The 25 Best Guitar Brands in 2022 (Most Popular & Unknown Companies) (2023)


Guitars are a type of string instrument that have been around for centuries. They come in different shapes and sizes, with many different types of wood and string. The sound produced by guitars can vary from sweet to harsh, depending on the number and thickness of the strings.

The guitar is one of the most iconic instruments in the world. Whether you're looking for a beginner's instrument or something more advanced, there are plenty of options to choose from. While it can be difficult to know which brand is the best, we'll help you make an informed decision by providing you with information on some of the best brands.

As measured by sales (2020), electric guitars had the highest sales in the United States.about 48%,Semi-acoustic guitars take second placehighest place with 33.2%YAcoustic guitars in 18.6%.This shows that most people today prefer an electric guitar over other guitars. However, that doesn't mean that other guitars are any less functional. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular guitar brands that might be right for you or your loved ones.

best guitar brands

#1. blue summit

To score:Blueridge Guitars has a factory in China. The Blueridge guitar brand is part of a mass-produced instrument manufacturer known as Saga Musical Instruments. The D-size guitar appeared in 1916 and began mass production in 1931. Blueridge guitars have received many awards from Music Maker, Guitarist Magazine and Total Guitar.

Got to know: Blueridge Guitars is famous for its sound quality, comfort and size. It's also one of the most affordable guitar brands on the market. They make guitars with high quality woods. They are the best choice for most beginning guitarists.

#2. Jamaica

To score:Yamaha is a brand known for its various products. It started manufacturing guitars in 1940 and entered the world market in 1966. Yamaha produces around 500,000 guitars in China each year.

Got to know: Yamaha is known for providing durable products to its customers. It has a sufficiently large body and a smooth neck. It is loved for being a high quality and cost competitive product in the market.


#3. Ovation

To score:Ovation Guitars was founded in 1960. The founder, Charles Kaman, is an aeronautical engineer and guitarist. He also designed rotor blades for helicopters. This experience led him to rethink standard guitar construction and develop a composite guitar body with a round bottom.

Got to know: Ovation guitars revolutionized the industry by introducing a round composite guitar body. This sets Ovation apart from other brands. Ovation has traditionally used modern materials in its products. As a result, they have a wide range of guitars at a standard price point.

#4. defending

To score:Fender was created in 1946 by Clarence Fender. Headquarters are located in California, USA The company started as a radio service and later grew into a guitar manufacturer. They make a variety of guitars but are most famous for their guitars.

Got to know: Fender is known for its distinctive headstock and unique body style. The quality of the wood material in their guitars delivers the tone with power and clarity.

#5. Jasmine

To score:Jasmine is a Japanese guitar manufacturer. The Jasmine Guitars brand is an entry-level acoustic brand for Takamine. The brand was previously popular as Jasmine by Takamine.

Got to know: Jasmine is famous for its unique handle button. Offers better balance and comfort when playing the guitar. In addition, the smooth satin finish produces excellent and rich sound quality.

The best electric guitar brands

#1. Gibson

To score:Gibson is famous as the most famous guitar brand in the world. It was founded in 1894 and has been in the industry for over 100 years. So when Gibson started working on their electric guitars, they had over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Got to know: After a few years of World War II, Gibson entered the golden age of innovation. The first electric guitars released by Gibson gave guitarists versatility and power. Since then, Gibson has enriched the industry with its innovation and unique product line.

#2. epiphony

To score:Epiphone made its first guitars in 1928. It is headquartered in Tennessee, United States. In 1970, Epiphone moved its factory from the United States to Japan.

Got to know: The Epiphone trademark is owned by Gibson. However, Epiphone produces unique electric guitars. The material used by Epiphone differs from that of Gibson, giving Epiphone a competitive price advantage.

#3. Squier

To score:Squier, founded in 1890 in the United States. In its early days, Squier used violin, banjo and guitar strings. After the company dissolved in 1975, Fender bought it. Now Fender is the parent company of Squier and produces unique electric guitars.

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Got to know: Squier guitars use high quality materials in their products. Squier guitars are affordable, while Fender offers premium components.

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#4 Ibanez

To score:The Ibanez guitar is a Japanese brand from Hoshino Gakki. It was one of the first Japanese musical instrument companies to evaluate imported guitars. Countries such as the United States and many in Europe import Ibanez guitars from Japan.

Got to know: With Ibanez electric guitar products, the main feature is the use of thin necks. Allows guitarists to play faster.

#5. PRS

To score:PRS, known as Paul Reed Smith Guitars, is an American musical instrument manufacturer. It was formed in 1985. Paul was 19 when he built his first guitar and the company produces over 1,100 guitars a month.

Got to know: PRS is known for high quality electric guitars in all price ranges. PRS does not compromise on quality. Its cheaper models have fantastic quality and spectacular sound.

The best bass brands

#1. Höfner

To score:Hofner was founded in 1887 by Karl Hofner. Höfner basses occupy an exceptional place in music history. They were the guitars that many British guitarists played in the early 1960s.

Got to know: Hofner basses are popular for their unique body and construction, which provide great feel and tone. They are one of the best guitars you can play. The 500 series of Hofner basses are the best the company has ever built.

#2. record

To score:Schecter launched its bass line in 1995. Initially, it produced guitar parts for other manufacturers. Today it is a renowned guitar manufacturer.

Got to know: Schecter produces a wide range of bass. Its basses use active EMG pickups and powerful EQs. In the price range they offer, it would be hard to find basses this well equipped.

#3. Musician

To score:Music Man is an American bass guitar manufacturer. It is owned by Ernie Ball Corporation. Music Man was born in California in 1974. The musician is famous for making high quality bass guitars.

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Useful information: Music Man has maintained its reputation for quality over the years. The finish, fit and feel of their basses are phenomenal. They live up to the standards that have earned Music Man its reputation.

#4. Jamaica

To score:Yamaha produced its first bass in 1966. Since then, it has been innovating in its manufacturing methods. Yamaha is a multinational company known for making one of the best basses on the market.

Useful information: Yamaha basses are not popular with many people, but they offer the best value for money. The materials used like neck, electronics and assembly are of high quality. From entry-level guitars to high-end guitars, all of their basses sound fantastic.

#5. Gibson

To score:Gibson is one of the best bass manufacturers on the market. Gibson has been making basses since 1953. They started with EB shaped basses and have modernized their basses for a high quality sound.

Useful information: Gibson uses high quality wood in its basses to produce the best tone. They use maple, ebony and mahogany for a fuller, richer sound.

best guitar amp brands

#1. Orange

To score:Orange Music is an English manufacturer of guitar amplifiers. It was released in 1968 in London, UK. It was created by a musician and electronic designer named Clifford Cooper. Headquarters are in Borehamwood, England.

Useful information: Orange is known for its wide range of guitar amps and bass cabinets. They have carved out a unique position in the music industry by manufacturing amplifiers for a variety of timbres and purposes.

#2. Vox

To score:Vox or formerly known as Jennings Organ Company. It was released in England in 1957. The word vox is a Latin word for voice. Many popular bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones used Vox guitar amplifiers.

Useful information: Vox is famous for its signature face tap. Vox amplifiers have been featured on countless albums by renowned artists and bands over the years.

#3. Black Star

To score:Blackstar is a British manufacturer of guitar amplifiers. The company was started by a group of employees from the Marshall amplifier manufacturer. The company was scheduled to start up in 2007, but began operating in the United States in 2009.

Useful information: Blackstar offers great amps at competitive prices. Excellent build quality makes the amps sound great. Blackstar makes one of the most versatile amplifiers on the market.

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#4. Laney

To score:Laney was created in 1967 by Lyndon Laney. Lyndon used to play bass in a band called Band of Joy. Lack of funds to purchase his amplifier prompted Lyndon to build it himself.

Useful information: Laney is known for his ability to play the metallic tones of heavy guitars. The 50 watt tube amplifier is his popular product. They offer durable and reliable amplifiers.

#5. marshal

To score:Marshall is an English company that manufactures musical amplifiers and many other components for the recording industry. The company was founded in 1962. It has made a significant name for itself with its high quality music products.

Useful information:Marshall amplifiers are one of the most recognized brands in the world. The company is famous for its deep, crisp tone. Marshall created a milestone in the history of guitar amplifier manufacturing.

The best bands for guitar strings

#1. Dunlop

To score:Jim Dunlop are Dunlop strings. It started as a small family business. Since then, it has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of guitar strings.

Got to know: Dunlop is famous for its excellent quality strings compared to the prices. Dunlop strings use nickel-plated steel strings. This gives you a premium tone with a crisp high end.

#2. elixir

To score:Elixir Strings was launched in 1997. It started out as an electric string but later added a guitar string company to its lineup. Elixir strings pioneered coated string technology.

Got to know: Elixir Strings is known for its proprietary fluoropolymer coating technology. The use of this technology results in strong and durable guitar strings. It also reduces the buildup of waste and elements such as skin oils.

#3. GHS strings

To score:GHS Strings is an American manufacturer of strings for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. It has been in business since 1964. The company is popular with artists and bands all over the world.

Got to know: GHS strings are famous for their strong guitar strings. The strings consist of a single core of silk, wound steel and bronze wire. They give a warm, soft and gentle tone.

#4. D´Addario

To score:D'Addario is a manufacturer of guitar strings and accessories. It has branches all over the world. It is a family business and one of the world's leading manufacturers of guitar strings.

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Got to know: D'Addario strings are known for their strong, stable, and distinctive guitar strings. The materials used by the company provide a natural and soft touch. It plays a warm and mellow tone.

#5. Dean Markley

To score:Dean Markley is an American manufacturer of guitar strings and other instrument-related products. Formerly a California music store, Dean Markley later began developing designs for guitar strings.

Got to know: Dean Markley is a popular company for their guitar strings. Its strong, high-quality strings are popular with many performers. Dean Markley's "Blue Steel" guitar string is one of the most notable innovations. They are frozen with liquid nitrogen to make them last longer.


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