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Yosuke Tendo is one of the bosses in Yakuza: Like A Dragon and certainly one of the toughest. He is a powerful opponent with a huge amount of HP, but the most challenging aspect of the fight is his ability to use instant kill attacks. If one of them lands on Ichiban, it's all over.

This separates the Tendo boss fight from the difficult Majima vs. Saejima, allowing you to get back to playing in the arena in a relatively short amount of time. If you are defeated by Tendo, you can try again, but you've come a long way without saving your game.

It will take time, but it's a winnable fight if you know what to do. How to defeat Tendo in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

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recommended configuration

Tendo is only weak against electrical attacks, and there aren't many of them in the game. This includes Ichiban's Orbital Laser Essence, which is unlocked by conquering the business management minigame. There is also the Fulminating Forecast of the Fortune Teller job available to all male characters, which can be used with other jobs once learned.

Since there aren't many opportunities for job creation and change right now, you'll have to work with what you've got. The default jobs are fine, so try throwing a party with the following things:

  • A healer that can heal multiple party members (Ichiban in hero class can do this, but having someone free Ichiban to attack like Saeko is great)
  • A character that can weaken defenses (e.g. Nanba's Twisted Breath in Homeless Boy's default job)
  • Someone who can inflict poison (e.g. Joon-gi with Poison Shot)
  • Have a lot of items in stock - stock up on stamina and taurine of all forces in advance.

If you don't have Poisoning skills in your current jobs, Nancy-chan from Poundmates is another, very cheap option. Having participates in many turns, so this can be useful for draining your health during your own attacks.

Avoiding Ichiban's one-hit kills in the second half of the fight is crucial.When Ichiban has unrivaled resolutionjEssence of Orbital Laser, then equip it with an accessory to reduce MP consumption, e.g. B. Battle God Mouthguard or Extreme Skill Mouthguard. If Ichiban doesn't have Peerless Resolve, consider equipping him with a Sacrifice Stone to avoid an instant kill.

The ideal scenario is that Ichiban can use two orbital lasers without needing to restore MP, along with another character who can heal the party.

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recommended level

Having is at level 60. Anywhere near or above that number will be fine, but the mid to high fifty will be able to get the job done. Of course, you'll be climbing the Millennium Tower and its many battles, so hopefully you're not too far behind.

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How to beat Tendo in Yakuza: Like A Dragon - first stage

The Tendo boss fight consists of two phases. The first lasts until he reduces his health to half, which triggers a cutscene and makes him even more dangerous.

Having attacks immediately. Royal Beatdown and Relentless Finish are fairly common physical attacks that hit a single character with a combo that can be blocked if you time it right. They do moderate damage, but don't have to worry too much and won't kill someone if they are above half health.

The skill to watch out for is Dragon's Descent, which makes Tendo glow golden. The party will discuss an upcoming powerful attack that will arrive on your next turn. Tendo will use Dragon Dance, which is by far the most dangerous attack of his first phase. He indicates who the target is by looking directly at them during the attack. If the character in question enters first, a guard must keep him alive as long as he is in good health. When it's another character's turn, heal the target party member with an ability or item.

The first stage is not so difficult, but it will take a lot of time. Constantly keep health at a safe level and try to poison him as much as possible and keep defense low. Use essence attacks to drain your health and use MP recovery items when needed. As his next phase is much more dangerous, I suggest you try to save your best items and weight companions for now.

Most importantly, make sure you use Ichiban's unrivaled resolve before halving Tendo's health.This will display a heart over Kyosuke's health bar, indicating that he is protected from a deadly attack.

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How to beat Tendo in Yakuza: Like A Dragon - Phase Two

Watch the awesome cutscene and watch some dialogue about Tendo's power-up.

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The most dangerous moment is when Tendo kicks inGod's warning. This means your next step will beright hand of god, which can result in a one-hit KO for a single party member. He sometimes performs his moves in sequence, so Peerless Resolve has to stay in Ichiban the entire time. Again, this will show you who the target is when you charge up the attack.

How to dodge Tendo's Right Hand of God Instant Attack

This is, without a doubt, one of the most frustrating issues in the entire game. It's bad enough that Tendo's Right Hand of God can kill someone in one hit, but sometimes he has two turns in a row to be able to attack and hit Ichiban without being able to protect himself! A small grace is that noAlwaysit works and sometimes causes minimal damage.

There are some ways to protect yourself. As mentioned earlier, the Ichican hero class comes with the Peerless Resolve ability, which is unlocked upon reaching level 16. You should already have this, and it doesn't even cost much MP,So make sure Peerless Resolve is always on.If Ichiban falls unconscious and revives, cast him again. This only protects Ichiban himself, but at least it prevents a cheap endgame.

Second, there is a Poundmates character named Mr. Masochist that massively increases the defense of all allies when requested. If you have it (by completing the Fifty Shades of Play side quest), then it's worth taking a spin on the second stage to significantly increase the stamina of the entire group.

Another option is to equip Ichiban with a Sacrifice Stone if you have one. I would only recommend this as a last resort as it breaks on use and does not grant any other useful abilities. If you're using Peerless Resolve, you don't need a Sacrifice Stone.

Eventually, you can defeat Tendo and interrupt his attack. This doesn't always work, but if you've already performed any of the above steps, God's warning is that you can hit him with your strongest Essence Attack available and hope for the best.

Other Tendon Attacks

Tendo also raises his left fist with Devil's Awakening, which means he's about to continue with Devil's Left Wing. This is a devastating physical attack, but it does only raw damage and does not cause instant death. He can still charge Dragon's Descent, but that's not as dangerous as God's right hand. For these attacks, he just keep his health as high as possible and be aware when it's his turn with the target character. As with all of his attacks, try to plan a perfect guard to reduce damage.

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Use items, pound mates and your best attacks.

The second phase of Having is the time to let go of everything you have. There are a few more fights after this one, but Tendo is the last big test. So there's no need to be afraid of your items: use them to heal HP, MP or both when you need them.

Things like Rocket Launchers are also very strong as attacking items, and their Poundmates are definitely worth deploying - if you haven't summoned Kiryu or Majima yet, Tendo's second phase is the best time to enjoy your first free deployment. Debuff Tendo's defense first for maximum effectiveness.

I would suggest hitting Tendo with orbital lasers if Ichiban has a lot of HP and enough MP. Prioritize healing when a character has less than half or even two-thirds of their health the next time Tendo is about to attack, but on your attack turns, try to keep them weakened and poisoned while using your best essence attack to get around taking it to zero and marking the end of one of the toughest boss fights in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.


Here we go. With our guide on how to beat Tendo in Yakuza: Like A Dragon, you should be able to come out on top. Here is a brief summary of the strategy:

  • Replenish HP and MP recovery items
  • If Ichiban has Peerless Resolve and Essence of Orbital Laser, equip him with an accessory to save MP. Otherwise, equip a Sacrifice Stone
  • Keep everyone's HP above half, as Tendo can sometimes chain attack
  • Destroy your health with essence attacks during your first phase.
  • In its second phase, beware of the Hand of God which can instantly kill - use Peerless Resolve to avoid Ichiban's death if you have it
  • Use all your best attacks while trying to keep Tendo poisoned and weakened.
  • The second phase of Tendo is a good time to take advantage of Kiryu and Majima's free weight companions.

That's all you need to know. There will be a few more fights to come, but nothing that comes close to Tendo's difficulty. You'll be well on your way to completing Yakuza: Like A Dragon and enjoying the conclusion of an excellent RPG.

Check out our full spoiler-free review of Yakuza: Like A Dragon below:

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