Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (2023)

When it comes to role-playing games (RPGs), one of the most fun aspects of gaming revolves around the ever-increasing number of characters you can interact with. It's been a staple of the genre for decades and continues to function as one of the best ways to convey personal stories.fantasia final 7has one of the most popular casts in any video game, so when the remake of the classic JRPG was announced, it was no surprise that the feature fans were most looking forward to was its reinvention. With that in mind, below are the top 10 characters from theFinal Fantasy VII-Remake, including its DLC (downloadable content), 'Intermission'.


10. Reno

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (1)

The raggedy member of the Turks, Reno's red hair is a great statement of his personality. His introduction is one of the funniest in the game, as he enters the scene at an important moment between Cloud and Aerith. His reaction to Cloud's explanation that he's a soldier is pretty amusing as well, as fans of the original game will see this as a nice nod and nod to later reveals. His relationship with Rude, as seen in the rooftop fight, is the kind of brotherly bond that makes Turks really interesting as a group. As with Rude, it's fascinating to watch his involvement in the plate drop, how he seems to accept it, and how his reaction to Tseng's reasoning plays out.

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9. Sra. M.

A new character in the game is Madame M. She fits perfectly into the overall story, her presence is definitely welcome and adds just the right amount of flavor. Her introduction is one of the most memorable moments in the entire game, and it's one of the few times the player sees a breakdown in Cloud's character. Seeing her at the Honey Bee Inn when Cloud appears and her outburst at the tournament are incredibly memorable moments. Your performance will be even better if you play in Japanese as you will get a funny surprise in a certain scene.

8. Sonon Kusakabé

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (3)

Introduced in the Intermission DLC, Sonon is an interesting addition to the larger cast of characters inFinal Fantasy VII-Remake. It's great because she's a character who, like Yuffie, is from Wutai, which is why during their interactions, the audience sees Yuffie sharing more about her home and relationship with her father. Surprisingly, the team behind the game does a lot to showcase his backstory, which makes you really care about him in no time, especially compared to many other new characters in the game. We've seen them try this with Leslie in the base game, but their execution works best here with Sonon. It will definitely be interesting to see if her presence is still felt in future installments.

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7. Rude

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (4)

Along with Reno, Rude is the most prominent member of the Turks inFinal Fantasy VII-Remake. What makes him even more interesting is his relationship with Aerith. It's also clear that Aeirth cares about him at least a little bit, especially when he tries to call off the fight between him and Cloud. The Turks themselves are some of the most interesting characters in the game, and will be mentioned a bit here, as they will have to deal with the aftermath of the plate falling. There are also fun little references to later parts of the original game featuring Rude that fans will no doubt pick up on, like his crush on Tifa.

6. Raspberry Jessie

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (5)

It's fair to say that of all the charactersFinal Fantasy VII-Remake, Jessie was the most expanded. Almost a throwaway character in the original game, he explored in a way that many fans of the original expected when they heard that the first game would expand on many aspects of the original. She is also the only member of Avalanche to have her own brand of greatest moments in history. It was her "chapter" that saw Cloud travel alongside her, Wedge, and Biggs to the upper plate of Midgar, which acted as the original game's first truly important match. Learning about her through her parents, as well as her experience as the daughter of a Shinra employee, really fleshed out her complexities and made her connection to Avalanche even more interesting.

5. Barret Wallace

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (6)
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Barret is a character who, like Tifa, can really shine in the later parts of the original game. In that sense, his presentation here is familiar, but also different. He's a character that seems incredibly sassy early on in the game, but it all seems to come from a loving place. This makes him more sympathetic as the game progresses, even when he yells at Cloud. Although he can sometimes be seen as hot-headed, he is often the most level-headed of the group. His relationship with Tifa and how he understands her almost better than Cloud at certain points is really interesting. Due to his relationship with Marlene, he is different from every other character in the game, which gives us yet another reason to root for him.

4. Yuffie Kisaragi

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (7)

Who would have thought that Yuffie's inclusion in a character ranking could be so high, but here we are. Just as Aerith benefited more from the expanded nature of the game through the remake, so too did Yuffie. This time it's more concrete and your mission is much clearer. Unlike almost every other character in the game, she is incredibly energetic and cheerful, but the game also shows a darker side to her, especially as more life-changing events unfold. If you only understand Yuffie through past traits, her characterization in "Intermediate" will leave you with plenty of confidence for what's to come.

3. Tifa Lockheart

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (8)

A lot of Tifa, especially in this game, revolves around her relationship and how she connects with Cloud. Because of this, one of the best Tifa scenes in the game is between the two. It takes place right after Cloud shows that he is willing to murder all of Shinra's witnesses. There, Tifa clearly sees that the Cloud she once knew is now gone when she tells her "Cloud... you scare me". Much has been said about her reactions in the fourth quarter of the game and how strange they seem. In fact, these are some of the most realistic character beats in the entire game, as his reaction to the plate falling and how he initially blames Avalanche rather than Shinra seems entirely believable. She's a character that Shinra has wronged on multiple occasions now, and she's partially broken because of it.

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2. Conflict of clouds

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (9)

Cloud is a character that could easily be seen as aloof and edgy, but mostly he's a damaged and aloof human being. Of course, this becomes more apparent in later entries, but in the early part of the remake, his characterization is still great. Seeing him slowly open up, especially when he meets Aerith, shows just how complex his character is. It definitely has rough edges, but it's one of the most interesting when it comes to the main characters in JRPGs, who are often just blank slates for players to see themselves. His performance in the new version is great, and if the subsequent story comes close to being equal to the original, there's a lot to look forward to.

1. Aeris Gainsborough

Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Remake characters ranked (10)

Aerith gets what is arguably the most impressive update to her previous iterations and is the real star of the first part ofFinal Fantasy VII-Remake. It definitely feels like the team behind the game clearly realize that she's the heart and soul of this first installment, and the treatment she gets is perfect. Her participation in the game with Cloud, and therefore her relationship with him, is one of the strongest aspects of the new version. The rooftop scene between her and Cloud moments after escaping is one of the best character interaction moments in the entire game. Seeing her take over Wall Market clearly shows why her connection to Cloud is so important and why the war between Aerith and Tifa continues.

Many of these characters weren't just limited to their unique gameplay, as they went on to star in movies likeFinal Fantasy VII: Adventkinder. However, for many people, this would be the first time many of them would meet several of these characters. The end result was really something special and a year later we are still thinking about something. When the next entry comes out, we hope the team will continue to shape and portray these characters the way fans love to see them.

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