How To Watch Final Destination Movies In Order [Chronological & By Release] - The Reading Order (2023)

Final destination films in order:The Final Destination franchise is one of the most popular horror franchises where death itself is the villain. The first part of the film Final Destination was released in 2000 and became an icon of the horror genre. What if you knew when you were going to die? That's what the Final Destination series is all about! A group of friends try to cheat Death, but Death doesn't like cheats. So if you know how many Final Destination movies are there and how to watch them, this is the ultimate guide on how to watch Final Destination movies in order, funny and energetic enough to keep the audience guessing .

Based on an unproduced screenplay by Jeffrey Reddick and originally written for the X-Files television series, all five films revolve around a small group of people who escape impending death after one person (the protagonist) sees a sudden premonition and guesses to tell them . about the upcoming accident with many victims. After avoiding their prophesied death, the survivors die one by one in freak accidents caused by an unseen force creating intricate chains of cause and effect, akin to Rube Goldberg machines, and then read omens, sent by another unseen entity to avert their death once again. . So if you want to enjoy a chilling mess of unexpectedly awake teenage screams, watch each Final Destination movie in release date order.

How to watch Final Destination movies in chronological order

1. Ultimate Goal 5 (2011)

Death returns for another wild ride in the latest 5nal Destination. The fifth part of the film series "Final Destination",Final Destination 5follows a young Sam Lawton who has a premonition and saves a group of people from death when a suspension bridge begins to collapse. Sam manages to persuade several of his colleagues off the bridge before the accident happens. After Candice and Isaac die in freak accidents, Sam is warned that Death is still after the survivors and tells him that if he is to survive he must kill someone who should never die on the bridge , and must claim his remaining life. Olivia and Dennis die before they can save themselves, but Nathan claims the life of a colleague when he is accidentally killed in a warehouse accident. Peter tries to kill Molly, jealous that she survived instead of Candice. He eventually earns the life of an investigative agent, but is killed by Sam before he can kill Molly. Sam and Molly then board a plane bound for Paris, which turns out to be Flight 180 from the first film. As the fuselage is destroyed by exploding engine fragments, Molly is sucked out of the plane while Sam is killed in the ensuing explosion. The landing gear flies towards New York City and crashes into a cocktail bar, killing Nathan as well as the colleague whose life he believed was terminally ill and would die "any day".

2. Last Target (2000)

How To Watch Final Destination Movies In Order [Chronological & By Release] - The Reading Order (1)

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Death doesn't take no for an answer. death is coming In the first installment of the Final Destination film series, high school student Alex Browning must know when, how, and where the Grim Reaper will take his next victim after Final Destination. After boarding a plane bound for Europe with his French clubmates, high school student Alex Browning has a premonition that the plane will explode shortly after takeoff, killing everyone on board. Alex panics and insists everyone get off the plane. In the ensuing scuffle, seven people, including Alex, are forced ashore, saving them from a gruesome death when the plane explodes just as Alex predicted. But when one by one each of these seven who cheated fate meet an untimely end, Alex and his remaining friends band together to try to change fate and overcome the indomitable forces of death.

3. Ultimate Goal 2 (2003)

The sequel to the 2000 film Final Destination and the second installment in the Final Destination film series, Final Destination, which begins a year after Final Destination (2000), stars college student Kimberly Corman, who is going to Daytona Beach with her friends Shaina for spring break. Dano and Frankie. Confined to the safety of a mental hospital by her own choice, Final Destination's sole survivor lives in constant fear that death will come for her. She may be thought crazy, but she's not wrong. Death moves toward Suburban Route 23 and southbound in Final Destination 2.

Meanwhile, on her way to a weekend getaway with her friends, Kimberly Corman has a terrible premonition... Shocked and in action, Kimberly blocks traffic on a side street. Motorists honk and complain until Death destroys the freeway in a massive collision and those left on the back road narrowly escape with their lives. But Kimberly knows it's not over yet: Death isn't easily cheated. Now this random group of strangers who were destined to die in the freeway crash must join Kimberly in a desperate bid to stay alive.

4. Ultimate Goal 3 (2006)

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The third installment in the Final Destination franchise, Final Destination 3, is set years after Final Destination (2000). Winstead stars as Wendy Christensen, a high school student who has a premonition that a roller coaster ride she and her classmates are on is about to derail. Although he saves some of them, Death begins to hunt the survivors. Wendy realizes that the photos she took at the amusement park contain clues about the deaths of her classmates. With survivor and friend Kevin Fischer (Merriman), Wendy tries to use this knowledge to save the rest and ruin Death's plan.

5. Final Target (2009)

If you somehow manage to outsmart death, rest assured that death will haunt you until it's gone. This time, in the fourth installment of the film series, Final Destination, set nine years after the Flight 180 explosion, eight years after the Route 23 pile-up, and four years after the Devil's Flight disaster, follows a group of people who... seek escape from a car accident during a race, with death chasing and killing one by one. Nick O'Bannon's premonition of a fatal car race spares his life and the lives of some of the lucky (or unlucky) people around him. But death doesn't take no for an answer. And the gruesome visions keep coming as the crash survivors die one by one in ever more gruesome ways. Now Nick must figure out how to outsmart death once and for all before he too reaches his ultimate goal. wait in your seats This isn't over yet!

How To Watch Final Destination Movies In Order [Chronological & By Release] - The Reading Order (2)

How many Final Destination movies are there?

The Final Destination Cinema cycle consists ofCINCOTarget (2003), Target 2 (2003), Target 3 (2006), Target (2009) and Target 5 (2011).

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All Final Destination movies in order of release date

Here is the list of Final Destination movies in order of release.

1.ultimate goal- March 17, 2000

2.last goal 2- 31 January 2003

3.last goal 3- February 10, 2006

4.the terminus– 28. August 2009

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5.Final Destination 5– 12. August 2011


Watching Final Destination movies in chronological order gives you an exciting, never-ending DIE adventure that nails the genre! Luckily, they're the same chronologically and by release date, but starting with Final Destination 5 offers the best story in the Final Destination franchise. The order in which you do these things is now up to you. But when we see it, we'd rather do it in turn.

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What is the order of the Final Destination films? ›

Final Destination

Which final destination is first? ›

Final Destination is a 2000 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wong, with a screenplay written by Wong, Glen Morgan, and Jeffrey Reddick, based on a story by Reddick. It is the first installment in the Final Destination film series and stars Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, and Tony Todd.

How are all Final Destination movies connected? ›

X-ray images bookend the film, which begins with a montage of deaths from earlier films, reimagined in this bone-crunching style. Aside from this opening, however, there's nothing that connects "The Final Destination" to the rest of the franchise.

Is Final Destination removed from Netflix? ›

But what will be LEAVING Netflix in May 2022, you ask? We've learned this morning that Final Destination 3, The Final Destination, and Final Destination 5 are leaving Netflix on May 31, 2022, for starters.

Is Final Destination 5 a prequel to the first one? ›

Final Destination 5 is a 2011 American 3D supernatural horror film directed by Steven Quale and written by Eric Heisserer. It is the fifth installment in the Final Destination film series and a prequel to the first film.

What is Final Destination 6 about? ›

Storyline. As a group of first responders escape death's grasp, they start to be killed by increasingly unlikely and killer mishaps.

Are Final Destination 1 and 5 connected? ›

Final Destination 5 may seem like just another entry in the Final Destination franchise at first, but it was revealed to be a prequel to the originals as the film progressed.

Will there ever be Final Destination 6? ›

The Final Destination franchise is far from death! The sixth movie in the series is being produced by Jon Watts (known for Clown and Spider-Man: No Way Home) with Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick serving as writers. Taylor is known for Wicked Wicked Games, and Busick for Scream 5.

Is Death ever seen in Final Destination? ›

Death, also known as the Grim Reaper, is the unseen main antagonist of the Final Destination film series. It is never seen, never shown as a being and never even speaks to a person.

Is Final Destination 1 Inappropriate? ›

From the beginning to the end, there is countless deaths played out in gorey strong violence that young kids shouldn't see, and not to mention it plenty of strong profane language. Everyone says this should 14+, but in my opinion, it is should be at least the minium of 16+.

What does 180 mean Final Destination? ›

The number 180, also known as the 180 curse, is a recurring ominous and common number and is a key element of the Final Destination series. It usually marks the imminent death of a character.

Is Final Destination 4 inappropriate? ›

The Final Destination is rated R by the MPAA for strong violent/gruesome accidents, language and a scene of sexuality.

Is Final Destination Based on a true story? ›

While those filmmakers have interesting stories about real life events (for instance, a fear of LASIK surgery) that have influenced the Final Destination movies, they are less based on real events than Reddick's initial inspiration.

Is Final Destination 3 inappropriate? ›

Parents need to know that this film isn't for young viewers. It's comprised of essentially nonstop violence against teenagers, usually staged in tense or jump scenes.

Is Final Destination on Hulu? ›

Christopher Nolan fans will be excited to see six of his most beloved films, including The Dark Knight trilogy, make their way back onto the streaming service. The entire Final Destination film series is now available on Hulu again as well.

Did Hulu remove Final Destination? ›

Disney has announced everything that is leaving Hulu in December 2022, which includes some great films, including “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and a number of films from the “Final Destination” franchise and much more.

Does Hulu have all the Final Destination movies? ›

From death by strangulation to that iconic bus splatter scene, death doesn't mess around and brings out a terror you just don't get in most slasher films. Upon its success, "Final Destination" sparked an entire franchise — all of which is now streaming on Hulu — including the less-than-stellar fourth entry.

Is Final Destination 5 inappropriate? ›

Final Destination 5 is rated R by the MPAA for strong violent/gruesome accidents, and some language. This additional information about the movie's content is taken from the notes of various Canadian Film Classification boards: Violence: - Frequent graphic violence.

Is Final Destination 5 connected? ›

The film serves as a loose prequel, as the only connection to Final Destination was the ending of the film.

Why is Final Destination 2 backwards? ›

In Final Destination 2, the death order was turned backward of the premonition, which was caused by deaths of the Flight 180 survivors. In Final Destination 3, the death order was still based the order of death, but also on the seating on Devil's Flight and the photos taken gave clues to how they might die.

Is Tom Cruise in Final Destination 5? ›

Peter Friedkin is the secondary antagonist in Final Destination 5. He is played by Miles Fisher, known as Tom Cruise in the Superhero Movie.

Is Final Destination 3 a true story? ›

Every Final Destination film is based on a horrifying premonition that eventually comes true. While the premonition and cheating Death are fictionalized, several of the gruesome visions are based on actual events.

Where can I watch Final Destination 6? ›

Final Destination 6 is the upcoming sixth installment to the Final Destination film franchise, as confirmed by series creator Jeffrey Reddick. The film is set to be written by Lori Evans Taylor and expected to be released in an undecided year. It will also be distributed to streaming on HBO Max.

Is Flight 180 real? ›

Flight 180 has been confirmed to be loosely based on the real life disaster of TWA Flight 800 that occurred on July 17, 1996 near East Moriches, New York en route to Rome, with a stopover in Paris, with high school students and had also experienced an in-flight explosion due to a spark igniting the Center Wing Track.

Are Final Destination 2 and 3 connected? ›

In chronological order, the events that happened in Final Destination 5 were the earliest, lead in to Final Destination, as both of the movies took place in 1999. Final Destination 2 was the next chronological event, taking place in 2000, and Final Destination 3 was next in 2005.

Is Alex in Final Destination 2? ›

In Final Destination 2, Clear reveals to Route 23 pile-up survivor Kimberly Corman that Alex died by being bludgeoned on the head by a dislodged brick from a nearby building.

Why were they dying in Final Destination? ›

Believing that they have escaped death, the survivors proceed to go on and live their lives. Except it is discovered that they cheated Death's design that he had placed for them to follow. As a result, Death comes for each of them one by one in the order they were supposed to die on the flight.

Do any characters survive Final Destination? ›

The Final Destination series is somewhat notable among horror fans in that there are currently no survivors (with the exception of Kimberly Corman and Thomas Burke from Final Destination 2). Alex and Clear were the survivors of the first film but in between the course of the first and second film Alex had died.

Why did they stop making Final Destination? ›

Final Destination 6 doesn't have an official release date at the time of writing. The sixth film has been in the works since 2019. However, it's endured stop-start development as a result of global restrictions and different writers being brought in.

What is the goriest death in Final Destination? ›

5 Hunt's Death by Pool Drain – The Final Destination

Arguably the best, most gruesome death that actually happens is when Hunt's intestines are sucked out thanks to a pool drain. Hunt is at the pool when a kid splashes him with water, ruining his phone and rendering him unable to listen to the warning message.

What is the saddest death in Final Destination? ›

Alex (Devon Sawa), the protagonist from the first film, is killed offscreen in between Final Destination and Final Destination 2 by a falling brick to the dome, which is super lame and easily the worst death in the series.

What is the scariest Final Destination death? ›

Top 10 'Final Destination' Deaths
  • Olivia Castle, Final Destination 5: Eye Surgery Gone Horribly Wrong.
  • Kat Jennings, Final Destination 2: Impaled Through The Head By PVC Pipe. ...
  • Terry Chaney, Final Destination: Hit By A Random Bus. ...
  • Lewis Romero, Final Destination 3: Head Smashed By Workout Machine. ...
Oct 14, 2022

What age is rated R? ›

Restricted: R - Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them.

How many swear words are in Final Destination? ›

Profanity is also rated as heavy due to nearly 50 uses of the "f" word, while various other profanities and colorful phrases are also used.

Why is saw rated R? ›

The MPA rated Saw 3D R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, and language.

How many survived Flight 180? ›

Shortly after take-off, Flight 180 crashes into a field. There are no survivors. Mr. Schubert tells the others not to disclose Alex's premonition for fear of the public's reaction.

How many people survived Flight 180? ›

There they go, here we stay. Volée Airlines Flight 180 (also known as Flight 180) was an international flight on a Boeing 747-200B destined for Paris, France that exploded shortly after takeoff from John F. Kennedy Airport on May 13, 1999, killing all 287 passengers onboard and at least one person on the ground.

What is the moral of Final Destination? ›

At the very least, heed the lesson of Final Destination, a film about the inevitability of death one way or another: this won't last forever, so do everything you can get away with while you can.

Is Final Destination more gory than saw? ›

Saw is my all time favorite series, but it's also a much different series than Final Destination. Saw has a more gory aspect to it, which I love. Final Destination is more of an adventurous series about death, where Saw is more of serious 'don't take your life for granted,' series.

Do you need to watch Final Destination 1 before 2? ›

I'd recommend Final Destination 1, then Final Destination 2, then Final Destination 5 (spoilers, it takes place before FD 1).

Is Final Destination 3 connected? ›

The film has a separate storyline from the previous films and doesn't have any characters return, but Flight 180 is mentioned by the characters while Kimberly Corman and Thomas Burke are mentioned in an alternate ending.

Is Final Destination ok for 12 year olds? ›

From the beginning to the end, there is countless deaths played out in gorey strong violence that young kids shouldn't see, and not to mention it plenty of strong profane language. Everyone says this should 14+, but in my opinion, it is should be at least the minium of 16+.

Is Final Destination 2 inappropriate? ›

Parents need to know that this movie is very gory and that death is a meaningless event held up for entertainment value. Many of the accidents involve everyday items, which might lead some audience members to view their surroundings in a much different way.

How are Final Destination 1 and 5 connected? ›

The Final Destination features a speedway accident in section 180 as well as bus with the number 180. And Final Destination 5 is actually a prequel where the two main characters, Sam and Molly, die on Flight 180 from the first movie.

Did HBO Max remove Final Destination? ›

Some of the biggest film franchises to exist will be leaving the streaming platform, including the Final Destination franchise, the Harry Potter franchise, and the Ocean's franchise on August 31. Promo image for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2." The movie will leave HBO Max at the end of August.

Which has more movies Netflix or Hulu? ›

Netflix has over 5,000 titles compared to Hulu's 3,000, so it will be harder for you to run out of TV shows and movies to watch on Netflix. Original content: Both services are great in this department, but Netflix might have a leg up. Netflix makes loads of Originals that feature great actors, directors, and producers.


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