Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (2023)

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From currency to leveling up, this guide has all the essential information a new player needs to survive on Wraeclast.

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  • Character creation
  • find build
  • The first few acts have survived
  • Passive tree and climbing
  • Skill Gems and Support Gems explained
  • How to upgrade your gear
  • Helpful community resources

No ARPG on the market can match the sheer depth way of exile. This free dungeon crawler offers a level of customization that would blush in other games. Everything from your skills to your end-game experience can be tailored to your needs.

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Unfortunately, Path of Exile's depth comes at the expense of affordability. It's certainly the most annoying dungeon crawler out there, but don't let that put you off. Behind the game's brutal campaign lies one of the richest, most varied and...satisfying ARPG in this genre. To overcome this insurmountable hurdle, we've created this guide as a resource that players can refer to whenever the need arises. Let's start by covering the cornerstone of most role-playing games: classes.



Updated by Charles Burgar on April 23, 2023:Path of Exile has made some big changes since our last Ritual League re-release. Several leagues and expansions changed the difficulty and overall progression of Path of Exile significantly, requiring us to update the beginner's guide. To help you get started with Wraeclast, we've rewritten almost every part of this article for Crucible League 3.21, updating everything from character creation info to adding survival guides for the first few acts. We've also improved the formatting of this guide to make it much easier to read, including new tables, jump links and a table of contents for easy navigation.

Character creation

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (2)

Creating a character in Path of Exile requires two things:

  1. choose a league.
  2. Choose your class.

Both decisions have a significant impact on your gaming experience, so choose carefully.You cannot change your class after creating a character, although the leagues are a bit more fluid. Hardcore characters that die will be moved to softcore instead of being removed entirely, and the solo self-discover limit can be turned off at any time if you created a character with the difficulty variant enabled.

Path of Exile leagues explained

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (3)

Leagues are variants of Path of Exile's core gameplay and add new mechanics that extend the core gameplay.For example, the 3.21 Crucible League update adds molten forges in each zone, which can be used to add passive trees to weapons and shields. Leagues usually last three months. After the end of the league, your characters and equipment will be transferred to standard. If your character was created in the Hardcore league, it will be moved to Hardcore.

Generally, we recommend playing the soft core of the current league, as most league mechanics give the player some form of extra power. Leagues also have a fresh economy that makes buying and selling items easier than in regular softcore and hardcore games.

What all league modifiers mean:

League option


Length of time


The basic path of exile. There are no temporary mechanics and the economy never resets.

Death incurs an XP penalty.



The basic path of exile. There are no temporary mechanics and the economy never resets.

Death places your character in Standard.



Path of Exile with new mechanics. The economy has recently been reset and all characters will be transferred to the standard version after the end of the league.

Death incurs an XP penalty.

3-4 sweet

Hardcorowa liga

Path of Exile with new mechanics. The economy has recently been reset and all characters will go hardcore when the league ends.

Death places your character in Standard.

3-4 sweet

Difficulty modifiers

I found Solo myself

A self-imposed challenge where you play alone and never swap with other players.

You can cancel your SSF subscription at any time by joining the party.

Until you unsubscribe


A much more difficult version of Path of Exile. Item drops are less common, skill gems need to be found, crafting is much harder, and some mechanics are disabled.

Death causes a huge XP penalty.


Hardcore nemilosrdan

A much more difficult version of Path of Exile. Item drops are less common, skill gems need to be found, crafting is much harder, and some mechanics are disabled.

Death will erase your character.


Again, we recommend choosing the standard league for most players.If you feel overwhelmed by PoE systems, you can try Ruthless.Considerably slower than the standard Path of Exile, Ruthless places more emphasis on item drops due to the lack of items, which paradoxically makes it easier to find upgrades for your character. The slower pace also helps you learn the boss fight mechanics.

class selection

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (4)

Activities in Path of Exile are dictated by two key elements:

  1. Your starting position in the passive tree.
  2. Your Available Ascents - Path of Exile Prestige Classes.

Unlike most ARPGs, classes don't dictate what skills you can use. Path of Exile features an ability system, allowing any class to use any ability - which we'll talk about later in this guide. That's all you know for nowClasses do not impose constructional restrictions. If you want to play a templar who summons zombies and uses a bow, you can.

Each class in Path of Exile continues to fulfill an archetypal role based on its position in the passive tree and its primary attributes. There are three key attributes in Path of Exile, all of which you should be familiar with if you're an experienced ARPG player.

  1. Strength (STR):Increases melee health and physical damage.
  2. Dexterity (DEX):Gives an Accuracy score and an increased Evasion score.
  3. Intelligence (INT):Provides mana and an increased maximum energy shield - effectively a second life pool that behaves differently.

As for the classes themselves, there are seven in total:

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (5)

The Scion class is not unlocked by default. Players must free her at the end of the third act before she becomes a playable character.



tree location




Down on the left

Best suited for melee builds



Top left

Best for people-centric brands and buildings




Best suited for building spellcasters and minions




Best for damage over time, building traps/mines and activated spells



bottom right

Most suitable for projectile construction




Most suitable for solid structures within a short distance




Versatile character. Most suitable for building niches that require more liabilities.

Every class is available from the start, with the exception of Scion.Each class starts in its own part of the passive tree(as seen above). As indicated, the passive tree itself is the same for all classes, hence its intimidating size. Theoretically, a ranger could reach the upper right edge of the tree near the templar starting region, although in practice this is very inefficient and usually unprofitable.

Beyond the initial position of the passive tree,Your class also determines supremacy options, Path of Exiles interpretation of prestige classes. As you progress through the campaign, you'll be able to complete maze trials, completing which will unlock a new zone called the Labyrinth.

When you clear the maze, you can choose one of three Ascensions- except for descendants who only receive the supremacy option. Climbs have their own passive tree which greatly increases your power. You can see every tree climbing onPath of Exile-Web stranica.

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find build

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (6)

Before you create a character and start playing Path of Exile, it's important to have a general idea of ​​what kind of build you want to create. Remembering your setup will dictate what kind of passive you use, what feat you choose, and what kind of gear you hunt. For this reason,We recommend looking for a build guide.The building instructions make it easy to get familiar with PoE passive tree and gear systems without worrying about major design flaws.

Don't worry about getting your character locked in PoE. Almost all options can be changed, even the Ascendancy options.

This does not mean that playing PoE without a guide is impossible. If you want to jump right in and experiment, you certainly can, but you may run into some obstacles along the way.If you are determined to create a character without a guide, we recommend playing blindly until you reach a large barrier of progress.Using your newfound knowledge, create another character tailored to your favorite ability. If this character gets stuck, repeat the process or refer to the build guide.

When it comes to good crafting guides, League starters are a good place to start.They rarely require hard-to-find items and should include level suggestions. Some good buildings are:

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The first few acts have survived

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (7)

As soon as you create your character, you will receive a weapon and a skill stone.Abilities are listed in Path of Exile and are placed directly into item slots. Inserting a Skill Gem grants you access to this skill, provided you are using the correct weapon type and have sufficient stats. These skills can be further developedsupporting gemsconnected to the same component, provided that the sockets are connected. Use your newfound ability to defeat Hillock with bottles when you are low on HP or mana. Collect all the items they drop and head to Twilight's Strand.

Transfer keybindings only

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Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (8)

PC users who want an unconditional scroll key can bind a specific scroll key. Click anywhere in the skill slot in the bottom right corner of the skill bar and select the Move Only skill icon. We recommend binding this to the left mouse button for ease of use.

Some of the items dropped by Hillock are unidentified and cannot be equipped.To identify an item, use the Scroll of Wisdom on an unidentified item.When you create your character, you start with three scrolls of wisdom. You can get more by killing monsters or selling common items to merchants. You should always have a stack of Scrolls of Wisdom in your inventory whenever possible.

3 such

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (9)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (10)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (11)

If you've had contact with any of the NPC traders in town, you may have noticed that they buy and sell items in different currencies.Path of Exile nema zlata.Instead, players collect a wide variety of crafting currencies that can be traded with merchants or other players, or can be used to modify their characters or items. we protectall popular types of currenciesin the drop-down section below, but that's about itYou want to grab every currency you encounter.Orbs of transmutation, changes, orbs of chaos, and the like are valuable in their own way.

Basic types of currencies

Scroll of Wisdom

Identifies elements with modifiers.

Portal roller

Opens a portal to the city.

Orb of Transmutation

Upgrades a common item into a magic item.

Orb of changes

Recycles a magic item with new properties.

Growth ball

Adds a modifier to a magic item.

Chromatic Sphere

Refreshes item gem slots.

random ball

Upgrades a common item to a random rarity.

Jeweler's Ball

Flips the number of gem slots on an element.

Fusion Orb

Reforges the number of links between gem deposits on an item.

royal ball

Boosts a magic item to a rare item.

Lofty sphere

Adds a modifier to a rare item.


Drops a rare item again with new properties.

This is the currency most commonly used for player trading


It destroys an item and changes it in unpredictable ways.

If an item is damaged, it can no longer be changed.

Blessed orb

Returns the implicit value of an item.

God's ball

Reverses the element's prefix and suffix values.

adventure mirror

Creates a copy of a non-unique, undamaged item.

This is the rarest item in Path of Exile.

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After talking to NPCs and receiving a few quests, proceed to act 1. Remember the following tips:

  • After completing Mission of Mercy, choose a Quicksilver Flask as a reward. This drastically increases your movement speed while active.
  • Look for shoes that increase your walking speed.
  • Always have the ability to move at your disposal. Some good ones are Frostblink, Flame Dash and Leap Slam.
  • You can find an additional Trap Glove in the Lower Jail. Move it successfully to complete the Trial of Supremacy. Complete the remaining five trials in the next two acts to unlock the Labyrinth and your Ascendancy class.
  • Get the Sapphire Ring before fighting Merveil, the final boss of this event. Rings with sapphire significantly increase resistance to cold.
    • If you can't find it, you can craft it by selling an Intelligence Skill Stone (blue) and an Iron Ring to any vendor.

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Act 2 Tips

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (12)

The second act is much less linear than the first. Your task is to defeat three bandits who control small parts of the region.Your character receives permanent passive buffs based on how you deal with bandits:

  • reserve hour:You take 20% more physical damage, 2% extra physical damage reduction, and regenerate 1% health per second.
  • Replacement for Alira:Gain 15% All Elemental Resistance, 20% Global Crit Multiplier, and regenerate 5 Mana per second.
  • Kraityn Exchange:Increases movement speed by 6%, chance to avoid elemental problems by 10%, and attack and throw speed by 6%.
  • Kill every bandit:You get +2 passive skill points.

For almost all buildingsWe recommend killing every banditfor extra passive points. Some league newbies may recommend killing Alira for extra elemental resistance, so anyone following the build instructions should check that out before attempting the main quest. If later in the game you regret your choice, you can change the bandit's choice by selling 20 orbs of regret along with the specified attribute amulet to any vendor.

make a hiding place

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (13)

After rescuing Helena from the Hall of Sins, you can talk to her in the forest camp to create a personal hideout. You can fast travel to your hideout anytime from anywhere. Hideouts provide access to crafting benches, some endgame NPCs, and a personal endgame PoE content mapper.

You will also meet shortly after the act beginsEinhar, the beastmaster who oversees the mechanics of the bestiary. Einhar will ask to hunt with you for most of the second act, destroying any heavy beasts he finds. After capturing several beasts, Einhar will ask you to use Altar of Blood to upgrade items.The Altar of Blood can be accessed in the Menagerie, a dungeon zone accessible through the fast travel menu.It is shown as a small circle with an animal icon.

3 such

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (14)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (15)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (16)

Enter the zone, interact with the blood altar in the center of the arena, and select the crafting recipe you want to use. This will create a combat trial where you must kill the beasts you have captured. Kill the beasts to complete the recipe and complete this quest. This will give you a brief introduction to the bestiary mechanics and beast creation. You can now return to act 2 to complete the main storyline.

As general advice:

  • In this zone you will find two climbing tests. One is in the Chamber of Sins (2nd floor) and the other is in the crypt.
  • When looking for Alira in the western forest, pay attention to the stone path that runs perpendicular to the main road. It always leads to their camp. Conversely, the opposite end leads to the Weaver's Nest.
  • Don't forget to talk to Bestel in act 1 after completing The Way Forward quest to get your skill points reward.

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Act 3 tips

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (17)

The third act of Path of Exile returns to the linear format and is slightly longer than the previous ones. While Sarno's layout is a bit confusing, the tasks themselves are fairly straightforward. At this point, you should focus on two things:

  1. Complete all climbing attempts to unlock the Maze
  2. Increase your resistance to fire, cold and lightning up to 75%.

You should complete three climb tests from previous jobs.This rank has three more tests to pass. You'll find them in the crematorium, catacombs and the Imperial Guard.After completing all six trials, head back to Camp Sarn and interact with the goddess statue in the center of town. This will open a portal to check the aspirants, the location of the maze.

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (18)

As the name suggests, the maze consists of a series of interconnected zones filled with deadly traps and monsters.You must defeat the maze boss, Izar, three times in total to complete the maze.You only have one life in this zone, so play carefully. Consider modifying your bottles with the Staunching modifier to eliminate bleeding during use. You can randomly drop this modifier from Morph Orbs or craft it from Altar of Blood in the Menagerie.Clearing the maze will unlock your supremacy class.

Besides, you'll want toFind gear that increases your resistance to fire, cold, and lightning.These resistances are crucial for surviving the campaign in Acts 5-10 as enemies are balanced around you with limited resistances. If the item also has life bonuses, you're ready for the next few actions.

Check your resistances

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (19)

You can see your resistances and other character modifiers on your character sheet. PC users can press "C" to open this menu. Console users can go to the character tab in their inventory to access the same screen.

If at any time you are stuck or unable to find an update, you can take advantage of thisdeskin stash If you haven't already done so, you can use the edit function in your stash to set up a crafting table. This allows you to forge item modifiers on your gear, provided it has open slots for attachments. For example, you can add a modifier that increases spell damage on your wand to deal extra damage while scaling.Adding modifiers is as simple as placing an item on the workbench and selecting a recipe.

Crafting recipes are unlocked as you progress through the PoE Act and Endgame systems. As you level up, keep an eye out for flying panels as they unlock new crafting recipes as you interact with them.Focus on finding equipment with four connected sockets, lifespan and resistance.Attack Build also wants to upgrade your weapon every few actions to make sure its damage doesn't decrease. Follow these tips and with a little practice you should be able to complete the Path of Exile campaign.

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General information

  • Reach 75% fire, cold, and lightning resistance as quickly as possible!The path of exile is balanced around your character and has limited resistances. These resistances are permanently reduced by 30% at the end of Acts 5 and 10, so finding gear that counteracts this negativity is a must. You can check your resistances in the Defense tab of the character card (default "C" on PC).
  • Don't forget to use support gems.Support gems greatly increase the damage and overall effectiveness of your skills. Make sure your primary skill is buffed with more support gems while playing to increase your damage output.
  • The pistons are extremely strongand should be used frequently. You get bottle charges by killing monsters and leveling up. If your build has a good cleanup speed, your bottles should always be active.
  • Don't grab everything you see!Your inventory in Path of Exile is very small. Focus on getting rare items, gems and currency. Alternatively, install a loot filter (explained in Essential Community Tools).

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Passive tree and climbing

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (20)

The Path of Exile passive tree is known for its size and complexity. It may seem so on the surface, but the tree becomes much simpler when you see itYour passive tree's job is to increase your survivability and damage output.Multiple nodes in a passive tree can be completely ignored depending on the build. For example, if you're a wizard, none of the weapon wheels to the left and right of the tree are particularly useful to you. The same caster could increase the energy shield, so health is not that important right now.

That's itYour passive tree should improve the core aspects of your setup.If you're playing a character with a bow, you'll probably benefit from capturing bow knots and projectiles. If you're natural-sized, it's a good idea to go to life-size. When you start looking at a tree in this way, it will become much less intimidating.

The only buildable effects found in the passive tree are:keystoneFans that usually have some disadvantages. For example, Necromatic Aegis gives your minions a copy of your shield, greatly increasing their survivability. On the other hand, you no longer use your own shield, which changes the charging options a bit.


Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (21)

Some clusters of nodes in the passive tree have an additional node that can be assigned as the root.Masteries are unique passive skills that can be accessed from any specialization wheel in the passive skill tree.For example, a cluster of lives on a passive tree may have mastery of life at the center. After assigning this caster a significant passive, you can assign a mastery of life for an additional passive point. Each Wheel of Life can provide any Mastery of Life, regardless of location. This behavior applies to all mastery types.

For example, let's say you're playing a building that increases cold damage. You want to convert physical damage to cold, so try to get cold damage mastery, which converts 40% of your physical damage to cold. Instead of going to a specific node in the tree, just assign points to the cold damage wheel and win the mastery.Masteries have stronger buildable effects than a typical known passiveso they can be accessed from multiple places in the passive tree. Respect Mastery is the same as any other passive ability and requires Respect Points from Book of Regrets (a quest reward) or Orb of Regrets (a type of currency).

Collect passive points

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (22)

Passive points come from two sources in Path of Exile:

  1. update
  2. Completing some missions

A surprising number of side quests in Path of Exile give you passive points upon completion. Passive Points are essential to unlocking the full potential of your build, so completing these quests is paramount for any player.

For a comprehensive list of all Passive Point quests,see this wiki article.

He's climbing

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (23)

Each class in Path of Exile has a prestige class that can be unlocked as you progress through the campaign.These prestigious classes, called Ascendants, offer a unique passive tree, each of which provides buildable features.Each class except the descendant has three levels of supremacy to choose from - the descendant has only one supremacy option.

To unlock Ascendancy, you must complete a series of trap gauntlets called Trials of Ascendancy.There are twelve of them in the campaign, and the first six are required to get a prestige class. After completing the first six trials, interact with the statue in Act 3 to open the Aspirant's Trial and enter the Overlord's Labyrinth. Successfully completing the maze without dying unlocks your power.

There are four variants of the Labyrinth, each giving you points to beat when cleared for the first time.The first six attempts unlock the normal maze, the next three the cruel maze, and the last three the ruthless maze. The fourth difficulty level is also available after reaching the endgame of Path of Exile and earning itspend a total of eight Ascension points.

For a list of Ascendants and their corresponding nodes, seecheck out this Path of Exile page.

What you'll probably find more useful are the locations of each exam. They are listed below in order of appearance:

12 Such

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (24)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (25)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (26)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (27)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (28)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (29)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (30)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (31)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (32)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (33)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (34)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (35)

Normal maze



Akt 1

Lower Prison

Akt 2

Crypt (Level 1)

Akt 2

Hall of Sin (Level 2)

Akt 3


Akt 3


Akt 3

Imperial Gardens

A cruel maze

Akt 6


Akt 7


Akt 7

Hall of Sin (Level 2)

A ruthless maze

Akt 8

Swimming pool

Akt 9


Akt 10


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In addition, players can complete the Eternal Maze when they reach the maps, Path of Exile end game. Completing the Labyrinth Trial that appears randomly on the map gives the Goddess an Offering, a type of currency needed to start the Eternal Labyrinth. Complete a run without dying to earn the final two overscores.

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Skill Gems and Support Gems explained

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (36)

Skills in Path of Exile are provided by your gear, not by your chosen class.Almost every skill is granted by a skill gem, a small item that can be placed in weapons, armor and some trinkets. As long as you meet the attribute and skill gem level requirements, you can equip it.

Remember that the color of your skill gem determines where the gem can go. For example, a green agility stone can only be used on items with a green or white socket. You can see item slots by hovering over them.

You can always show gem settings on items by enabling "Always show settings" in the options menu.

Newly introduced skills will automatically appear in the skill bar in the lower right corner of the screen. If you want to change a skill entry, click the skill bar and select the skill you want to associate with that entry.

In memory of:

  1. Buy or find a skill stone to use.
  2. Equip a weapon or piece of armor with a gem slot that matches the color of the skill stone.
  3. Put a skill stone into your item.
  4. Match the skill with the selected entry (lower right corner of the computer screen).

support gems

3 such

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (37)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (38)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (39)

This is where most players get it wrong. Support Gems are Equipable Gems that only boost Skill Gems. These jewelssupportSkills; not youapproveSkills.

For example, someone who finds that their Fireball spell doesn't deal damage can use an ignite booster gem to increase fire and afterburn damage. Burning didn't add a new ability, it supported Fireball, which is why they're called support gems.

Two things are needed for a Support Gem to work:

  1. The link must connect the Skill Gem and the Utility Gem slot on the Gear Piece.
  2. Both gems must share at least one common tag.

Link as Edelstein

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (40)

The gear links are the golden lines that connect the gem settings together.The breastplate example shown above has six sockets, but only four links connect the sockets. Players often refer to this as "five-piece" armor because the five slots are interconnected.

If you can't tell if an item is connected, put a skill stone and a support stone on it. When you hover over a Skill Gem, the Support Gem should light up. If not, the item is not connected.

Marks Edelsteina

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (41)

Tags are a simple concept that most new players overlook. To make everything simpleTags are keywords that indicate which modifiers can affect which skill.For example, an ability gem marked "AoE" is affected by increases and decreases in AoE damage, AoE size, and similar AoE modifiers. You can find gem tags just below the gem name.If both the skill and the supporting gem have at least one label, they are compatible with each other.Let's explore the skill stone together to see this system in action.

Fireball is a simple spell in most ARPGs. Your character creates a flaming projectile that hits targets. The labels divide this enchantment into basic properties that support the ability to bend gems.For Fireball, it has the labels Bullet, Enchantment, Area, and Fireas seen under his name. It means thatAll support gems that have at least one of these four traits can affect Fireball.

Let's say you want the Fireball to fire three projectiles instead of one. You might want to consider using a smaller multi-missile support gem.

2 such

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (42)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (43)

The labels on this gem are "Support" and "Bullet", which means it can support any skill with a Bullet tag.Since Fireball has projectiles as one of its signs, fewer multi-missiles will work.Your fireball now fires three projectiles instead of one with each throw.

As you can see, the system itself is not too complicated. Only consider gem markers if you can't easily tell if a supporting gem is appropriate for a particular skill.

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How to upgrade your gear

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (44)

Items are an integral part of Path of Exile. A good item can drastically increase your damage, improve your survivability, or enable a build effect. Discussing the specifics of each item is well beyond the scope of a beginner's guide, but you should have a general idea of ​​how items work in PoE and what stats are worth keeping track of. In this section, you'll learn how rare items work, how to upgrade items, and how damage scaling works.


Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (45)

Items in Path of Exile fall into one of four rarity categories:

  1. Normal:An element without a prefix or suffix. In other words, an item with minimal modifiers. These items are common.
  2. Magic:An element with a prefix and/or suffix. These items are extraordinary.
  3. Rarely:An element with up to three prefixes and suffixes. Rare items are the most powerful in the game. These items are rare, although good rarities are hard to come by.
  4. unique:Articles with features you can't find anywhere else. Unique items range from rare to extremely rare.
    1. These are not legends. Uniques allow building, usually with a negative element associated with them.

As with most ARPGs, items come with multiple random modifiers that provide offensive and defensive stats. 99% of the time modifiers are prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes and suffixes are not the same; Both have a different set of modifiers. For example, changing a player's life status is a prefix, and adding resistance is a mod suffix. Both are important when creating a tanker character, but both come from different groups of mods.

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (46)

Hovering over an item while holding the "Alt" key (left stick click on console) will show which mods are prefixes and which are suffixes. This also shows the stat levels and casting ranges for each affix.

For a complete list of possible item modifiers, see the Path of Exile database page -poedbshort. Only experienced players should visit this page as it is very easy to get overwhelmed looking at the array of item modifiers.


Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (47)

Learning all aspects of crafting is way beyond the scope of this guide, but it's important to mention that Path of Exile offers a wide range of crafting systems you can use to upgrade your items. The most common way to improve articles is to useA bench to make a hiding place.When you insert an item into your crafting bench, you can create prefixes and suffixes on the item for a small fee, provided the appropriate attachment slot is open. The community calls it "creating on the bench."By default, you can only have one Benchcraft modifier on an item at a time.

(Video) [3.21] Path Of Exile Full Beginners Guide (2023)

Some other crafting methods you should know include:

  • Essences:You can use essence to throw items, which is guaranteed by the specific modifier listed on the essence you are using. Higher level essences offer modifiers not available elsewhere.
  • Set:Completing a Harvest Encounter rewards Life Force, which can be used at the Gardening Station in your hideout. It is actually a different crafting bench with much more powerful crafting options.
  • bestiary:The Blood Altar Menagerie offers powerful crafting opportunities if you have the right beasts. You can separate items, mix prefixes and suffixes, and add unique upgraded items to your gear.
  • Edition:NPCs associated with this mechanic often drop hidden items and unlock new crafting recipes when discovered.
    • Hidden Chaos Orbs and some Treachery NPCs can forge Hidden modifiers on your items that are much more powerful than what you can craft on the bench.
  • Diving (fossil-making):Delve drops fossils that can be placed in resonators and behave similarly to Chaos Orbs. Fossils can increase the probability of modifiers or block some results altogether.

If you want to learn more about the crafting systems in Path of Exile, drop byYouTuber subtracr's quick course on crafting in PoE.


Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (48)

One of the first things you'll notice when you jump into Path of Exile is how challenging the game is. Enemies often shoot at you in later acts, and the game doesn't explain well why.

The Path of Exile is balanced against fire, cold, and lightning resistances and is capped at 75%.Most enemies deal some form of elemental damage, so it's imperative to hit 75% as soon as possible. You can check your resistances by opening the character tab (default "C" on PC). Physical damage can be mitigated by increasing armor charge, evasion, and durability. Chaos deals damagethis isare counted as elemental damage and must be measured separately. It is recommended to keep Chaos Resistance at 0% or higher.

After completing act 5 and 10 you permanently lose 30% of all elemental resistances. Try to exceed your resistances by 30% before doing any of these activities.

Why damage scaling matters

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (49)

In Path of Exile, good defense requires overwhelming offense.If you can kill the enemies before they can react, you won't take any damage because they never had a chance to counterattack. That's why many builds focus on doing as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. In order to capture everything on the screen at once, you need to understand how damage scaling works. We're giving you a general overview of how damage scaling works, but as with most things in Path of Exile, the quickest way is to follow crafting guides and create your own buildings.

Height vs. more

Damage scaling in Path of Exile can be done with one of two modifiers: additive multipliers and multiplicative modifiers. Here is the meaning of both terms:

  • connection:There are many sources of collateral damageaddedtogether before the compensation is calculated.
    • This is called "increased damage" in the game.
  • Multiplicative:These sources of damage aremultipliedtogether when calculating the damage.
    • This is called "more damage" in the game.

You can remember both asAdd toitivni imultiplicativePath of Exile calls these modifiers "increased" or "more".Empowered modifiers are powerful when leveling up because you won't have multiple multiplier damage sources yet. More modifiers are much more powerful in the endgame as they exponentially increase the damage you deal.

Make sure you da ste to viget flat sources of injuryas well as Most offensive builds get base damage from weapons and spells usually take damage from gem levels. This is why most attacks prioritize increasing weapon damage per second while spells focus on increasing gem levels.

There are exceptions to the above rule, most notably "increased damage taken" modifiers. These aremultiplicativesince she ismultiplydamage the enemy takes.

scaling sources of injury

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (50)

Overall, you scale build damage across your passive tree, gems, gear, and supremacy. There are many ways to increase your damage, but this is the gist.

Shallow sources of damage

  • Waffen
  • Skill Stones (usually spells)
  • Some support gems
  • Unique Bestimte

Increased sources of damage

  • Pasivni baumknoten
  • Equipment (local modifiers)

Multiple sources of damage

  • support gems
  • Elemental penetration/reduction
  • Ascended Nobles (varies by class)
  • Passive tree keys
  • Certain bottles

In general, if you want to strengthen your physique, it is best to do the following:

  1. Upgrade your equipment
  2. Improve your skills and support gems
  3. Bind more support gems to your skills
  4. Entrance (if possible)
  5. Breaks the enemy's resistance

There are many more ways to scale damage, but this should give you a general idea of ​​what to focus on when your damage drops in later acts or maps.

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Helpful community resources

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (51)

Before you dive into the harsh world of Wraeclast, you should explore some community resources that will make the game that much more enjoyable. As solid as Path of Exile's endgames and crafting systems are, quality of life is not the game's strong suit. Fortunately, the community has resolved most of these issues.

  • Neversinks Beutefilter: Default filter for console players. This loot filter only shows items that are relevant to you. Junk items are not visible and rarer items have a unique background and font size. It's almost mandatory on a computer. The installation of this filter is explained in the Loot Filter subsection.
  • Persecution Trade Route: On this site you can search, buy and sell items. If you have the Premium Stash card (available in the in-game item shop), you can easily list items from the supply card on this page.
  • Path of Exile-Community-Wiki: Contains information on all aspects of Path of Exile.
    • Avoid using Gamepedia's wiki version as it is outdated. "" is the latest version.
  • Community fork creation path (POB): With this app, you can create buildings and configure character stats and equipment. It is convenient for creating content and sharing ideas with community members. The community fork is newer.
    • Guides with "POB" links refer to Path of Building.
  • PoELab: If you keep getting lost in mazes, this site is a blessing. Contains a map showing the current maze layout, room modifiers, and Izaro's properties.
  • Sklep Erwachter PoE: With this tool, you can check the value of an item with a simple keystroke. This tool does not violate the terms of use of the game and is easy to use. Guide to using this toolYou will find it here.

Loot filter

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (52)

5 Such

Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (53)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (54)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (55)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (56)
Path Of Exile: The Complete Beginner's Guide (57)

Loot filters allow players to filter out faded items and make useful items more visible. There are many different loot filters for Path of Exile, and the most commonly used filter is the Neversink loot filter. Let's see how to install it.

The easiest way to install this filter is to sync the Neversink loot filter with your Path of Exile account. WITHFilterBlade.xyzWebsite, create a loot filter, select the Save & Export tab, name the filter, then click Sync or Download. You want to sync the loot filter with your PoE account. Log in to your PoE account to save the loot filter.

When you're done, start PoE and enter your character selection. Go to the options menu and then under the game tab you will find loot filter options. Select the Neversink filter and save. This loot filter will remain in place until you change it, even if you uninstall PoE or play on a different system.

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How many hours does it take to complete Path of Exile? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Path of Exile is about 29 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 590 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the best starting class in Poe? ›

A Witch is one of the easiest to start with, whether as a spell-caster or a minion summoner. There are some good build guides here in the forums under each class.

Is Path of Exile fun for beginners? ›

The beginning part of PoE is meant to be easy enough to get into, but the game does continually ramp up the difficulty, and does have a fairly complex building system. Following a guide can be helpful if you don't like to plan things out yourself. You can also just do it yourself, but do be prepared to make mistakes.

What to do after finishing Act 10 PoE? ›

It can be skipped for the second character onwards.
  1. Complete all the Trials of Ascendancy.
  2. Oriath – Talk to NPCs – Sail to Karui Shores.
  3. Karui Shores – Talk to NPCs – Add reward map in Map Device – Enter Map – Complete Map – Talk to Kirac to unlock Atlas.

Does Path of Exile ever get hard? ›

up until merciless, the game is pretty easy. but overall, this game is definitely harder than diablo 3. i see you've made it to level 44, congratz! keep smashing through the content and i think you'll see the difficulty really start to ramp up.

Why am I dying so fast in Path of Exile? ›

The two main causes for dying are lacking defences or standing in AoEs, and the third most likely one would probably be not checking map mods. Pay attention to what enemies are killing you. E.g. if they are always Hunter influence enemies, chaos resistance is most likely the culprit.

What class is best for solo Path of Exile? ›

The Elementalist is among the best single damage classes in the Path of Exile, especially if the player uses the Elemental Hit Slayer build. One of the reasons it's a great solo build is that it uses Elemental Hit, a skill that randomly uses an element (Fire, Cold, and Lightning) to deal a massive amount of damage.

What is the easiest class to solo in Poe? ›

The Necromancer is the easiest class in Path of Exile.

If you're a new player looking for an easy time PvE'ing, Necromancer is your “class” of choice. Check out our POE beginner builds list for a more comprehensive look at multiple builds.

Does your class matter in Path of Exile? ›

The class you choose determines your starting node — you cannot change where you start after you've picked your class. But you can completely change your path and hit another class's Passive Skill Tree area.

Is PoE solo friendly? ›

Absolutely. You can do all content completely alone. Without at least trading with other players however beating the final bosses and reaching level 100 will be very difficult. But there it's really not necessary to actually play with others.

Is Path of Exile better then Diablo? ›

The gameplay of Path of Exile is enhanced than Diablo 3 because Every class in PoE has a unique playable character with a signature ability and combat system. In short, PoE is good at graphics, but the gameplay is a little complex significantly for the new players.

Which is better Diablo or Path of Exile? ›

Conclusion. Considering all the details, Path of Exile wins this comparison as the best-crafted title. It features a top-notch character progression system, a rewarding experience, high replayability, a friendly player base, and many fun ways to complete the game.

Can you reset all skills in Poe? ›

You can only reset one skill at a time with orbs of regret, or the occasional respec points from some quests. Orbs of regret aren't too hard to come by. You can also use the skill tree on this site to plan your build.

How long does it take to get lvl 100 in Poe? ›

You need 300+ maps just to get from 99 to 100. When we are going 100 million XP/hour at level 99, it takes about 42.5 hours.
Level 100 XP.
LevelTotal XPXP to Gain
1 more row

What is the max level in Poe? ›

In Path of Exile, the level cap is 100, a feat most players don't obtain due to the severity of death penalties at later levels, which can remove hours of progression. Only 6% of Steam players have achieved the level 90 milestone, let alone reached the level cap.

Is Path of Exile confusing? ›

It turns into a guide following simulator. And I don't find following guides to be fun, that's not a game, that's just following instructions. Half the fun of games like this is making your own builds, experimentation.

Is Path of Exile a pay to win? ›

So, officially, Path of Exile is certainly not a pay-to-win game. Players cannot spend real money to gain any kind of advantage, crafting materials, or powerful weapons in the game.

Does Path of Exile have an endgame? ›

There are a plethora of Endgame Activities in Path of Exile, here are some of them: Maps : The default way to play Path of Exile. Your goal is to kill monsters in a zone and a boss at the end. Bossing : Killing difficult endgame Bosses to earn extremely powerful Unique Items in return.

Can you be evil in Path of Exile? ›

PSA: You can choose to be evil straight from the start.

What is the fastest moving build in PoE? ›

Kinetic Blast Pathfinder is one of the fastest builds in the game, clearing whole screens with Kinetic Blast and Herald of Ice Explosions.
Stat priorities on items:
  1. Life.
  2. Elemental Resistances.
  3. Lightning/Elemental Damage.
  4. Critical Strike Chance / Critical Strike Multiplier.
  5. Attack Speed.

What is the best build in Path of Exile? ›

Path of Exile Best Builds See all builds
  • Pohx's Righteous Fire Juggernaut. ...
  • GhazzyTV Summon Raging Spirits. ...
  • TbXie Cyclone Slayer. ...
  • Velyna's Spectral Shield Throw Raider. ...
  • GhazzyTV Zoomancer Necromancer. ...
  • TbXie Explosive Arrow Ballista Champion. ...
  • GhazzyTV's Mage Skelleton Necromancer. ...
  • CasualDanPoe's Minion Army Necromancer.

What is the best unique in Path of Exile? ›

Path Of Exile: Best Unique Shields
  • 3 The Squire.
  • 4 Redblade Banner. ...
  • 5 Saffell's Frame. ...
  • 6 Dawnbreaker. +(10-20) to maximum Life. ...
  • 7 The Surrender. +(30-40) to maximum Life. ...
  • 8 Lioneye's Remorse. +(20-30) to maximum Life. ...
  • 9 Emperor's Vigilance. (16-22)% Chance to Block Spell Damage. ...
  • 10 Prism Guardian. +12% to all Elemental Resistances. ...
Apr 19, 2023

Is Path of Exile 2 the same as 1? ›

PoE2 and PoE1 are in the same game, just 2 separate campaign but shares the same endgame content. PoE2 campaign-route will be randomly generated, so does the map route too! Unlike PoE1 have a static progression. This also mean PoE2 campaign will never feel the same in every playthrough.

Is Poe good for casual players? ›

Game Design Spotlight #23: Path Of Exile's "Ruthless" Mode Is Surprisingly Perfect For Casual Players.

How to get one with nothing poe? ›

One With Nothing has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Drops from Delirium encounters in maps from Unique Delirium bosses.

What is the best solo class for Lich King? ›

The hunter remains the best class for solo content in Wrath due to its easy learning curve, unique class content, and unmatched ability to face down single target mobs thanks to its pet.

What is the best starting class in Path of Exile 2023? ›

Therefore, we'd recommend the Witch to be your starting class, before focusing your efforts on leveling Fire, Lightning, and Cold for a well-rounded set of skills.

Is Path of Exile skill based? ›

All of Path of Exile's character classes share its vast passive skill tree. Starting at one of seven distinct locations dictated by their chosen class, players can focus on the core specialities of their class or travel across the tree to build complex combinations of skills from various disciplines.

Why is Path of Exile so popular? ›

A Stunning Game Environment

Players intend to play the game more, which has an open-world environment with fantastic texture and models. The Path of Exile is still popular today because of its environment, the interaction of NPCs, and various little activities players can do in any open-world game.

Is there bots in PoE? ›

Users will be able to access the bots via Poe's iOS app or Android app on the mobile web or via its desktop web interface. When you find a bot you like, you can click a button to follow the bot so you can easily return to it later.

Is there any Romance in Path of Exile? ›

Aided by Victori(a/o), the matchmaker, you fight against endless legions of hopefuls, crushing their dreams of romancing your beloved. Beware though, there are powerful romancers among those who would vie for the hand of your dearest.

What is the best gamble in Path of Exile? ›

Using Ancient Orbs on belts to obtain the lucrative HeadHunter Leather Belt is one of the most popular gambles in Path of Exile. I've personally used around 2000 ancient orbs and made about 8 HeadHunters, sometimes in 50 Orbs, sometimes in 400.

Is Path of Exile similar to Lost Ark? ›

Path of Exile isn't as flashy as either Lost Ark or Diablo 3, but it's unmatched when it comes to character progression, and also has the most engaging loot system of the three. Ultimately, the decision comes down to how familiar you are with ARPGs, and what kind of experience you want to get out of them.

Did Path of Exile copy Diablo 2? ›

The game borrows heavily from the Diablo series, particularly Diablo II, which Path of Exile has been described as the spiritual successor of. All areas aside from the central encampments are procedurally generated for increased re-playability.

Is Path of Exile better on PC or console? ›

If however, you are not on a budget PC, and you have a relatively newer or better performance machine, then there will be no comparison, and PoE will work much smoother, faster and reliably than on console. This is for obvious reasons.

How popular is Path of Exile? ›

Path of Exile a 10 year old game with over hundreds of updates and played by almost 50 million users. 20 Million monthly active players, and over a million daily players! This game is constantly evolving and getting more and more addicting.

Can you max out the skill tree in Path of Exile? ›

You can get a maximum of 120, if you choose bandit rewards everytime.. but most veterans will choose 40HP and then the other 2 rewards depend on build. So most builds can have between 117-120 points. This, the passive tree on the website will likely be updated to reflect the correct amount of skill points you can gain.

What to do after finishing all acts in poe? ›

When you finish the 10 acts, you will probably be about level 75. After that, the endgame is Mapping. Maps are activated from your personal map device, located in your hideout.

Can I change class in Poe? ›

Once you've chosen your Ascendancy, you can change it by returning to the Labyrinth, refunding any allocated Ascendancy points (Refunding an Ascendancy point costs five refund points each), and selecting a new class at the Altar of Ascendancy.

Is there a penalty for dying in PoE? ›

In default leagues, loss of experience is incurred upon death. The penalty is a percentage of the total required for the next level and is applied as follows: 0% loss in Act 1 to Act 5 and normal Labyrinth. 5% loss in Act 6 to Act 10 and cruel/merciless Labyrinth.

What is the penalty for overleveling in PoE? ›

Overlevel in Path of Exile is real, but it's limited to Act playthrough. You start having loot penalties when you are at least 3 levels above monsters, and it will give you x% Reduced Rarity of Item Found, where X is (your level - monster level + 2)*2.5.

What is the longest weapon range in PoE? ›

Maximum travel distance for projectiles is 120 units, although many projectiles in the game dissipate before reaching it, which limits their effective range.
The maximum default attack range with a melee weapon is 41 units, achieved with:
  • Varunastra (11 base).
  • Prismatic Eclipse with three white sockets (+6).

How many pets can you have in PoE? ›

The character can have up to two pets following at once. Pets can also be released in a player's hideout where they will roam around freely. Most pets can be purchased via microtransactions or are included with supporter packs.

How many hours to beat PoE? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Path of Exile is about 29 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 590 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Does Ilvl matter in PoE? ›

Every item in Path of Exile has an item level (also referred to as iLevel). This is generally related to the monster level of the area where it is found. Item level mainly determines what affixes are available to the item.

How long does it take to get to level 100 in Path of Exile? ›

You need 300+ maps just to get from 99 to 100. When we are going 100 million XP/hour at level 99, it takes about 42.5 hours.
Level 100 XP.
LevelTotal XPXP to Gain
1 more row

How long does it take to get to level 90 poe? ›

Depends a lot how you play. Some can make 90 in 25-30 hours of game play but that requires basically running through mobs until maps not even really killing them unless in your way.. and then spending 1-2 minutes max per map clearing after that. Takes me about 40 hours game play though because I enjoy acts. 90 is easy.

Is Path of Exile a demanding game? ›

Generally speaking, Path of Exile isn't that CPU-intensive to simply play at 1080p with 60 FPS; it's more important to have a decent GPU in your system. These trends have guided our decisions for our example builds below, and this is well worth noting if you're hoping for high framerates, especially at 1440p or 4K.

Is Path of Exile 1 and 2 the same? ›

Path of Exile 2 is a new seven-act storyline that is available alongside the original Path of Exile 1 campaign. Both the old and new storyline lead to the same shared Atlas endgame.

What are the odds of getting a 6 link Path of Exile? ›

(More precisely, there is a 95% chance that the average number of orbs needed to create a six-link is between 836 and 1244.) This translates into a ~77% chance to six-link within 1500 Orbs of Fusing, and a 5% chance that it will take more than 3000.

What is the hardest map boss in PoE? ›

Path of Exile Most Difficult Bosses to Defeat
  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds.
  • Uber Elder.
  • Aul, The Crystal King.
  • Omniphobia, Fear Manifest.
  • Bameth, Shifting Darkness.
  • Uber Atziri.
  • The Maven.
  • Brutus, Lord Incarcerator.
Jul 28, 2022

What is the minimum chance to hit in PoE? ›

Chance to hit can not be lower than 5% but can hit 100%.

What is the max level in PoE 1? ›

In Pillars of Eternity, the maximum level is 12. It is possible (and advisable) to reach this level by the end of Act 3, for the main character and all companions (or actually much earlier if you play alone or with a reduced number of companions and join the others after you have reached the highest level).

Should I play Diablo 3 or Path of Exile? ›

The gameplay of Path of Exile is enhanced than Diablo 3 because Every class in PoE has a unique playable character with a signature ability and combat system. In short, PoE is good at graphics, but the gameplay is a little complex significantly for the new players.

What game is better than Path of Exile? ›

Titan Quest is a great alternative to Path of Exile and Diablo 2 if players want a fast ARPG to play. In Titan Quest, players get to battle notorious creatures and gods from Greek mythology as they complete the campaign.

Will PoE 2 be free? ›

While it was originally set to release in 2021, the team behind Path of Exile 2 is looking more realistically at an early 2022 launch date. It will be free-to-play just like its predecessor, and the only microtransactions available for purchase are entirely cosmetic.

Is Path of Exile a copy of Diablo? ›

The game borrows heavily from the Diablo series, particularly Diablo II, which Path of Exile has been described as the spiritual successor of. All areas aside from the central encampments are procedurally generated for increased re-playability.

Can you play Path of Exile solo? ›

Absolutely. You can do all content completely alone. Without at least trading with other players however beating the final bosses and reaching level 100 will be very difficult. But there it's really not necessary to actually play with others.


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