NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (2023)

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NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for every team Arizona Cardinals: Accelerating Rebuild Through Dealing Star Veteran Atlanta Falcons: Step Up To Keep Up In NFC South Baltimore Ravens: Keep Lamar Jackson happy with a wide receiver Buffalo Bills: Improve the backfield Carolina Panthers: Ensuring a tight safety net Chicago Bears: Reinforce the catcher's room and locker room with a respected veteran Cincinnati Bengals: Add a power on the rim Cleveland Browns: Bring in another wide receiver Dallas Cowboys: Add another star to defense Denver Broncos: Add an experienced edge rusher Detroit Lions: Darius Slay reunion Green Bay Packers: Start a New Era with Jordan Love More Weapons Houston Texans: Bring a proven pass rusher Indianapolis Colts: Bet on Lamar Jackson Jacksonville Jaguars: Consiga um Trevor Lawrence Otro Wideout Kansas City Chiefs: Prepare for a title defense with Top Wideout Las Vegas Raiders: Find Derek Carr's replacement Los Angeles Chargers: Get as many cheap taxpayers as possible Los Angeles Rams: Lidar rewrite sequel with disappointing wideout Miami Dolphins: Full offense with a star on the back Minnesota Vikings: Sign a top-flight defenseman New England Patriots: Trade as usual New Orleans Saints: Finally getting over Michael Thomas New York Giants: Reinforce the reception room New York Jets: clearing the security backlog Philadelphia Eagles: Climb the board to reload for another run Pittsburgh Steelers: Bring back some mid-picks San Francisco 49ers: Take advantage of wideout value Seattle Seahawks: Eliminated from the top 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Changing to prepare for life without Tom Brady Tennessee Titans: Get Rid of Your Quarterback Washington Majors: Get more recruiting capital dealing with veterans Videos

NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for every team

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (1)

    Titãs do Tennessee RB Derrick HenryCourtney Culbreath/Getty Images

    The 2023 NFL draft offers teams an opportunity to improve not only by drafting candidates, but also by recruiting veterans in exchange for picks or terminating unwanted contracts with competing franchises.

    There will be no shortage of negotiations before the start of the first round on April 27th and the end of the seventh round on April 29th. During this time, each team can make at least one play to achieve their goals, be it this season or in the future.

    With that in mind, here's a hypothetical trade that makes sense for each of the league's 32 franchises.

    Select numbers courtesy ofDraftTek.comand to explain the Miami Dolphins' loss in 21st overall.

Arizona Cardinals: Accelerating Rebuild Through Dealing Star Veteran

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (2)

    Steve Nuremberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    Receive the cardinals: 2023 second round pick (No.58), WR Michael Gallup

    received jeans: WR DeAndre Hopkins

    The Arizona Cardinals are at a point where it's time to tear things down and start over. The club parted ways with their former manager and general manager at the start of the off-season so a rebuild will allow the new regime to build a roster of contenders from scratch.

    The NFL NetworkIan's reportHe called it a "reset year" for the organization.

    While the team can still build around Kyler Murray, its 25-year-old franchise quarterback who received a massive contract extension last year, veteran pieces like wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins should be considered expendable.

    ESPNJeremy Jaegerreported that the Cardinals are seeking "significant compensation" for Hopkins, including "a premium pick for Day 2 and beyond."

    With Hopkins on the wrong side of 30, with a nearly $31 million salary cap for next season, an Arizona with little hope of competition, they should be happy to receive a late second-round pick for their services.

    Sending the wide receiver to a team desperate to improve wide receiver status, like the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for No. 58 overall and Michael Gallup, would allow the Cardinals to acquire valuable recruiting capital and younger talent to replace Hopkins.

Atlanta Falcons: Step Up To Keep Up In NFC South

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (3)

    GM Terry FontenotJustin Casterline/Getty Images

    get the hawks: Erstrunden-Pick 2023 (Nr. 3)

    Arizona receives: 2023 First Round Pick (Nr. 8), 2023 Second Round Pick (Nr. 44), 2024 First Round Pick, QB Desmond Ridder

    The Atlanta Falcons are in a tough spot with their 8th overall and desperately need a quarterback to build on.

    The rival Carolina Panthers, who originally drafted a 9th-place finish behind the Falcons before dropping it to the Chicago Bears in a package for the No. 1 pick overall, showed how expensive it can be to secure a top quarterback. , but the Falcons will need to strike a similar deal to win one in this draft.

    While the team already has a young flag in Desmond Ridder, a third-round pick last year, his rookie performance and slow development doesn't make it worth betting on the future. Atlanta could sign him to give the Cardinals a safe option to train behind injury-prone starter Kyler Murray.

    Third overall, the Falcons can claim a C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young or Anthony Richardson, the top three consensus passers in the class.

    Any one of them would be a fantastic addition to this organization and give it the quarterback it so desperately needs since the end of the Matt Ryan era.

Baltimore Ravens: Keep Lamar Jackson happy with a wide receiver

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (4)

    Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    receive the crows: WR Jerry Jeudy

    get white: 2023 third-round pick (#86), 2023 fifth-round pick (#157)

    As the Baltimore Ravens move forward with Lamar Jackson at center, they'll want to make some moves to keep their star quarterback happy and healthy.

    The club could achieve both goals with a single trade for a promising wide receiver. While there are several veterans Baltimore could target, Jerry Jeudy may have the best combination of skill and edge.

    The Denver Broncos picked Jeudy 15th overall in 2020. His rookie season was solid if unspectacular before injuries prevented him from showing growth in 2021. Despite Denver's collapse last year, Jeudy was able to bounce back and have his best season. remain healthy enough as a pro to compete in 15 competitions.

    At just 23, Jeudy could be the ideal receiver to rock Baltimore's offense for the foreseeable future. Denver could be willing to part ways with him at the right price given his injury history and the new regime looming.

    Pairing him with 2021 first-round pick Rashod Bateman and star tight end Mark Andrews would equip Jackson with a wealth of gifted passing weapons and take the pressure off of creating with his legs and resting his body after each game . of the last two successful seasons.

Buffalo Bills: Improve the backfield

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (5)

    Stephen Maduran/Getty Images

    invoice receipt: RB Dalvin Cook

    receive Vikings: Second-round pick 2023 (No. 59)

    The Buffalo Bills were among the favorites to get into the Super Bowl last season. That failed after the offense faltered in the Divisional Round, a result of lackluster running play.

    Despite a powerful pass attack led by quarterback Josh Allen and elite wide receiver Stefon Diggs to ease the pressure, Buffalo's running backs couldn't consistently capitalize.

    Devin Singletary and James Cook combined for 87 yards on 22 carries in a thrilling game against the Miami Dolphins in the wild card round and the following week against the Cincinnati Bengals for a record of just 38 yards on 11 total.

    Despite the Bills Cook drafting in the second round last year, it's clear the club need to do more to cope with their defensive squad in 2023. Have Singletary walk around as a free agent and replace him with an excellent commercial market running back. should do the trick.

    While Dalvin Cook is an expensive option and nearing his seventh year as a pro, the Minnesota Vikings star represents a major improvement in a position that clearly needs a candidate.

    While Minnesota Cook isn't buying right away, at least one isCommercial offeralready on the table for running back, continued KSTP's Darren WolfsonMackey und JuddPodcast (with Will Ragatz from Inside the Vikings). Given his $14.1 million salary cap and lack of interest in a pay cut, the Vikings may be tempted to release the 27-year-old in exchange for small compensation.

    If the Bills find a way to get Cook's contract below the salary cap and the veteran running back can stay healthy, Buffalo will be much better positioned to have a good playoff run at the end of next season.

Carolina Panthers: Ensuring a tight safety net

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (6)

    Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

    Panthers received: TE Darren Waller

    The invaders received: Drittrunden-Pick 2023 (#93)

    The Carolina Panthers did everything they could to secure the #1 pick in the 2023 draft. While it took a lot of capital and their best offensive weapon in wide receiver DJ Moore to close the deal, now they get to pick their quarterback. field of the future

    However, Carolina shouldn't have finished working on the phones just yet. The team needs to bring even more talent to surround their young flagger and help in his development.

    The tight endpoint in particular needs a boost, especially when it comes to pass-catching ability. The Panthers lack a proven playmaker at this position and will want to patch this hole as soon as possible.

    Darren Waller has the potential to make a significant contribution at Carolina even after an injury-plagued 2022 season severely dented his stock.

    Waller may have seen action in just nine games and allowed just 388 yards and three touchdowns in a difficult year for himself and the Las Vegas Raiders last season, but he's just two years away from a 2020 Pro Bowl campaign. 107 passes for 1,196 yards and nine touchdowns.

    Getting a big safety net like Waller would be a big help for Carolina's freshman quarterback. It's a low-risk, high-reward trade that could significantly speed up the Panthers' rebuild if the tight end can stay sane.

Chicago Bears: Reinforce the catcher's room and locker room with a respected veteran

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (7)

    Cooper Neill/Getty Images

    (Video) 2023 NFL Free Agency Grades For All 32 NFL Teams So Far This Offseason

    get the bears: WR Mike Evans

    Get the Buccaneers: Second-round pick 2023 (No. 53)

    The Chicago Bears are flush with draft capital after losing first overall in the upcoming draft. It's time to capitalize on those assets and build a competitor around quarterback Justin Fields.

    One of the best ways to do that would be to acquire a wide receiver like Mike Evans. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just lost quarterback Tom Brady to retirement and don't have a clear path to take on in 2023. With Evans entering the final year of his contract and his 30-year season, there couldn't be a better time to trade him than now.

    Evans put on fantastic numbers even in the Bucs' lean years before Brady and captained a Super Bowl-winning team. He'll be an ideal choice for Chicago's dressing rooms and a perfect wide receiver for Fields to hone his passing skills.

    Although the Bears recently welcomed star D.J. The Carolina Panthers' Moore, adding Evans, would culminate in a complete overhaul of a reception room that was one of the most disappointing in the league last year.

    It shouldn't cost the bears too much either. The No. 53 overall pick, which they acquired from the Baltimore Ravens in a trade for Roquan Smith, should do the trick.

Cincinnati Bengals: Add a power on the rim

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (8)

    Dylan Buell/Getty Images

    received flags: Caso Khalil Mack

    shipper received: 2023 second-round pick (#60), 2023 seventh-round pick (#246)

    The Cincinnati Bengals almost reached their second straight Super Bowl last season. If they had an outstanding talent like Khalil Mack for this race, they could now hold the organization's first Lombardi Trophy.

    Given the need for L.A. to prioritize a successful extension for quarterback Justin Herbert, it may be time to release Mack after just one season at the club. While the team recently restructured Mack's deal in a move that brought short-term salary cap relief, it raised his cap to oneunsustainable $38.5million in 2024.

    Cincinnati should capitalize on Mack's availability, even if it's just a one-time rental. He was traded by the Chicago Bears for second- and sixth-round picks and could be traded for even less this offseason considering the Chargers now face future financial woes following the reorganization.

    After averaging just 30 sacks all of last season, the Bengals need to add a pass rusher of Mack's caliber to the mix.

    They have the cash to sign him thanks to Joe Burrow's team-friendly rookie deal, and while that will change ahead of his free agency in 2025 with a potentially record-breaking extension, Mack could give Cincinnati the kind of boost in the short term. Expression. . The team must drive one run in the Super Bowl.

Cleveland Browns: Bring in another wide receiver

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (9)

    Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    received brown: W. R. Elias Moore

    received jets: Third round selection 2023 (#98)

    The Cleveland Browns spared no expense in putting an end to the franchise's quarterback woes last offseason. After handing Deshaun Watson a mega deal and finally getting him back on the field at the end of last season, they can head into a contender in 2023 by surrounding the caller with a few more quality pass receivers.

    Elijah Moore could fill the bill and change his career away from the New York Jets. Moore had a promising rookie year after being drafted by Gang Green in 2021 but saw his usage and stats dwindle last season. Those frustrations killed the 22-year-oldrequest an exchange, a wish that was not fulfilled by the deadline of 2022.

    That could change, however, especially if the Jets end up spending big to sign Aaron Rodgers. The organization could recapture some of that value by selling Moore to a team like Cleveland during draft, a team that could place Moore in a bigger role within his system.

    While the Browns have a solid No. 1 in Amari Cooper, the rest of their receiving corps is so-so. Moore could be the club's missing weapon to complete the attack.

Dallas Cowboys: Add another star to defense

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (10)

    Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

    received jeans: CB Darío Slay

    receive the eagles: 2023 Drittrunden-Pick (No. 90), 2023 Viertrunden-Pick (No. 129)

    The Cowboys hypothetically signed DeAndre Hopkins from the Arizona Cardinals earlier this year and can even their roster by making a trade for another talent, this time on defense.

    Darius Slay appears to be leaving Philly, having recently been given permission to do solook for a trade. He will have many admirers as one of the best cornerbacks available this offseason, but Cowboys star Micah Parsons has already made his mark after himtweetedSend a recruitment message to the Defense Veteran.

    Having Slay and Trevon Diggs on the field together would give Dallas one of the best, if not the best, starting cornerbacks in the NFL.

    While the overpayment will likely be necessary to lure Slay away from one of his main rivals, the Cowboys could offer Philadelphia an opportunity to get a major salary cap relief by signing the 32-year-old after the Eagles renegotiate their agreement. Subscription and Exchange Agreement.

Denver Broncos: Add an experienced edge rusher

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (11)

    Bilder Stacy Revere/Getty

    get white: Edge Za'Darius Smith

    receive Vikings: Third round selection 2023 (#68)

    The Denver Broncos have had a difficult season, but under new head coach Sean Payton, they have a chance to rise from the ashes. If the organization manages to bring in some outstanding veterans to complement the current core, this group will be tougher than expected next season.

    Add in a good running back like Za'Darius Smith, whorequested a releaseof the Minnesota Vikings this offseason and became a trade competitor in the process - joining the herd would fill one of Denver's greatest defensive needs.

    The Broncos had just 36 sacks all of last season and have had to improve their pass-rushing skills since making a timely trade-in from Bradley Chubb. While veteran Randy Gregory remains under contract, he was unreliable for much of his NFL career due to injury, appearing in just six games last year.

    Pairing Gregory with Smith, who had a rebound season and added 10 sacks in 2022, would give the Broncos a dangerous pair to run on the sidelines when Gregory is healthy and safely in position when he's not.

Detroit Lions: Darius Slay reunion

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (12)

    Images by Kevin Sabitus/Getty

    Lions get:CB Dario-Kill

    Get Eagle:Second round selection 2023 (#55)

    The Detroit Lions came close to making the playoffs last year. The team eventually suffered from its lackluster passing defense, a unit that allowed for the third most yards in the league.

    Those issues could go away with a trade for cornerback Darius Slay.

    Slay spent the first seven years of his career at Motor City after the Lions selected him in the second round of the 2013 draft. He assembled his only All-Pro team during his tenure at Detroit and would be right back in the current iteration of match this list

    like ESPNDiana RussiniGiven that the Philadelphia Eagles last week gave the cornerback permission to seek a trade, Detroit will need to capitalize on Slay's familiarity with the franchise when looking for a new place to practice his trade.

    The Eagles would benefit from the salary cap relief resulting from the slay trade as he is expected to earn $17 million in base salary and has a salary cap of $26.1 million in the final year of his contract.

    Given that Detroit has two second-round picks in the upcoming draft, sending one of them to Philadelphia to find a player who fulfills one of their biggest needs looks like a win for both sides.

Green Bay Packers: Start a New Era with Jordan Love More Weapons

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (13)

    David Eulitt/Getty Images

    Get the packers: TE Albert Oakland

    get white: 2023 fifth-round selection (#149)

    The Green Bay Packers are looking like a lock to bring veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets, so the draft will represent a time to load up offensive weapons and protection for new starter Jordan Love.

    Tight end is a spot the Packers need to improve to help their young signalman. Robert Tonyan isn't the same player who broke out in 2020 with 11 touchdown receptions and is hitting free hands anyway. The club desperately needs a safety valve that Love can rely on in crucial situations.

    While the team could adopt any of the available rookie tight ends, it's a position where it's notoriously difficult to transition to the pros quickly and successfully. If the Packers really want to figure out what they love next season, trading for a senior would be the best move.

    Albert Okwuegbunam would be an interesting target given the Denver Broncos' 2020 fourth-round pick was likely to break out last season after a promising sophomore season. Injuries limited him to eight games, however, and a sensational display from rookie Greg Dulcich cost him playing time when he was available.

    A fresh start can mean a lot for Okwuegbunam. The Missouri product is still only 24 years old and could be co-developed with Love. This is the kind of low-risk, high-reward move Green Bay should be taking to remain competitive in the post-Rodgers era.

(Video) First Full 2023 Mock Draft Following Bears-Panthers Trade | NFL Stock Exchange

Houston Texans: Bring a proven pass rusher

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (14)

    Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

    Texans received: Borde Josh Allen

    The jaguars received: Second round selection 2023 (#33)

    The Houston Texans were hit in the gut as the Carolina Panthers jumped to the lead of the draft. While the Texans can no longer pick the brooding quarterback in this class, they still must choose to signal call at number 2 to fill the franchise's greatest need.

    However, Houston can arguably solve its second most important roster problem through trade. The defense has holes throughout the lineup, with the upside being a place that could use an injection of talent after having veteran players like Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison last year.

    Jacksonville Jaguars' Josh Allen would be a good option for Houston. Allen is just 25 and finishing his third season with at least seven sacks in the four years since he was named No. 7 overall. While he was in no way a franchise-changing star, he's had his moments and can always get better.

    Allen was besieged by trade rumors ahead of the November deadline. Now he's entering the final year of his rookie contract, meaning the Jaguars could choose to trade him in to save nearly $11 million in cap space and not lose him for free after the season.

    With Houston being so deep in draft capital and cap space, it would make sense for both parties to throw an early runoff at Jacksonville to seal that deal.

Indianapolis Colts: Bet on Lamar Jackson

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (15)

    Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

    received foals: QB Lamar Jackson

    receive the crows: 2023 Erstrunden-Pick (Nr. 4), 2024 Erstrunden-Pick

    The Indianapolis Colts' chances of picking a senior-ranked quarterback in the 2023 draft were severely impacted after the Carolina Panthers moved up to the No. 1 pick last week. With their 4th overall options dwindling, the Colts may need to look again for a veteran to address their hole in the middle.

    Though the club has gone through a revolving door of veterans moving up the hill since Andrew Luck retired, this time it should be heading towards a star still at its peak. There won't be many available, but Indianapolis can lure Lamar Jackson away from the Baltimore Ravens simply by making an offer that the quarterback's starting club won't fit.

    Since Jackson was hit by the non-exclusive franchise mark, it would cost Indianapolis a few first-round picks, plus the hefty contract Jackson has Baltimore would be reluctant to join.

    While this isn't a direct "trade," it's the best move the Colts can make to finally get the Pro Bowl quarterback they needed to get back in contention.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Consiga um Trevor Lawrence Otro Wideout

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (16)

    William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    The jaguars received: Camiseta WR Higgins

    received flags: 2023 Erstrunden-Pick (Nr. 24), 2023 Drittrunden-Pick (Nr. 88)

    The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated Trevor Lawrence at the head of the 2021 draft. He's quickly becoming one of the best players at his position and should be even better in 2023 after winning his franchise's first playoff game in half a decade.

    One way to ensure Lawrence and the Jags get another run next season is to bring in more wide receiver talent. The team will have Calvin Ridley back after serving a season suspension for betting on games while not on his old team, but a quarterback of Lawrence's caliber can never have too many guns.

    A handful of seniors are believed to be available, but the Cincinnati Bengals' Tee Higgins would be one of Jacksonville's best.

    The stocky wide receiver has been as consistent as his first three years in the league, surging for over 3,000 yards and 19 touchdowns on 215 receptions during that span.

    And while Bengals recently played player director Duke TobinZombadoCincinnati will soon face a harsh reality with the idea of ​​a wide receiver trade, but holding Higgins and dishing out mega deals to Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase may not be feasible.

    That's where the Jaguars come in, offering their 24th overall and 88th overall for their services this offseason.

    While the Bengals may not want to hand over one of the best young wide receivers in the game to an AFC prospect, that might be too strong an offer to say no.

Kansas City Chiefs: Prepare for a title defense with Top Wideout

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (17)

    Cooper Neill/Getty Images

    get bosses: WR Brandin Cooks

    Texans received: 2023 second-round pick (No. 63), 2023 fifth-round pick (No. 166)

    The Chiefs settled for an unknown group of wide receivers last season, but three of them -- JuJu Smith-Schuster, Mecole Hardman and Justin Watson -- are stepping into the open market as free agents. The team needs to fill the position, and there's no better way to do that than to bring in a prime option.

    Unhappy to work hard for a struggling franchise, Brandin Cooks is poised to leave the Houston Texans rebuild before its entire heyday is wasted. The Texans couldn't find a job for the 29-year-old in time, but the organization will almost certainly send him after his release.stripped of his captaincyand made it clear that he was upset about staying in Houston.

    Cooks would provide Patrick Mahomes with the best wide receiver he's had since Tyreek Hill left, and do some of the work for Travis Kelce. While Kelce still played at a high level, the tight end will turn 34 next season and won't remain a superstar forever.

Las Vegas Raiders: Find Derek Carr's replacement

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (18)

    Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

    Raiders get:QB Mac Jones

    received patriots: 2023 second-round pick (#38), 2023 third-round pick (#70), 2023 sixth-round pick (#204)

    Having long parted ways with their starting quarterback, the Las Vegas Raiders will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding Derek Carr's replacement.

    One of the less conventional avenues the club could take is to deal in a young centre-back of first-round pedigree who still has his rookie contract. Bonus points for being familiar with Josh McDaniels' system and even making a Pro Bowl appearance while playing under the former New England Patriots offensive coordinator.

    It sounds far-fetched, but the Raiders could be a great option for Jones, and the Patriots might even be willing to change their callsign after Jones' return, reportedly ending up in coach Bill Belichick's kennel last year.

    Although zu ESPNand Gratiansaid it was "unlikely" that New England would make such a move, The Athletic'sJeff HoweHe noted that backup quarterback Bailey Zappe will have a real chance to usurp Jones as a starter at Foxborough this year.

    Zappe impressed by acquiring Jones in 2022, so it's not hard to think the Patriots could choose to raise a fair amount of capital while providing Zappe with their offense.

Los Angeles Chargers: Get as many cheap taxpayers as possible

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (19)

    Michael Hickey/Fake Pictures

    Sender received:2023 second-round pick (#40), 2023 third-round pick (#71), 2023 fifth-round pick (#165)

    Saints received:2023 First Round Pick (#21)

    The cash-strapped Los Angeles Chargers launched a wave ofcontract restructuringto unlock more than $40 million in Cap Space this off-season. While they have some breathing room now, an extension for rising star quarterback Justin Herbert will soon take up plenty of room.

    To remain a contender beyond Herbert's inevitable payday, the Bolts must increase the value of their draft picks and bag a number of useful pieces in cheap rookie deals.

    Los Angeles may facilitate that goal by moving down from 21st overall in next month's draft.

    Send that pick to a club like the New Orleans Saints, who are looking to compete in the NFC after taking Derek Carr this offseason and would benefit from a second first round in exchange for the Nos. 40, 71 and The No . Let Bolts stock the closet on the cheap.

    In astute terms, those picks could pay off significantly for the Chargers going forward.

Los Angeles Rams: Lidar rewrite sequel with disappointing wideout

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (20)

    Images by Kevin Sabitus/Getty

    Sheep Get:2023 Seventh Round Pick (#256)

    Get packer:W. R. Allen Robinson II

    The Los Angeles Rams may not be openly remodeling — general manager Les Snead prefers to call him a"remodel"- but it's becoming clear that the 2023 version of this team will lack some of the veterans it's fielded over the past few years.

    (Video) 8 NFL Teams That NEED To Trade Up In This Years Draft (2023)

    Allen Robinson II was not part of the team's 2021 championship but was brought in to defend that title last March. However, he was having his second straight season of consternation after posting back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons in 2019 and 2020.

    According to the NFL NetworkTom Pelissero, the Rams are not keen on Robinson playing out the remaining two years of his contract and have allowed him to seek a trade this offseason.

    The Packers could be one of those teams willing to take on A-Rob for the right price. His Pro Bowl lead might be worth giving up a late-round pick, even after catching just 33 passes for 339 yards and three touchdowns in 10 games last year.

    While the Day 3 pick the Rams get in return doesn't do much for the reshuffle, getting Robinson off the books is a win right now, even if it means they have to pay part of his salary.

Miami Dolphins: Full offense with a star on the back

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (21)

    Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

    Dolphins get:RB Derrick Henry

    Titans get:2023 Third Round Pick (#84)

    The Miami Dolphins have produced running backs in recent seasons, but none have emerged as viable additions to the offensive's star-studded passing offense. That could change this offseason if they take on Derrick Henry.

    Henry continues to be a top running back despite being heavily used over the past 50 years. Despite picking up an injury that cost him more than half of the 2021 season, he returned to play 16 games last year and showed he still has something in his tank.

    Despite this resurgence, the Titans would benefit from a full rebuild, trading Henry for draft assets, as it's become apparent their current offensive core won't get them to the Super Bowl.

    While the 29-year-old isn't a long-term solution to Miami's defensive woes, even players called up to the position are rare.

    Getting a couple of strong seasons out of Henry would plug one of the team's most glaring holes and round out an offense that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa needs to do better to protect after an injury-plagued 2022 season.

Minnesota Vikings: Sign a top-flight defenseman

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (22)

    Cooper Neill/Getty Images

    Vikings get:ILB Isaiah Simmons

    Cardinals receive:2023 third-round pick (#87), 2024 conditional second-round pick

    Isaiah Simmons was expected to be a versatile quarterback who could play in multiple positions and be successful regardless of his position. The Arizona Cardinals drafted him for 8th overall in 2020, but so far he has yet to live up to that tally.

    After the Cardinals made regime change, he could be one of the Steve-Keim-era holdovers sent to attract capital.

    The Minnesota Vikings may want to take the rare opportunity to snag a top 10 pick while still on his rookie contract for a relative bargain. They have a lot of holes in defense and Simmons could close at least one, if not a few of them.

    Según Pro Football Focus (h/tthe urbanfrom the Cardinals official website), Simmons has over 400 as a cornerback and nearly 300 as a boxing defender in 2022. He also had 110 snaps at the defensive line, 28 at wide cornerback and 53 at free safety.

    While Arizona Simmons won't give up after showing promise, they haven't committed to their fifth-year option either.

    If Minnesota offers a third-round pick this year and a conditional second-round pick next year, that could be enough to sustain the Cardinals' rebuild.

New England Patriots: Trade as usual

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    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (23)

    Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

    Patriots get:2023 First Round Pick (Nr. 24), 2023 Third Round Pick (Nr. 88), 2023 Fourth Round Pick (Nr. 121), 2023 Sixth Round Pick (Nr. 185)

    Jaguars get:2023 Erstrunden-Pick (No. 14), 2023 Sechstrunden-Pick (No. 210)

    New England is no stranger to trading during NFL drafts.

    Coach Bill Belichick loves to rack up extra assets by slipping off the board early. The Pats sent the No. 21 to the Chiefs for the No. 29 last year, earning an extra third and fourth round in the process and could implement family strategy again in 2023.

    The Patriots, who are 14th overall this time around, will likely look at the bigger picture before making a decision when they're on the clock. Unless a franchise-changing selection comes along, like having one of the best halfbacks fall in his lap on the spot and a trade for Mac Jones materializes, an easy relegation will help New England up its game to improve. Disappointing performance in 2022.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars could be one of the clubs interested in filling the New England vacancy.

    Climbing 10 spots from No. 24 overall would likely cost the club at least their third-round pick and one of their fourth-round picks, plus a sixth-round pick trade to sweeten the pot, but it would allow Jacksonville to turn some of his nine picks into a higher quality prospect.

    Historically, New England has done well with mid-draft picks, and 2023 is unlikely to change that.

New Orleans Saints: Finally getting over Michael Thomas

23 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (24)

    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Saints received:2023 Seventh Round Pick (#258)

    get the bears: W. R. Michael Thomas

    The New Orleans Saints have been patient with Michael Thomas, but it's clear the once-elite wide receiver and the team need a fresh start.

    Santos made the veteran's negotiations much easier by restructuring his contract in January. Thomas can now be traded without a team imposing exorbitant salary caps.

    While the returns aren't great for a 30-year-old who hasn't had a full season in the past three years, the Saints must be willing to accept almost anything for a player they'd likely let go anyway.

    Though Thomas has only been dressed for 10 games over the past three seasons, there must be at least a few teams willing to kick in the hoops of a talent who hauled in a whopping 149 catches for 1,725 ​​yards and nine touchdowns in 2019.

    If Thomas was caught by a late Day 3 pick, a team like the Chicago Bears could be tempted to make the game. If the three-time Pro Bowler got back on form, he would instantly improve a passing game that was lacking in elite receivers last year.

    There's a chance the bears will be burned as Thomas suffered another injury, but the low cost of doing business won't slow the franchise down too much in that case.

New York Giants: Reinforce the reception room

24 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (25)

    Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire über Getty Images

    Obtain Giants:WR Gabe Davis

    Receive invoices:2023 Drittrunden-Pick (No. 100)

    The New York Giants' receiving team left a lot to be desired last year. The team still managed to advance to the Divisional round of the playoffs, but they need to pull better targets after signing quarterback Daniel Jones for a four-year contract extension this offseason.

    With the G-mensupposedly lookingFor a broad receiver in the commercial market, it might make sense to sign a star coach that Brian Daboll is familiar with.

    Gabe Davis is entering the final year of his rookie contract after being drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2020. He spent his two seasons at Daboll as an offensive coordinator and had the best of his career in 2022.

    The 23-year-old will seek a contract extension but the Bills may need to allocate funds elsewhere in order to field a championship-caliber roster. If Davis isn't in their future plans, trading him now could give them a nice return instead of losing him for nothing after the season.

    Davis would instantly stand as one of New York's top pass-catching options and could really stand out due to the lack of stars like Stefon Diggs fighting for touches. It would be a great game for the Giants, especially if it only cost a Day 2 pick.

New York Jets: clearing the security backlog

25 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (26)

    Cooper Neill/Getty Images

    Get Jets:2023 Seventh Round Pick (#253)

    The 49ers get:Jordan Weisskopf

    The New York Jets made a smart trade last week to improve the safety position, bringing in Chuck Clark from the Ravens for a seventh-round pick.

    The team can now attempt to regain that pick and break through trading starter Jordan Whitehead's positional block.

    Whitehead canceled the two-year, $14.5 million deal he signed with Gang Green last year. He was a major force during his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but losteight duelsin 2022 and he wasn't very useful against the race.

    A fresh start would benefit both parties, and the San Francisco 49ers could be the only ones offering it. For an expendable late-round pick, the Niners can capitalize on Whitehead's career revitalization and add some much-needed veteran safety to the mix.

Philadelphia Eagles: Climb the board to reload for another run

26 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (27)

    Bilder Stacy Revere/Getty

    Get Eagle:Erstrunden-Pick 2023 (Nr. 5)

    The Seahawks receive:2023 First Round Pick (Nr. 10), 2023 First Round Pick (Nr. 30)

    Headed to the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles fell short of winning the organization's second title in the last half decade.

    The team has few needs left after this impressive feat, giving them the luxury of designing to focus on the talent of the generation rather than having to allocate capital to bring in multiple pieces.

    The Eagles can compose their top 2 for a jump into the top 5. The Seattle Seahawks would be an ideal partner to execute this deal as they still have some holes to fill despite securing a playoff berth in 2022.

    Some early players should be attractive enough. With Seattle's No. 5, the Eagles will position themselves to potentially land a generational talent like Georgia's Jalen Carter or Alabama's Will Anderson Jr.

(Video) 2023 NFL Free Agency Winners and Losers | CBS Sports HQ

Pittsburgh Steelers: Bring back some mid-picks

27 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (28)

    Justin Casterline/Getty Images

    The Steelers receive:2023 First Round Pick (Nr. 19), 2023 Fifth Round Pick (Nr. 153), 2023 Fifth Round Pick (Nr. 175)

    Buccaneer obtained:Erstrunden-Pick 2023 (Nr. 17)

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are drawing midway through the first round but would benefit from a drop in the scoreboard to win back some of the Day 3 picks they gave up.

    You have zero picks between No. 120 in the fourth round and No. 234 in the seventh round. For an organization that prefers to build by design, this is a huge gap in which to acquire useful talent.

    With that in mind, it wouldn't be a surprise if Pittsburgh traded the 17th overall to a club like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a franchise that has multiple fifth-round picks.

    Abandoning No. 17 for Nos. 19, 153 and 175 would allow the Steelers to build their roster with additional prospects in later rounds.

San Francisco 49ers: Take advantage of wideout value

28 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (29)

    Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

    The 49ers get:Erstrunden-Pick 2023 (Nr. 14)

    Patriots get:WR Brandon Aiyuk

    The San Francisco 49ers are full of good talent in skill positions that have been well rewarded for their efforts. With the likes of Deebo Samuel, George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey all on big deals, it will be difficult for the club to secure a market value deal for Brandon Aiyuk.

    Aiyuk, a 2020 first-round pick, just threw his first 1,000-yard season and hit a career-high eight touchdowns. He's expected to get a major overtime soon, which the 49ers may not be able to offer.

    With wide receivers reaping great NPV in draft-day trades recently, Marquise Brown and A.J. Brown returned at least one first-round pick for his services last year -- the Niners could make a similar move by sending Aiyuk to the Patriots.

    New England struggled a long time with receiver development in the Bill Belichick era. The club were far luckier with the move, bringing in players like Wes Welker and Randy Moss and using them to great effect.

    The Pats could finally get the coveted No. 1 wide receiver by relinquishing their first-round pick to Aiyuk, a deal the 49ers will have to accept lest they lose Aiyuk in the future for nothing.

Seattle Seahawks: Eliminated from the top 5

29 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (30)

    Bilder Stacy Revere/Getty

    The Seahawks receive:2023 First Round Pick (Nr. 16), 2023 Fourth Round Pick (Nr. 118), 2024 First Round Pick

    Commanders get:Erstrunden-Pick 2023 (Nr. 5)

    The Seattle Seahawks didn't have to wait long to discover Russell Wilson's replacement. With Geno Smith filling the void left by the veteran quarterback's departure and recently landed a new contract with the club, the job is in good hands for at least next season.

    That luxury allows the Seahawks to trade from 5th overall and capture future assets from a club more desperate for a big prospect. The Commanders fit here as a team that needs a quarterback.

    With three quarterbacks likely to leave the board early, Anthony Richardson, C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young could at least put Washington in contention for a No. 16.

    The commanders would need a few more things to break through. Carolina will almost certainly place one of these prospects at #1 after the trade, but the next three options remain up in the air. This will at least give Washington a chance to finally get the coveted rookie it needs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Changing to prepare for life without Tom Brady

30 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (31)

    Bilder Stacy Revere/Getty

    Buccaneer obtained:2023 first-round pick (#31), 2024 second-round pick, 2024 sixth-round pick

    Get Bosses:First round pick 2023 (#19)

    The Buccaneers were on the fringes of Tom Brady's senior year, but injuries and inconsistencies cost the 2020 champions their chance to run. Some remnants of this title-winning team remain, but Tampa could be heading towards a full rebuild.

    The Bucs haven't exactly amassed fortunes, which makes the 2023 draft a great time for them to pick up a few more tips that could help them build a successful team in the future.

    While their first-round pick of 19th overall isn't the most enviable, it's a place rival franchises might want to go in order to secure a player they don't want to risk losing.

    The Chiefs might want to move a few points to add a more high-spirited perspective than they would have in 31st place.

    Swapping that pick, as well as the 2024 second and sixth round picks, would help both sides. Kansas City would sign a better rookie who can help maintain its dynasty, while Tampa would add future value once it gets a better idea of ​​where the franchise is after the 2023 season.

Tennessee Titans: Get Rid of Your Quarterback

31 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (32)

    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Titans get:2023 Viertrundenauswahl (#113)

    Gain Falcon:QB Ryan Tannehill

    It's time for the Tennessee Titans to start their rebuild in style. While Ryan Tannehill has enjoyed a solid couple of seasons since taking over at the club in 2019, he has regressed and dealt with injuries during a difficult 2022 season.

    By trading with Tannehill and star running back Derrick Henry, Tennessee can wipe the slate clean and raise capital to begin rebuilding.

    The Falcons may have some interest in Tannehill because of the Arthur Smith connection. Smith was Tannehill's offensive coordinator during his only Pro Bowl season and is now Atlanta's head coach. The 34-year-old would be a temporary quality upgrade over Desmond Ridder, the Falcons' third-round pick last year, and would give the young flare more time to develop.

    With Smith needing a few wins to improve his job security, adding Tannehill for a mid-round pick might be the best move. Tennessee should be happy to do the same and start finding the quarterback of the future.

    Whether this is Malik Willis' second year or a future prospect remains to be seen, but it's clear Tannehill is no longer the right person for the job.

Washington Majors: Get more recruiting capital dealing with veterans

32 von 32

    NFL Draft 2023: 1 trade that makes sense for all teams (33)

    Justin Casterline/Getty Images

    Commanders get:Erstrunden-Pick 2023 (Nr. 20)

    The Seahawks receive:DT Daron Payne

    Commanders in Washington may have reached an agreementlong-term agreementwith Daron Payne, but that doesn't mean he has to play for the organization in 2023. The club could still trade him for Draft Capital after his rookie season.

    With Washington's defensive line teeming with talent, trading Payne makes long-term financial sense.

    (Video) 2023 NFL Mock Draft | Panthers Trade up to #1

    Though the Commanders managed to fulfill his new contract this year, there's little chance they'll be able to keep Payne beyond Jonathan Allen, Montez Sweat and Chase Young for seasons to come.

    The Seahawks desperately need to fill their tackle-sized defensive hole, and they can accomplish that goal by handing the last of their two first-round picks to the commanders.

    Considering Seattle had the third-worst defense against last year's run, Payne is a strong opponent for the club.


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