Secret Medicine - Location of Ingredients and How to Beat the Type 0 Behemoth - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide (2023)

Osecret medicineThe side quests guide explains how to get all threeArticleEl Doctor necesita: Moogle Mortar, Healing Flowers y Behemoth's Horn.underground menaceType 0 giant boss tips and quest guide included.

How to opensecret medicine


Talk to the doctor who is diagonally across from the Leaf House Orphanage.

secret medicineIngredient Notes

If you talk to the doctor several times, he will give you some advice. Here you are. We add our own tips later, ours are more obvious in case the doctor's tips weren't enough.

  • My son says he got a mortar from a moogle. If you can believe a madmanHistorySo.tap to reveal
  • Some of my patients talked about a giant in an underground laboratory or something like that.tap to reveal
  • Apparently, Aerith took care of flowers in other places, not just in her house.tap to reveal

response alert: Downstairs you have to go get the ingredients from the doctor.

Buy Moogle mortar

Go to the children's secret hideout and shop at the Moogle Emporium. Buy the Moogle mortar.

medicinal flowers

Fast travel to Lower Town Sector 5 - Church.

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You can unlock Fast Travel by completing thischocobo researchNebenquest.

Enter the church and pick up the item on the floor to get the healing flower.



Fast travel to Sector 6 Undercity - Evergreen Park.

Talk to Wymer (an NPC near the playground) and he will give you theseunderground menaceside mission. You need to complete this to get the final ingredient.

underground menaceNebenquest

Go underground.

Follow the path to the underground laboratory - B5. Along the way you will find severalenemieslike Varghidpolis, Wrath Hound, Monodrive and Ringmaw. all this is weakesMaterial.

How to defeat or Type 0 Behemoth

How to beat Type 0 Behemoth.

  • Weak points: none
  • immunities: Sleep
  • StehlbarArticle: enchanted ring

Paralyze and knock down the upper or lower body. While one is being knocked down, do the same to the other to stagger the beast. Counterattacks when attacked with spells while its horns are still intact.

recommendedMaterialand equipment

As always, it depends on your personal preferences, your strengths and your fighting style. Here is our suggestion.


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  • Fire/Wind/Ice/Lightning/PoisonMaterial: You can't use spells at first, but when the horns run out, you can. Cast some of your most powerful spells.
  • climbed ATBMaterial:Increases ATB when staggering an enemy, which works well here since you have to stagger the giant multiple times.
  • firm blockMaterial:Further decreases enemy damage and fills up the ATB meter. Again, you will want to fill out this ad all the time.
  • ATB Boost:Double ATB on activation!
  • Rate Materials:to get this hostile information
  • Steal Items:steal the enchanted ring
  • Material autoendurecible:Dressing up your healer can be useful if you don't control it as often, as the self-heal only works when the character is not selected.
  • Heal + Expand Materia:Healing is always helpful. Also think about prayer or chakra.
  • MP-Up Subject(s):Increases MP.
  • Materiales HP Up:Increases HP
  • barrier material:The best offense is a good defense.

Behemoth Boss-Kampftipps

  • Don't attack with magic while your horns are still intact!Instead, use upper and lower body physical attacks.
  • The Behemoth often turns his face /horns for strikerthis, do thisinvulnerable(as long as their horns are intact).move or just movecharacterssomeone on the Behemoth's side.
  • The Behemoth moves frequently and quickly, so be sure to switch between them.charactersoftenBarret really shines in this fightas it can still deal physical damage at a distance. Better give him a weapon than steel tongs.
  • If you knock out any part of his body, he will collapse for a short time.It will not move or attack you.veryHowever, during this time, he will occasionally smash you with his torso or smack you with his tail (any butt that still has health can hurt him).
  • After depleting the upper and lower body health bar, he will stagger.It's inGigante miMore Behemothshornsboth will be finitevulnerable to damage.
  • If that Behemoth will rise again, his upper and lower body back to full health.
  • Repeat this cycle until you win!
  • Note: You do not need to destroy the horns to defeat the Behemoth.It gives you a chance to finally use magic, so it's a good strategy.

Behemoth attacks and how to deal with them

  • Rampage -Behemoth glows red and then an area of ​​effect forms around it. Run/roll to avoid this.
  • body punch -After depleting a limb's health, it will fall to the ground, but it will still be able to attack with its healthy limb. Watch out for body and tail blows!
  • maximum anger- The best one will attack you and toss you in the air with its horns. He can't block this, but he may be able to prevent it. It's better to take control of another character instead of taking the beast's head (you can't damage it as long as its horns are intact). Being confronted with it will only hurt you. It can also attack your dog likeenemies.
  • revitalize -Once the stagger period ends, a puff of air will emanate from his body while restoring full upper and lower body health. Run/move out of the way to avoid getting hit.
  • Flare against -As long as its horns are intact, it will counter all your magical attacks. You can destroy the horns with the tips above.
  • ??? -This attack just happened to us when the beast was at a shred of health, stone. He got up and shot towards the roof, rocks falling but didn't seem to do any damage. At this point, he switches to Barrett and shoots him to death until the end of the fight.

When the Behemoth is defeated, fast travel to the surface by holding L1.

Once you have Mog Mortar, Healing Flowers, and Behemoth Horn, return to the Doctor and give him all 3ArticleButAlso, talk to Wymer to get the reward for completing the Subterranean Menace quest!

Subterranean Menace Bounty

Here are the rewards you receive for completing the Underground Menace.

  • Waffe Wrecking Ball Hats
  • HP and MP fully restored

secret medicineAward

These are the rewards you receive for completing it.secret medicine.

  • Telluric Writings Vol. III
  • HP and MP fully restored.


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Main sections of the guide

  • Tips: 18 Things FF7 Won't Tell You
  • complete solution
  • INTERmission Yuffie DLC Guide – Intergrade
  • Side quest rewards and discoveries

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How do you beat the behemoth Type O in ff7? ›

Here's how to beat the Type-0 Behemoth. Cripple and knock down its upper or lower body. While one is knocked down do the same to the other to stagger the beast. It will counter if attacked with spells while its horns are still intact.

Where is the secret medicine in Final Fantasy 7 Remake? ›

Medicinal Flowers

Fast travel to Sector 5 Undercity - Church. You can unlock Fast Travel by completing the Chocobo Search Side Quest. Enter the church and pick up the item on the floor to get the Medicinal Flower.

Where is Behemoth Type-0? ›

Type-0 Behemoth is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". In the base game, it is fought in Sector 7's underground Shinra lab by Cloud, Tifa, and Barret as part of the odd job "Subterranean Menace" in Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope".

How do you get the Behemoth Horn in FF7 Remake? ›

Once in the park, look for Wymer, the NPC in a vest and newsboy hat. Speak to him to obtain the quest "Subterranean Menace." Once you do, you'll be free to head down to the labs to challenge the Behemoth that lurks there and claim your horn.

What is Behemoth weak to? ›

Behemoth is weakest to Dragon element, and is moderately weak to Ice and Water. Make sure to read the Behemoth Strategy before entering.

How do you beat Behemoth easy? ›

The Behemoth has 2 weak points - its head and its tail. The head is a weak spot and its horns can be broken while its tail can be cut off.

Are there any missable items in FF7? ›

The complete list of missable weapons is: Umbrella, Shotgun, Yoshiyuki, Princess Guard, Mythril Clip, Javelin, Battle Trumpet, Scimitar, Oritsuru, Rising Sun, Starlight Phone, Max Ray, Behemoth Horn, Pile Banger, Master Fist, Grow Lance, HP Shout, Ragnarok, and Missing Score.

How do you get the secret ending in FF7 Remake? ›

To get the secret ending (a few seconds of an iconic character on screen after you beat the demo), select 20 minutes. What you choose will also change Barret's dialogue. If you select 20 minutes he says "Pretty cocky, ain't you?" and after the demo ends you get an extra few seconds of a cutscene at the end.

How do you get purple Tifa pain? ›

Where to find Tifa's Purple Pain weapon in FF7 Remake. You can find the Purple Pain while ascending the Shinra HQ in Chapter 16. Shortly after entering the building, you'll come upon a section while you're playing as Tifa. She'll need to swing across some chandeliers to obtain a Shinra Keycard.

Where does behemoth spawn Ffxiv? ›

Behemoth is a Beastkin found in Coerthas Central Highlands.

How do I get Chadley Leviathan? ›

How to get Leviathan in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Complete five more of Chadley's Battle Intel Report challenges to unlock Combat Simulation: Leviathan and face off against the dreaded water demon in virtual reality. Once you topple it, you'll get the Summon Materia to use in battle for yourself.

What song does Betty want? ›

No matter how many music tracks you've collected up to this point, the three pieces of music you need to play are new tracks hidden in Wall Market. You'll run across several new songs if you talk to various residents, but there are three specific songs you need: “Goodnight, Until Tomorrow,” “Fight On!” and “Stand Up.”

What can you steal from behemoth FF7 Remake? ›

The Enchanted Ring can be stolen from the following enemies: Type-0 Behemoth, the boss of the side quest Subterranean Menace in Ch. 14.

Do traps work on Behemoth? ›

Final thing - Behemoth cannot be caught with traps, so you'll have to kill it in order to finish the battle.

Can you beat Behemoth solo? ›

Whether playing multiplayer or solo, the Extreme Behemoth has a health of 51800 HP. You need to deal as much damage as you can, about 1700 per minute to be able to defeat it. This is possible while playing solo, if you don't get hit a lot or make reckless moves.

What is the strongest behemoth? ›

The Strongest Behemoth is the only stage in Affliction in the Forest, which appears after clearing Woodlands Area 4. It drops no items, but unlocks stages 5-10 of Hidden Forest of Gapra when cleared.

How do you interrupt Behemoths? ›

Threshold Interrupts happen when the Behemoth takes an unstable position for a few seconds before unleashing a powerful attack. You can Interrupt Behemoths during this by dealing a certain amount of damage (or reaching a damage threshold) before they unleash the attack.

How do you wound a Behemoth? ›

Generally, hitting the head of a Behemoth deals higher stagger damage than impact to the legs, but can vary between different Behemoths. This is primarily dealt by slashing (Sword, Axe, and Chain Blades) and blunt (Hammer and Aether Strikers) weapons, with blunt-types dealing a higher base amount of stagger damage.

How do you beat the Behemoth stranger of paradise? ›

The Behemoth's main weakness is its back and its wings. Aim at those parts of its body, and use strong Combo Abilities to break down its Break Gauge quickly. Once you Soul Burst it, the Behemoth will be encased completely by purple crystals and become a brand new enemy called the Ur-Dragon King.

How do you beat the Behemoth defense area? ›

By taking quick potshots with a sniper or assault rifle and then changing position before the machine can get a lock on your location, a player can effectively chip away at a Behemoth's health bar until they defeat the drone or until they run out of ammo, whichever comes first.

Who is the boss in Strangers of Paradise? ›

The final boss is Darkness Manifest, the closes thing to Chaos you'll face in Stranger of Paradise. You fight it at the end of the final main mission.

How many Bahamut forms are there? ›

There are three versions of Bahamut in Final Fantasy VII, all of which are summoned via materia. Regular Bahamut can be found in the Temple of the Ancients after defeating the area's boss, the Red Dragon.

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