The top 10 TV characters will appear in the final season of their show (2023)

As for the supporting characters, wellTV programsSometimes we save the best for last. From time to time, new faces appear at the end of the story, overshadowing the ones that have been there all along. Thanks to their intriguing nature, these people make the ending even more satisfying.

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Usually, several factors influence showrunners and writers to come up with new names in the final season. In some cases it's because the departing character needs to be replaced, in others it's simply to make the saga more intriguing. Whatever the reason, fans will be pleased to see these characters brought to the game.


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10 Lydia Rodarte-Quayle (Breaking Bad)

The top 10 TV characters will appear in the final season of their show (1)

On the surface, Lydia appears to be a focused business leader with a strong moral compass, but she is a key playerBreaking BadDrug smuggling. The head of logistics and procurement at Madrigal Electromotive GmbH helped fund Gus Fring's empire by channeling funds through his Los Pollos-Hermanos front.

Constantly nervous and scared, Lydia is different from other criminals in the series. Despite this, it becomes part of one of the series' iconic stories. For example, Mike's death occurs because Walter fails to get the necessary information from her, while her methylamine information helps Walter and his crew commit a train robbery, which is undoubtedly one of the casesThe best episodes of Breaking Bad.

9 Clark Green (Ured)

Whether he's using his nickname "The Fart" or telling dad jokes to his clients, Clark ranks among the most intriguing employees of Dunder Mifflin when he introduces himself in the final season of Dunder Mifflin Ured. The character's competitiveness is also admirable as he attempts to steal Dwight's clients after hiring him.

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In addition to his Machiavellianism, Clark is also good at team building activities. He easily wins slackline competitions and is so good at his jokes that he even gets a promotion. In addition, Clark is constantly at the center of the series' most ridiculous stories, including one where he goes undercover to a warehouse to investigate who stole a mural.

8 Erik Thorvaldsson (Vikings)

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The long list of naughty characters is one of the main reasonsVikings is considered one of the best historical dramas of all time. From cunning individuals, fans can see how brutal the world of the Vikings was, where only survival mattered. Erik is a great schemer.

For many of the series' other ambitious characters, the road to the top is long and hard, but it only takes Erik one season to rise from outlaw to king of Kattegat. To do this, he manipulates the two most powerful Norse women, Ingrid and Gunnhild. Unfortunately, Eric's reign is short-lived, as he dies shortly after losing his sight.

7 Lieutenant Althea Jarry (Sons of Anarchy)

The top 10 TV characters will appear in the final season of their show (4)

As one ofThe best crime drama on TV: Sons of Anarchy from FXThere are many excellent cops, but Lieutenant Althea Jarry is undoubtedly the most likable of them all. The head of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department is incredibly smart, as evidenced by the fact that she stands side by side with SAMCRO, consulting with them, not just hunting them down.

Thanks to their methods, Jarry was not brutally killed like her predecessors. She also has arguably the most interesting relationship in the series where she meets senior SAMCRO member Chibbs. The relationship between a police officer and a member of a biker gang ends abruptly, and they even make love on the hood of a police car.

6 Kot Grant (Smallville)

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Despite the fact that journalism is a big part of Clark's life,SmallvilleIt's rare for a character to be focused solely on a person's thingsDay planetsrather than the many adventures that take place outside. Fortunately, everything changes in season 10 when the ever-cheerful cat is replaced by Lois after the star reporter travels to Egypt.

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As Clark's work partner, Cat often irritates him with her conservative views on superheroes, unaware that she is one. However, due to the character's significant development, her opinion changes and she later declares that she is a "Booster Girl" (a fan of Booster Gold). In addition, the series presents a moving story of domestic violence at the hands of Cat, when it turns out that she changed her last name to escape from an abusive lover.

5 Marion Crane (motel Bates)

The top 10 TV characters will appear in the final season of their show (6)

Marion Crane that fans can seeBates Motelis much more elaborate than that of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece,psychol. Rihanna's character is a hopeless romantic who desperately wants to be with her lover Sam, but can't have a relationship with him because he's married.

The most interesting thing about this character is that she wasn't killed by Norman Bates like her counterpart. The stabbing of Marion in the shower in the film is one of the most famous horror moments, but in the TV show, she shares a cordial relationship with the killer, to the point of helping her learn her lover's secrets.

4 Randy Pearson (that 70s show)

The top 10 TV characters will appear in the final season of their show (7)

In the last seasonThis show from the 70'sRandy was hired to replace Michael Kelso and Eric Forman, whose actors refused to sign new contracts. Therefore, he is portrayed as a combination of the two characters who is both funny and prefers to rule.

Although he won't be on the show for long, Randy is an important person. With his views, he represents the shift from 1970s culture to 1980s culture. In addition, he has been shown to have all the qualities that women at the time wanted in men. He's good with tools, likes to make jokes, and has a lot of respect for those he dates.

3 Jack Nelson (Peaky Blinders)

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uPointy glasses, Tommy Shelby generally disapproves of the actions of most people around him because they are neither intelligent nor hardworking like him. In this way, Jack Nelson is portrayed as someone Tommy admires, as they are both successful people who came from nowhere.

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Like Tommy, Jack is well connected in political circles and even has President Roosevelt on speed dial. In addition, he is a well-organized gangster who, like Tommy, invests in the Irish and Scottish whiskey business. The only difference between them is their ideology, with Jack leaning more towards fascism.

2 Erika Price (Akt X)

The top 10 TV characters will appear in the final season of their show (9)

Erika Price stands out from other villainsx-filesbecause of their vision and great ambitions. A former union member is a big opponent of Cigarette Smoker and dreams of colonizing the entire universe. In this way, he creates a simulation with digital copies of people that he can use in the VR world after his death.

Such stories are more common in some countriescritically acclaimed episodes of Black MirrorAlix-fileshe still manages to do it quite convincingly. In all her creations, Erika shines with ruthlessness and determination. He engages in an amazing run before suffering the obligatory fake death at the hands of William Mulder.

1 Richard Burghoff (Mad Men)

The top 10 TV characters will appear in the final season of their show (10)

Richard's main goalcrazy peopleis to broaden the arcs of Joan's relationship, thus turning out to be a very interesting character. Based on a real estate mogul, the series explores the good and bad sides of the romance as he brings some excitement to Joan's life with his casual lifestyle, but still makes her miserable by trying to control her.

Richard's existence makes Joan an even stronger character as she learns to take advantage of him while defying anything bordering on the extreme. He brings out her fun side by taking her on various adventures across the country, but helps her become an even more focused character when she ultimately chooses a career over him.

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