Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (2023)

Yakuza: Like a Dragonis the seventh main installment in the popular Yakuza series. It marks many firsts for the series and the shift from brawling to turn-based combat. She also introduced Ichiban Kasuga, the series' new director.

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon is one of the longest Yakuza entries with a total of 15 chapters. It also has the most playable characters with seven playable party members. There's a lot going on in Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and it will be achapter summarywhat is happening in each of them. Optional side stories are excluded, but these are the main chapters of the game:

  • 1: light and shadow
  • 2: Bloody Encounter
  • 3: The city at the foot of the rock
  • 4: The Dragon of Yokohama
  • 5: The Man from Lumang
  • 6: one
  • 7: The spider's web
  • 8: bleached black
  • 9: house of cards
  • 10: Justice tempered by mercy
  • 11: The odds
  • 12: Yakuza in That Movie
  • 13: coin pocket baby
  • 14: Passing the torch
  • 15: On the way to the summit

15 Chapter 1: Light and Shadow

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (1)

Featured Characters:Yoko Arakawa, Toshio Arakawa, Masumi Arakawa, Akane, Ichiban Kasuga, Masato Arakawa, Juro Horinouchi, Jo Sawashiro, Jiro Kasuga

Ideas:1971 Yokohama, 2000 - 2001 Kamurocho

Plot:Chapter 1 begins with Arakawa performing a play where his father takes him to a restaurant after an argument with his mother. His father is murdered in the bathroom. Time goes by fast andWe are introduced to Ichiban, who accepts fundraisers for Arakawa (who is now the patriarch of his own family).

Ichiban is in charge of Arakawa's son Masato, but the two paths go awry after one night. At the end of the chapter, Arakawa asks Ichiban to take the blame for a murder and carry out the punishment, to which he dutifully agrees.

14 Chapter 2: Bloody Reunion

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (2)

Featured Characters:koichi adachi

Ideas:2001 - 2019 Prison, 2019 Kamurocho

Plot:After Ichiban served time in prisonis received by Adachi, former police officer. He tells Ichiban that he needs his help, but Ichiban denies it to find out what happened to the Tojo clan and Arakawa. It turns out that Arakawa sold Tojo and allowed the Omi Alliance to take over Kamurocho.

Ichiban learns that Arakawa will be attending a dinner with other high-ranking Omi officials. He and Adachi break into the tower where they get separated. Ichiban finds Arakawa, who shoots him.

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13 Chapter 3: The City at the Foot of the Rock

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (3)

Featured Characters:Yu Nanba, Zheng, Sota Kume, Hamako

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:Ichiban wakes up in a pile of rubbish and meets Nanba, a homeless man who is tending to his injuries. Nanba allows Ichiban to stay with him while he recovers. A man named Zheng from Yokohama Liumang appears and Ichiban and Nanba fight and defeat him. Nanba then talks about the three Ijin consisting of Yokohama Liumang, the Seiryu clan and Geomijul.

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Later, unmarked money is found in Ichiban's pocket. Ichiban and Nanba go to Hello Work, which ends up resulting in them buying an apartment. We also met Bleach Japan, an activist group that wants to rid the world of moral gray zones.

12 Chapter 4: Dragon of Yokohama

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (4)

Featured Characters:Yamato Totsuka, Nonomiya, Mamoru Takabe, Ryuhei Hoshino, Nanoha Mukoda

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:Adachi meets with Ichiban and the three men go to Hello Work to find work. Along the way, they find a bat on the ground that only Ichiban can pull out, which unlocks the hero's job. The trio get a job at a soap opera called Otohime Land and a new base of operations at a bar called Survive.

They hatch a plan to infiltrate Castle Sunlight, where their patients are killed. They are successful and fly to the Seiryu clan headquarters. After their mission, they return to the Land of Otohime and find the owner dead.

11 Chapter 5: The Man from Lumang

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (5)

Featured Characters:Eri Kamataki, Saeko Mukodam, Akira Mabuchi, ``El cantinero''

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:At the funeral of Otohime's owner, Saeko appears and joins the party. They all want to find out the truth about death and find and interrogate Zheng. Following a lead, they take over all the jobs at the Yokohama Trading Company.

Along the way, we are also introduced to Eri (who is an optional member of the group), whoShe asks Ichiban to help her with her dying company.. They discover that the Yokohama Trading Company is using counterfeit bills, and when trying to steal one, they are caught and captured.

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10 Chapter 6: Ignition

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (6)

Featured Characters:Tianyou Zhao

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:The group is hung by the wrists and tortured by Mabuchi, a man trying to start a war. They are left alone when a mysterious man enters and rescues them. The group escapes and Ichiban calls the Seiryu Clan President about Mabuchi's plan, but it is too late.

Seiryu's captain Takabe is already there, fighting Ichiban. He says he is ready to go to war to avenge those whose lives were lost. During the fight, the leader of Yokohama, Liumang Zhao, reveals himself. He says he needs proof to believe that everything was planned, the group must seek Geomijul's help.

9 Chapter 7: The Spider's Web

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (7)

Featured Characters:Joon-gi Han (Yeonsu Kim), Seong-hui

Ideas: 2019 Yokohama, Korean neighborhood

Plot:The group heads to Koreatown, where they meet Seong-Hi, the leader of Geomijul. The Geomiyul have cameras all over the city and act as a kind of intelligence agency. Mabuchi is the one who killed the owner of Otohime Land, but gets more important information about the counterfeit banknotes. Joon-gi Han is also revealed to be the one who saved her in the final chapter.

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Here it is revealed that Nanba is looking for her brother who is linked to these accounts. He leaves the party when he is taken at gunpoint. The group fights their way out and are instructed to meet at Heian Tower, where the leaders of the Ijin Three are seated around a table.

8 Chapter 8: Discolored Black

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (8)

Featured Characters:Ryo Aoki, Hajime Ogasawara, Yutaka Ogikubo

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:At the meeting, it is revealed that the three of them were involved in the counterfeiting, and he helps keep Balance and other criminal organizations out. However, since Nanba escaped and was captured by Bleach Japan, the three Ijin know that his cover has been blown and assassins are already after him.

The group meets up with Bleach Japan and Nanba, where Mabuchi appears and fights. They defeat him, but Nanba goes with Mabuchi and Bleach Japan, saying this is their best chance to find his brother.in the offices, Ichiban finds a photo of Aoki, a politician he recognized as Masato.

7 Chapter 9: House of Cards

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (9)
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Featured Characters:Reiji Ishioda

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:ANDThe party returns to survivewhere they discover that Aoki helped found Bleach Japan, which is directly linked to the Omi Alliance. The Omi invade Ijincho, where the group takes the reins to strike back. Zhao tells them that if they help stop her, they will stop chasing Nanba.

They fight an Omi lieutenant named Ishioda. The group led by Joon-gi Han returns to Geomijul Base. There they fight the bandits Ishioda, Nanba and Omi. After defeating her, they reveal that Nanba's brother is alive and well. They capture Bleach Japan's other boss, Ogasawara, and take him in for questioning.

6 Chapter 10: Justice Tempered by Mercy

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (10)

Featured Characters:Yosuke Tendo

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:Upon interrogating Ogasawara, it is revealed that Aoki was responsible for the Kamurocho 3K plan that drove out the Tojo. The Omi Alliance forces the group to fight back, allowing Ogasawara to escape. While looking for Zhao, who has gone radio silent, they encounter Mabuchi and Omi's superiors.

Having is one of themthey refused to fight because they were too weak, but Ishido takes advantage of this, prompting Nanba to return to the party. They defeat him and Zhao is shown to be secure, but he has considered stepping down as leader. Back at the homeless camp, Ichiban learns that the homeless there are responsible for taking care of those evicted there and playing dead under Arakawa's orders. It is revealed that Hoshino, the patriarch of the Seiryu-Clans who was the one who killed Arakawa's father and the reason why Arakawa ended up as a yakuza.

5 Chapter 11: The Odds

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (11)

Featured Characters:

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:Zhao officially resigns and joins Ichiban's group. After some clues, they finally find Aoki, who Ichiban wants answers from. After a fight with his guards, Aoki tells Ichiban to meet him alone in Otohime Land.

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During their encounter, Aoki reveals that he was the one who blamed Ichiban earlier in the game. After Ichiban rejects Aoki's suggestion to stop chasing him and Arakawa, Omi Alliance men arrive to eliminate him. Fortunately, Nanba appears to save him and the group realizes that they cannot go back now.

4 Chapter 12: The End of the Yakuza

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (12)
(Video) EASY Management Guide - Unlock Eri & Make Millions! | Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Featured Characters:Masaru Watase, Goro Majima, Taiga Saejima, Daigo Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:Ichiban receives a call saying that Arakawa will need his help at the Omi Alliance headquarters. While he was supposed to wait, Ichiban moves on before they are officially ready for him. At Omi's headquarters, the group encounters and fights Majima and Saejima.

It's like this at the meetingannounced that both the Tojoand Omi Alliance will be dissolved with immediate effect. This leads to a fight in which President Omi Watase is nearly killed, but is saved by Kiryu at the last minute. Later, Arakawa thanks Ichiban for his help, but that night, Arakawa is found dead in the ocean.

3 Chapter 13: Coin Locker Baby

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (13)

Featured Characters:

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:Ichiban, distraught over Arakawa's death, is summoned by Hoshino, who invites him for a meal. There he declares that Arakawa is at peace and that Ichiban must take revenge on Aoki. Ichiban denies this, saying he prefers to bring Arakawa's vision of improving the yakuza to life.

In another scene, Sawashiro, a former member of the Arakawa family, is called upon to kill Hoshino to prove he is the president of the Tokyo Omi Alliance, a replacement for the original one. The group shows up to stop him, but they are too late. Sawashiro expresses his regret and turns himself in to the police.

2 Chapter 14: Passing the Torch

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (14)

Featured Characters:

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

Plot:Ichiban, now filled with rage over the deaths of Arakawa and Hoshino, seeks information from the Omi Alliance members to find Kume, the face of Bleach Japan, and meet with Aoki. He nearly kills an Omi, but is stopped by Kiryu. Kiryu tells Ichiban to meet him on Geomijul.

Kiryu fights against a partyand then lets them through to find out what Aoki's next move is. There it is revealed that Aoki had hired an assassin named Mirror Face, a master of disguise, to kill Sawashiro before he could speak. Ishioda and Mirror Face enter a building the group is going to and defeat them. Before much can be revealed, a bomb goes off and the group flees.

1 Chapter 15: On the way to the summit

Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Chapter Guide and Plot Summary (15)

Featured Characters:Makoto Closure, Ikumi

Attitude:Yokohama 2019

(Video) a recap of yakuza 7 chapters 1-5 i made for my stream after taking a 10 month break from the game

Plot:The group arrives in Kamurocho where, in true yakuza style, they head to the Millennium Tower for the final battle. Ichiban told Aoki that there was incriminating evidence there and he sent Tendo and other Omi to find her. Above, Tendo reveals that he was the one who killed Arakawa and a fight ensues.

Aoki goes to the Millennium Tower where he meets Tendo, who says that everything was fake, so he orders the death of everyone involved in the deception. However, it was broadcast live, and the Tendo he was talking to was actually Mirror Face. Aoki and Ichiban fight, and as he is about to be taken into custody, Aoki holds a police officer at gunpoint to escape.

After a long period of persuasion, Ichiban contacts Aoki, who finally realizes the error of his path just before Kume stabs him. At Arakawa and Aoki's funeral, Daigo and Watase offer Ichiban a job at a security company in Osaka, but he declines, preferring to stay with his new friends in Ijincho.Next:Yakuza: Like a Dragon: Times When Ichiban Was an Adorable Idiot


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