth so he couldn't mention it.

"I understand, I understand! My husband is the best, okay?

"I'm right! I love..." was thrown into the air a second time.

She began telling Samuel about Robert's past. It seems that her father lived to his age and that she quarreled little with him; they were mostly on the other side of the aisle. Shira runs the family business while her husband Abe runs the day-to-day business.

Aika woke up too, but Samuel decided to join his group; they haven't been around for a while. Others would wonder where he is.

They all walked for a while and met Adele and Iblis who were waiting for them.

"What happened? You've been gone for about an hour!" Adele said, but Iblis noticed that Hannah was limping slightly. Jenny and Tina wanted to be dropped off too. But when they saw that everyone had returned happy, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Adele, leave it for now! I think Hana is injured." Iblis said pointing to Hana.

Most of the people who came to help disappeared after the situation; The same thing happened with Abe's group. They left with two wounded men; Aika wasn't very hurt by Samuel's clean punches, so she left with her parents. And the old man stayed with the princess.

Tina acted quickly and arranged extra seats for the new group, while Jenny called in emergency medical personnel to disinfect Hannah's wound.

Aika also formally apologized for the earlier incident. She stood up, walked over to Hannah, and bowed slightly.

"I'm sorry for how I behaved earlier. I shouldn't have pushed you."

Samuel translated for Anna. And she got up and apologized; Even though she didn't do anything wrong, she said...Google search for free 𝑐𝑖m

"I'm sorry your brother hit you, he's a very caring person."

"Wait a minute! I was careless, we have to decide in the best of three." Aika exclaimed as Samuel explained to Hannah.

"I do not believe that. But you already know the price of the bet, so it's not a problem, okay?" Samuel said.

"But I want a rematch! I'll find you tomorrow!" Aika said and left without hearing Samuel's answer.

"Wait, I don't agree..." Samuel paused as the others started laughing at their conversation.

The two sides spoke briefly before Abe left with his wife and child. Shira made Samuel promise to visit her in the future, which he had to agree to. She cared a lot about it.

Aika kept ignoring Samuel and talking to other girls; It's amazing how quickly they reconciled. The Princess and Hannah took center stage, detailing the entire scene. Adele and Iblis criticized Samuel for his rashness, as he became a kind of demon of all this ordeal.

Samuel smiled as he saw them enjoying themselves. He also saw Aika fidget for a moment, seemingly blaming herself, but the girls didn't treat her any differently.

After Aika and her parents left, Samuel decided to ask the old man about the previous incident.

“Mr. Enmei, why didn't you intervene sooner? I happened to see some spirit guardians when I got to where Hannah and the princess were. They could easily fix the problem before it exploded." Samuel asked.

"Did you see the guards? Hmm, said the old man, looking shocked. He stared at Samuel for a few seconds before explaining.

"I just wanted to see how the 'timing genius' handled the situation."

"The era that defines genius?"

“Everyone in the imperial palace was talking about you, I even heard the emperor mention you several times. It was shocking that he never talks about the younger generation, but he did mention you. That's why I wanted to see it in person."

- And? your verdict?

"You're average, but you have potential. I don't know about your mind, but your body needs a lot of exercise. It seemed like you won by luck as both your stance and technique were mediocre. Also, you've lost focus while looking. Your neighbor has been injured, which is a big mistake in combat.

The old man gave various reasons with which I fully agree.

"I understand all this, but shouldn't you protect the princess? What if she's injured? Samuel asked. Something could have gone wrong.

"What do you think about my position? Don't you think it's wasteful for an old man to accompany a princess? Instead, he asked a question.

"Wait, you don't think..."

"I think you've got your head on it, it's like a test, and I'm an observer. Being old brings with it the advantages of having a sea of ​​\u200b\u200bknowledge."

"But she's so young, don't you think it's too early to focus on such things?" Samuel asked.

“Girls grow up faster than boys, and being a woman in the royal family comes with an extra burden. They need to prove themselves more without power or talking at home. The princess behaved much better in this situation, she did not panic and defended her friend. These are values ​​worthy of praise for such a small child.”

“That's why the princess was so relaxed during the incident. Everything connected. Even on a short trip there are a few moving parts, Samuel thought.

"That's why I'm bored." Samuel sighed.

“Oh, and as for my niece, don't worry too much about her. He's very excited to hear about your family."

“I noticed, but I'm also interested in my father's stories from the past. It would be good to keep in touch with Lady Shira. Is the Kiyama family some sort of business family? You never mentioned it.

" What do you think?" said the old man mysteriously. He smiled slightly, which made me suspicious.

"Why are you asking me?" The old man didn't answer, just stared at Samuel, then sighed.

“Okay, okay, she mentioned running a business, but looking at her husband and baby, they were up for a fight. The guards also looked less professional, but that may have been the country's fault. They wore expensive clothes that meant money. Geez, I think it has something to do with the private security business, which is a lucrative business when you have connections. Samuel published the result of his assessment.

"Okay, okay, but you're wrong! My family is the third largest yakuza organization. We are relatively new and modern. Abe is the son of the current oyabuna of the organization. said the old man happily.

"So basically a private security company? Or?"

"What! No, we have rules and stuff. You have to do a lot of research to understand the structure of an organization."

"I don't think so, you protect people, you control crime and you get paid for it, right? This is the basic task of a private company."

"Che, if you say so." grunted the old man.

"Yakuza? I met another boring character." Samuel thought and sighed.

Today's trip was cut short because they decided to go home early. The day had been very significant and everyone was tired.

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