[Top 5] FF14 Best way to level alternate jobs (2023)

.Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that gives the player the freedom to change their combat job simply by changing the current weapon they are equipped with, granting the player access to all classes in the game without a 2. , 3rd or nth character need to create game. In this game, players can balance all of their battles, crafting, and gathering with a single character.

However, it can be very difficult and time consuming to level up all of the alternate job classes, especially since there are 18 total combat jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. Many players may also want to upgrade all of their combat jobs to 80, the current max level before Endwalker appeared.

Because of that, this article lists the top five ways a player can improve their alternate jobs in Final Fantasy XIV.

5. NivelQuests

Level missions are optional missions that can be performed in different cities and fields during gameplay. They only require a player to unlock them with a short Levequest trial before being able to access all future Levequests in each applicable area.

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Completing level missions can give the player a lot of experience as a reward. Not to mention that the level quests are easy and quick to complete and have many different quests so players won't get bored of doing everything all over again.

However, players could not grind infinite levels through level quests as they would have a limited amount of level quest permissions. A player can have at most 100 level quest grants and only update 3 level quest grants every 12 hours in real time.

4. Team race

[Top 5] FF14 Best way to level alternate jobs (1)

An NPC asking to join the player's squad.

The next way to quickly level up alternate combat jobs in Final Fantasy XIV is through Squadron Dungeon Runs. Players can form their own squad in their respective Great Company of their choice, and players can unlock this feature by achieving the rank of Second Lieutenant in their own Great Company.

After unlocking their squad, players can request NPCs to join their squad, and players can accept or reject them. Players can have a maximum of 8 NPCs in their roster and can get more NPCs by subscribing to their roster by completing weekly registrations.

After that, players can level up their squad members by sending them on daily and weekly missions and earning rewards based on their chemistry.

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So a player can bring three members of their squad to carry dungeons with them. This is a great way to run dungeons and level up alternate jobs, especially for alternate DPS jobs that can require long lines to enter a dungeon. While it may take longer to run with a squad than with other players, it can still be faster than waiting for queues to appear.

3. Southern Front of Bozjan and Zadnor

[Top 5] FF14 Best way to level alternate jobs (2)The large fields of Zadnor for a player to explore.

The Southern Front of Bozjan is an area that players can access after completing the Shadowbringers main story quest and the Stormblood's Alliance Raid quest.

A player can enter the Bozjan Southern Front with a level 71 or higher Battle Job, and it is also the most popular way to upgrade their jobs from level 71 to 80 while clearing FATEs and critical encounters in Bozja and gaining the necessary courage , to increase his stamina, a specific level only related to Bozja.

Players can also unlock Zadnor after completing the Bozjan's Southern Front quest, which is locked behind his stamina level, which will also give players plenty of experience in their combat jobs.

A player can also start their quest for relic weapons for their battle jobs, which is currently the best weapon in the game for all battle jobs. Many of them are also good looking and can be a glamorous weapon for many combat jobs.

Since these instances offer players experience and a cool, powerful weapon, Bozja is currently one of the most popular ways to level up in the last 10 levels of the game.

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2. Maintenance Wheels

Mandatory Roulette is one of, if not the most popular alternative leveling job in Final Fantasy XIV these days. It's something that players can access after completing their first few dungeons.

The level wheel in particular will reward the player with a lot of experience and in most cases allow them to skip half a level or even a whole level after a day. Other types of roulette wheels will also reward players with moderate experience.

Mandatory roulettes are also fun as they are played in a randomized dungeon and with content based on what you have done in the queue. For example, Leveling Roulette has a player progress through a random dungeon that they have unlocked. Mandatory roulettes cause a player to scroll through old content while earning rewards.

Players must also complete all Service Wheels once per day, making it a suitable way to level up for players who don't have a lot of free time and for players who don't want to get bored running through the same content. and again.

1. Deep dungeons

[Top 5] FF14 Best way to level alternate jobs (3)A player attempting to clear the Palace of the Dead grounds for the rare title.

Deep Dungeons is currently the fastest way for players to level up their alternate jobs from level 1 to level 70. There are currently two deep dungeons available in the game namely Palace of the Dead and Sky-in-Rising.

Players can unlock their first deep dungeon, the Palace of the Dead, after reaching level 17 in one of the combat jobs and completing the main scenario quest "Into a Copper Hell". You can then pick up the blue quest The House Death Built in New Gridania to unlock it.

(Video) Level 1-80 Alt Job Powerleveling Guide for Patch 5.5+

Meanwhile, Heaven-on-High can be unlocked after players complete Palace of the Dead level 50 and reach level 61 in any of the combat jobs. You can then unlock this deep dungeon by completing the blue quest "Knocking on Heaven's Door" in the Ruby Sea.

Deep Dungeons has a completely different leveling system, and players start at level 1 in Palace of the Dead and 61 in Heaven on High. Outside gear and stats don't carry over to the inside either, since all your stats depend on your weapon and armor rating, which can be increased by opening silver chests in Deep Dungeons.

After completing 10 levels of the Deep Dungeon, players can exit the Deep Dungeon and be rewarded with a moderate amount of experience for the combat job they enter with. Of course, the higher the floors you climb, the more experience you gain. Players can go up to the 200th floor for Palace of the Dead and up to the 100th floor for Heaven-on-High.

In addition, deep dungeons within the instance can also earn Cursed Hoards, which can be analyzed and reward players with unique minions, glamour, and even rare mounts. Players can also trade their weapons and armor levels in the Deep Dungeon for a cool, shiny weapon for their combat jobs, which they can use anywhere in Eorzea.

Not to mention that completing these two deep dungeons solo can also reward players with some of the rarest titles in the game, namely Lone Hero and The Necromancer.

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