The 10 best standalone episodes of Breaking Bad (2023)

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Walter White's transformation into a drug lord is the most watched for five seasons of Breaking Bad, but the AMC series also has some great standalone episodes.

The 10 best standalone episodes of Breaking Bad (1)

Many TV series have been revolutionary butBreaking Bad it gradually evolved into one of the most acclaimed TV shows of all time. Vince GilligansBreaking Badtells the horrific transformation of Walter White from a mild-mannered chemistry teacher to a hardened drug lord. While Walter's story works best at all stages of development,Breaking Badhe also finds success with a stand-alone cameo.

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Breaking Badbecame such a hit because the story is so well thought out that it never goes too far. There are many great onesBreaking BadEpisodes, but some episodes work better as stand-alone dramas and weird bits of life.


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10 "4 days on the road"

Season 2, Episode 9

"4 days away from home" is the so-calledBreaking Badis a great ode to the 1965 film.let the phoenix, in which trapped pilots and passengers must work together to supposedly restore the plane and keep it safe. atBreaking BadIn their case, Walt and Jesse's iconic lab turned into methamphetamine goes missing during a long culinary expedition in the middle of the desert.

4 Days Out is an excellent science explorationearly treated as a superpowerBreaking Badcontinues, and the episode also explores the contrasting dynamics between Walt and Jesse. In itself, 4 Days Out works as a condensed survival story.

9 "Fly"

Season 3, Episode 10

"Episodes in a Bottle" is a kind of sequel whose original goal was to save money by bringing the story to one place. These types of episodes have since been used as challenging exercises in storytelling, as in the case"Fly", which is still "Breaking Bad".most polarizing post.

The entire episode, directed by Rian Johnson, takes place in Gus Fring's super lab as Walt and Jesse try to catch a fly. While "The Fly" is narrative-poor, it's pure character action between Walt and Jesse during a crucial transition period in their relationship.

8 "Pilot"

1st season, 1st episode

The audience could technically stop watchingBreaking Badafter the first three episodes and ends the series prematurely on a dark note that still feels final. Going one step further, fans can expect tooBreaking Badthe pilot episode as a stylized cautionary tale about coming of age.

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Many of the first episodes can feel like shaggy versions of the finished form that still need time to find their voices.Breaking BadHe seems incredibly confident and immediately recognizes what is at stake for Walter and what he is willing to do for his family.

7 "Granite State"

5th season, 15th episode

Breaking Bad"Granite Slate" is the penultimate episode of the series, which beautifully represents the finale of the "Felina" series. That said, Granite Slate is so well written that an outsider could fill in all the gaps about Jesse's relationship with Andrea and still appreciate the episode's themes.

The granite slate lasts several months as Walt lives in a remote cabin on the run. It becomes a revealing look at pride, loneliness, the futility of money, and ultimately hubris. Walt experiences a series of emotions in the final act of "Granite Slate" that point to the dangers of pride.

6 "Health"

Season 4, Episode 10

ManyBreaking Bad"Salud" centers on Walt and Jesse's surrogate father-son relationship, which has since been severely damaged, leaving Walt and his own son in a precarious state. There are many trust exercises in Salud and opportunities to pass the torch and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

However, the last act of the episode becomes one of Gus Fring's best works when he secretly poisons Don Eladio and his entire cartel. Gus finally exacts revenge for his role in Max's death many years ago.

5 "Black and Blue"

2nd season, 7th episode

"Negro y Azul" marks the beginning of Walt and Jesse's tenure as top meth dealers in Albuquerque, but it's also the beginning of their newfound confidence as they prepare to expand their territory. Fans will enjoy Negro y Azul more after watching the restBreaking Bad, but even without that context, the episode works as a standalone story about would-be drug dealers expanding their influence in the community while the DEA fights for revenge.

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Negro y Azul even begins with a particularly stylized appearance by the band narcocorrido in the music video as a tribute to Heisenberg. It helps put the episode into a dream-like state that works better in a standalone context.

4 "Own weight"

5th season, 5th episode

"Dead Freight" is absolutely devastatingBreaking BadConsequence, or rather the beginning of the end for all involved. A distraught Walt, Jesse and Mike need some extra help, which brings Todd, a killer on a loose wire, into the game. "Dead Freight" is a foretaste of classical musicBreaking BadHeist when the team is carrying out a train heist.

Dead Freight does an excellent job of planning and executing this risky operation that culminates in an unexpectedly dark endingTodd shoots a little boy. Jesse and Todd's argument continues for the rest of the series, but "Dead Freight" alone provides a tragic conclusion to an otherwise smooth heist.

3 "gun"

Season 4, Episode 5

One ofBreaking BadThe most exciting turns it is Jesse's slow transition from Walt to Mike as a fatherly mentor. Season 4's "Shotgun" is truly a turning point for these relationships as it marks the beginning of Jesse's close relationship with Mike, who develops a similar level of respect for him.

Skyler and Hank have to put out the fire themselves in Shotgun, but the real joy of Shotgun is when Jesse comes into the episode terrified of Mike. Jesse initially wants to physically hurt him, but by the end of the episode the two grow closer. It's a testament to Mike's understanding of people, especially those who are suffering.

2 "look look"

2nd season, 6th episode

However, many TV shows and movies deal with the horrors of drug cultureBreaking Baddoes a particularly harrowing job of portraying methamphetamine use and how it destroys lives. "Peekaboo" is a season two episode where Jesse tries to make up for the losses suffered by two unstable drug addicts.

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The dilapidated house Jesse breaks into is like a horror movie, and a young child is also at risk. Peekaboo has the thrill of a horror movieGreen roomAs Jesse struggles to escape this hostage scenario and come to terms with the path he has chosen in life.

1 "Better call Saul"

2nd season, 8th episode

Breaking BadFor the first two seasons, Walt and Jesse mostly work alone with no one to help them out of awkward situations. All this changes with youSaul Goodman, brilliant lawyerwho helps Jesse and Walt legitimize their operation and avoid going to prison.

Breaking BadBetter Call Saul is an unconventional, independent look at the life of a feisty, ruthless criminal lawyer. However, it is also a creationBreaking Badis the deepest character that drives the entire spin-off series.

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